ikea || 2014

My sister recently told me that you know you're getting old when you no longer get excited for the new Ikea catalogue to arrive. If that's the case, I hope I never get old. There is absolutely no shame in buying a $5 watering can or a $18 towel rack, especially when they look this nice.
This Labor Day weekend I have zero plans so I'm hoping to use this as an opportunity to make a trip to Ikea to pick up a few of these items as well as some frames, towels, + other tid bits. If you remember, I LOVE Ikea, so I'm really looking forward to this trip.

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todd edwards || boiler room chicago


I would get a wonderful night sleep in this room. So inspiring. Good thing my bedroom is only halfway done.


it's a...

I can't even begin to tell you how long I've been waiting for this news. No, I do not have a little foreign creature growing in my belly, but my sister-in-law does. And it's not just any foreign creature, it's my niece Addy.

I never thought that I'd have to wait until I was 25 (well, I guess technically I'll be 26) for either my brother who is 8 years older than me + married for 3 years or my sister who is 5 years older than me + in a relationship for almost 12 years to finally give me a little niece or nephew. I love babies + I can't wait to spoil this little nugget rotten.

I've already made my claim on this baby since we kind of share the same namesake. My brother + sister-in-law have chosen the name Addy. Back in 7th grade I chose the unique name Adelaide as my confirmation name. There is no way that my sister-in-law (or probably my brother for that matter) could have known this so I think it is fate. I'm going to love that little girl so much. Hurry up + get here already!

Also see: Thank heaven for little girls.



Lately, I've been really drawn to the idea of layering rugs as opposed to having one huge area rug. I already have an amazing Souk area rug from West Elm in my living room, but I'm thinking more for my bedroom.
I like layered rugs for me because I sometimes get afraid to introduce color to my rooms. Right now I have a very grey + white bedroom + I'm thinking of layering in some natural colored, sheepskin + blue rugs to add just a little pop of color.
Layered rugs can also be a more affordable option since large rugs can cost quite a bit of money. You can even start with a very affordable (maybe not the best quality) rug as the base + add more luxurious rugs on top.
I have some thoughts on 3 styles of rugs that I'm leaning towards for the bedroom, but I think that will likely be a 2014 project.

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i was there || hot chip

Show: Hot Chip
Bear Mountain

Location: The Vic

Date: 8.1.13

Favorite Song: "I Feel Better" (mostly because of the music video) + "One Life Stand" will always be two of my favorite songs to hear live, but "Flutes" jumped towards the top as well at this show. The minimally choreographed dancing (think Electric Slide-ish) might have contributed to the love. It's a great song though.

Memorable Moment: Normally I would say Alexis Taylor's amazing outfits, but for this show I'm going to have to say Joe Goddard + everything he did. His voice, the pelvic thrusts, his shorts + t shirt, everything. I was situated right in front of him which is probably why I got to really appreciate his contribution to the performance with this show more than others. He's essential to it all.

Biggest Letdown: I'm still waiting to hear "Wrestlers" or "The Warning" or some other lesser known but extremely awesome song of theirs. I appreciate that they want to play their more popular stuff + I get it because they have so many great, fun songs. I'd just like to see it mixed up a bit. One day...

This Show: was my favorite Lollapalooza after show of the 5 I made it to which says a lot because I honestly enjoyed all of them. I said it that night, but I will never miss a Hot Chip show. As long as they keep performing I will be in attendance. These are repeatedly some of the most fun shows I attend + the music sounds perfect every time.


clark || tooth moves

He reminds me of someone, I just haven't pin pointed who yet. Bonobo maybe?

i was there || thievery corporation

Show: Thievery Corporation
DJ Mel

Location: House of Blues

Date: 7.31.13

Favorite Song: It seems appropriate that after the nine year anniversary of Garden State that I would have to go with "Lebanese Blonde." That soundtrack turned me on to Thievery Corporation plus the song sounded great live. Definite baby making music.

Memorable Moment: Concert goer comradery + some kind souls who offered up a much better view of the stage. DJ Mel wasn't so bad either.

Biggest Letdown: Most of the crowd was great, but I just happened to encounter the biggest piece of trash in the venue. I called him out for flicking sweat in my face + he just absolutely lost it. What an embarrassment.

This Show: was a shitshow. So much randomness. So many good stories. I've never experienced anything like it at a concert. Overall, not the best venue to really appreciate the music, but I still had some fun.


sweater weather

What a sorry excuse for a Summer, Chicago.

As much as I want to complain about this 75ish degree weather, I can't. It's so comfortable outside even if deep down I prefer to be a little more toasty. It's the middle of August now so I've more or less accepted that things aren't going to be warming up much from here.

Fall has arrived.

The only good thing about season changes is the excuse to add a few more items into my closet. In the upcoming months I'm hoping to replace some boots + finally get a much coveted leather coat as an early birthday present to myself. It's also time to replace some of my sweaters that have become bally/pilly over the years.
Today is payday, so after paying off my credit card I rewarded myself with these 3 beauties from Nasty Gal. They're all pretty affordable around $50 each. I guess this is starting to make the transition to Fall a bit easier.

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a little bird told me || july

snapshots || july

artifact uprising prints | working from home at home in st. louis | boiler room chicago with todd edwards, nico jaar + jacques greene | plants in my carry on | sand fairies take the win | pitchfork | sleepover shenanigans | after the party it's the hotel lobby | celebrating my best friend, jessie | p4kfest


i was there || beyonce

Show: Beyonce

Location: United Center

Date: 7.17.13

Favorite Song: I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this but "Naughty Girl" was my favorite of the night. I also thought "Run the World (Girls)" was a smart opener as well. If I was the right demographic I would have gone nuts.

Memorable Moment: I've always been a fan of the good old costume change. The dancing + theatrics were quite impressive as well. I was also totally obsessed with Bey's hair flips. I would kill to have her hair for a day. Essentially, everything was memorable but the music.

Biggest Letdown: These tickets were free through work so of course I was thrilled to get the opportunity to see a show like this, but 30 minutes probably would have sufficed for me. My days of pop music are over.

This Show: was one of the first stadium shows I've been to in quite some time. I'm pretty sure my last was in junior high. They're personally not my thing, but I get why some people might like them. They're flashy + entertaining,  but I prefer my shows to be a bit more intimate.

i was there || matmos

Show: Matmos

Location: Jay Pritzker Pavillion

Date: 6.27.13

Favorite Song: I'm having a really hard time deciding between the song about liposuction + the song about telepathy. Only joking. There was a lot of weird shit going on at this show, but mixed throughout was some seriously impressive music.

Memorable Moment: It was pretty hilarious to see the random crowd gathered for these two total weirdos up on stage. My favorite was the 60+ year old lesbian that had her ears plugged with her fingers because the music was too loud + her partner didn't want to leave. Also noteable: the homeless guy totally passed out.

Biggest Letdown: I went to this show with a friend that has pretty great taste in music. He assured me that these guys would be good so I didn't doubt it for one second. Apparently what we heard was not at all like the LPs. I wish I could have heard more of that.

This Show: was free music on a beautiful night at one of Chicago's best place to see shows. No complaints even if it was all a bit odd.

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life round here

Over a year after moving in I'm starting to feel a bit more like my apartment is becoming a home. I'm slowly filling things in + should have a few of the remaining pieces -- dining table, bedroom furniture, rugs, tv stand -- in the next couple of months.
The palette may not be for everyone, but I've always been a sucker for blacks + whites. I like that the little color that I do have comes naturally from my house plants.
Did you catch that little easter egg in the last photo? Clearly the trophy does not belong to me, but rather, my new roommate (!!!). Claude has slowly been moving in over the past few weeks. This big life change has prompted much excitement, but also some challenges. Namely, closet space. So far so good though. I'm excited to use my rent savings towards the last finishing touches for my our place though.

london grammar || wicked games

I love a good cover song. Especially when it's a song from the late 80's/early 90's + is done by a chick with an insane voice. We all know about my recent love affair with London Grammar after hearing her contribute to "Help Me Lose My Mind" by Disclosure. I've also secretly loved Chris Isaak's original version of "Wicked Games" from a young age. 

At the age of 10 romance to me meant going on a first date in an empty museum with your long time crush + having "Wicked Games" play in the background a la Friends. I'm pretty sure I didn't get the juice box joke at the time, but the song definitely stuck with me.


snapshots || june

 new bike | sunset at wavefront | hello frida street art | a day at the mca | the thompson center is much nicer in black + white | happy father's day