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"Born to Die" - Lana Del Rey

Okay, so her Saturday Night Live debut could have gone a little bit smoother, but give the girl a break. She didn't rise to fame the way other SNL artists have & there is a certain learning curve that goes along with big television appearances. At the end of the day, Lana Del Rey has a killer voice and heartfelt lyrics so I'm going to keep pulling for her.

always floating around the city

"Trails of the Past" - SBTRKT

"A loyal soldier who acts who acts who acts. But never asks"


i am a criminal

...but I'm fighting back.

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One day when I have money to do something special for myself I am going to commission a special project. It will be personal. It will be inspiring. It will be beautiful.

I struggled with a particularly nasty roommate during my freshman year of college. My mother's advice was to be nasty back, but I am very much my father's daughter. He's a little less aggressive & instead gave me one of the best pieces of advice ever heard -- "You can't win an argument with an ignoramus."

I adore that simple phrase so much & refer back to it all the time, that I would love to have it as a more permanent fixture in my everyday life.

I've seen some inspirational images that would make a perfect home for my father's words of wisdom.
Whether is a mirror or a chalkboard, I would love to hire a calligrapher to bring these words to life & remind me daily that you really can't win an argument with an ignoramus.

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anything but a god-awful small affair

Happy Birthday, Bowie!

This man is a legend & someone I'm dying to see live. Can you imagine Bowie headlining Lollapalooza? I'd die.

this isn't a "best of" list || 2011 ||

You may remember my anti "best of" list from last year, so the time has come to revisit this list for 2011. Again, these aren't necessarily my favorite songs or even songs that came out in 2011, but they still mean something special to me & are beautiful & are worth citing.

20 Most Significant Songs of 2011
18. Hold On - SBTRKT

This list keeps getting more & more difficult to make. There are so many great songs & I stress out that I'm going to miss something special. As was before, each of these songs has a special memory associated with it & I love that I have this blog as a space to keep a record of them.

In addition to these 20 songs, I really couldn't write this post without mentioning Jamie XX's Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1. His 2 hour set is hands down the best piece of music I heard in 2011 & the amount of times I've replayed that mix is almost embarrassing. Sprinkled above, you can see that I've pulled out some songs from the set, but as a whole it is just phenomenal. Do yourself a favor & take a listen HERE.

Once again, 2011 was a stellar year for music & I've already gotten my hands on some great stuff in 2012. I hope you enjoy my list above & I'd love to hear what some of your favorites were.