seasons change

The city is warming up which makes me happy for obvious reasons but one of the not-so-obvious reasons is that the lilacs are bloom. There is no scent in the world that is more nostalgic for me. Growing up my mom had a lilac bush outside of our home so every time I walk around the city + get a whiff of that magical flower I am instantly filled with happiness. Please stay forever.



i was there || chet faker

Show: Chet Faker

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 5.20.14

Favorite Song: I'm going to be very vulgar for a moment but I about creamed my panties during "Talk is Cheap." Absolutely hands down the sexiest song I've seen live in a very long time if ever. It made for an absolute perfect ending. Pun may or may not be intended.

Memorable Moment: At one point Chet said something along the lines of "When I got to Lincoln Hall I asked them to crank up the heat because I wanted to get things hot + sweaty in here." Um mission accomplished. I too enjoy being hot + sweaty.

Biggest Letdown: Prior to the show I was enjoying a night of oysters + bubbly + ended up getting to the show a bit late. In all fairness the show also started pretty early too. Unfortunately I missed a bit of his set. Despite that it was still one of the best shows I've seen in a while.

This Show: could have very likely been the show I met my soul mate (or maybe he was just one stage?) at had I arrived a little bit earlier. Everyone was feeling hot, sexy, + real good. That's pretty much the trifecta for baby making. But fear not! If you missed this show he'll be back at North Coast so grab your tickets. 100% worth it.

Ps. I've also had a weird thing for beards ever since this show. Also, THIS.


j wiltshire || closer

living like a lady

Sometimes I think I take for granted that I get to live alone + decorate a home just to my liking. If that means I want to make things a little girly than why not? Taylor Kitto seems to have mastered the chick pad.
I'd say our styles are pretty similar but one thing Kitto definitely has mastered that I'm still trying to work on is simplicity. With her, a whole little goes a long way. 
I could probably do with scaling back a little bit + it's definitely something I'm trying to work on. Inspiration like this always helps. I should probably work on getting two adorable pups too.


i was there || chromeo

Show: Chromeo DJ set

Location: Evil Olive

Date: 5.3.14

Favorite Song: 'Fancy Footwork' was an album in heavy rotation back in the day so hearing bits of songs from that album was quite a nostalgic treat.

Memorable Moment: Seeing those legs again. I love that that has stayed a part of their tour.

Biggest Letdown: Not necessarily a letdown but got to the show fairly late. In all reality though it might have been a good thing because what was once a sold out Evil Olive wasn't so bad by the time I got there.

This Show: was also technically a blind date which is kind of hilarious. I can say it was a fun night though + I probably would not have ended up there on my own so I'm glad I went.


i was there || shlohmo

Show: Shlohmo

Location: Bottom Lounge

Date: 5.2.14

Favorite Song: I've said this a million times but I'm all about sex music + nothing gets sexier than Shlohmo's remix of Jeremih's "Fuck You All the Time." That song makes me giggle + feel turned on all at the same time. I am beyond thrilled that I got to hear it in a live setting.

Memorable Moment: I really love seeing shows at Bottom Lounge. This may have been the first sold out show I've ever seen here but there was still plenty of room to move around + the bar was still within reach as well. This really adds to the experience.

Biggest Letdown: This was a very early + short set. I wanted the night to keep going at this venue but alas, we were forced to leave. I probably should have headed to Primary for Orchard Lounge but on second thought, maybe not.

This Show: was a hot mess but in a good way. I developed a new found love for sparkling sake prior to this show so was feeling a little funny that night. A perfect mood for seeing a show (except probably a little too chatty).

tink || don't tell nobody (featuring jeremih)


curated || maia flore

Blame it on either a cold or some new found allergies but I've been feeling a bit like artist Maia Flore's Sleep Elevations series.
Flores is a young French artist who uses her photography to push the boundaries between reality + fantasy. The results are quite dreamy.
The subjects are young women being levitated by various objects. Flore wishes to emphasize the attraction the girls feel towards their new, boundless surrounding + the lightness of the reality they are entering into. Their contorted movements is meant to show a contrast between phsyical limitation + the limitlessness of imagination.


chet faker || 1998

Can't get enough of this one. Definitely one of my favorite songs of the year so far. I'll be seeing him on the 20th at Lincoln Hall + I'm really looking forward to that one. North Coast Music Festival recently announced their lineup + he made the bill as well. I'm counting my blessings over here.