please don't hate me...

...but I think I need to take a little hiatus from my blog. Knowing me, it won't last very long. It never does. I typically love writing posts & having a creative outlet, but sometimes things like this can't be forced. That drive will come back in due time.
I wish I could escape to this place.  See you all soon!



the first step is admitting you have a problem...

I knew that last post was going to lead to trouble. Who am I kidding, my "little crush" on Kingsley is full on obsession. He's just too precious! (I know you were secretly hoping for more photos too!)

a bully & the beach

I've got a major crush on Rockstar Diaries' adorable bulldog, Kingsley. I fell in love last Christmas when this little bundle of joy was sitting under the Christmas tree & my obsession has only grown stronger over the past few months. He's adorable & I always look forward to posts about him.

I've got a little bit of a girl crush on his mom too. She's so cute!


trying to find the in-betweens

Don't let the random frog dissuade you; "Young Blood" from The Naked & Famous (remixed by Dekade) kicks ass. It's definitely been on repeat a lot lately.

i need air

Super trippy video, but "I Need Air" by Magnetic Man is a great song. I would love to see them live. It looks like they put on a great performance & they have some awesome songs. North Coast Music Festival 2011 maybe? A girl can dream...

Check out more Magnetic Man from Pete Tongs BBC Radio 1 show this past Friday.

i love you, but...

I'm really loving "This Space" from Röyksopp. It has a nice funky disco sound to it.
I could use more of that in my life. I think we all could.


friday i'm in love

Happy Friday Lovers!
I hope you're all as lucky as I am & get a 3 day weekend.
My plan is to go dancing tonight & explore the city 
the rest of the weekend. It's supposed to be beautiful!

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heart attack : native american inspired jewelry

I totally ♥ the Gather Jewelry shop on Etsy. The jewelry is so interesting & makes quite the statement piece. A perfect addition to my very boring black & white wardrobe. I want it all!


"this is my adopted daughter margot"

Wes Anderson rocks my socks off & that is quite possibly one of my favorite movie quotes. I tend to have a strange sense of humor. Basically, I laugh at Laffy Taffy wrappers & Wes Anderson. That's about it. I was pretty thrilled to see a Facebook targeted advertisement for an art show in San Francisco called "Bad Dads: A Wes Anderson Tribute Show". Well, thrilled minus the San Francisco part. Take a look at some of the artwork...

holy sex appeal!



a perfect compliment

I found this great remix of a totally cheesy song & then decided that the ultimate compliment for me would be someone telling me that "music sounds better with me". Yep, I like that one! :)

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quite the pair

I cannot imagine ever being a twin or having twins, but these shirts would make the experience much more enjoyable. I especially love the first photo...

(via Dweebist & HolyCool)

wanted : beach cottage

Fall has settled into Chicago & I'm not too happy about it. I say this every year, but I really hope this is my last Winter in Chicago. I absolutely love the city, but these Winters are way too brutal for me. I would love to be as adventurous as Sarah from A Beach Cottage who picked up and moved from London to the beaches of Sydney, Australia. Take a peek at her gorgeous beach cottage...

Can't you just feel the warmth?




Party pictures always make me smile...


claws out

This is quite possibly one of my favorite DIY's & I'm dying to try it out. I've been going crazy over all thing lace lately & I think it's about time I translate that obsession to my nails. My only concern is that I'm absolutely awful at painting my own nails, let alone painting them and then gluing lace on top! Hopefully I acn test it out soon.

Ps. What do you think of the Louboutin manicure? I think it's kind of cute, but my nails aren't nearly long enough to pull it off.