squid soup

if you're friends with me on twitter or facebook you probably know that about two weeks ago i was freaking out over the four tet boiler room set. of course the music was amazing, but almost equally impressive was the lighting. the geniuses behind four tet's magical stage setup is a group that goes by squid soup + they deserve some major props.

i was there || polica

show: polica

location: schubas

date: 2.22.16

favorite song: they played all new music with the exception of three older songs so i know which songs liked more than others but i didn't always know the names of them. i wouldn't have known the name of my favorite from the night had it not been for a kind sir in the crowd who very politely asked the band. that song is called "melting block" + it sounds great live. this was a song where they really let the bass shine.

memorable moment: when you go to a show in an intimate venue like schubas with two drummers + a bass player you're going to feel the show as much as you hear it. schubas really was the perfect spot for them.

biggest letdown: i don't love going to shows before albums get released but thankfully i really enjoyed most of the new music. my only wish is that the show could have gone on for an extra hour just to hear more of their older stuff.

this show: was not one i originally planned to go to but i'm really happy a friend had an extra ticket for me. i've seen polica three times now + they're always impressive (even when channy is running on little sleep thanks to her new baby). they'll be back to chicago on april 16th for a show at thalia hall so you've got yourself an opportunity to check them out in the near future


heard || 2.24.16

sophie touring north america around coachella || brooklyn vegan
the biggest disappointment of pitchfork music festival 2015 was the mysterious last minute cancellation of sophie's performance. i don't believe i ever got an explanation on that one either. guess i get one more shot. the official tour hasn't been fully released by primary nightclub in chicago set up a facebook event for april 8th. count me in.... or not. sadly it sold out before i snagged tickets.

love, ribbons, + poo: my favorite music of 2015 || paul shirley
paul shirley the basketball player was just fine. but paul shirley the author, music lover, + let's be honest, total babe is more up my alley. i always look forward to his yearly take on music, especially in such a strange year like 2015. his year in music took shape during some messy times (pun may or may not be intended) which i think we can all in some way relate to. it's an enjoyable read + he also helped introduce me to some albums that i didn't quite give a chance.

watch four tet's boiler room set || pitchfork
i'm a total four tet fan girl. while i can see how his music may not be for everyone, i do have a special place in my heart for those who get it. his boiler room set last week was incredible. i first listened to this while in bed at night with my headphones in + honestly felt so at peace. the lighting for this set was incredible too but i'll get to that another time. if you're one of those special special few who enjoy four tet i really encourage you to join me at the mid on may 20th for his set with ben ufo (also great). if we stick together the mid may not be so awful.

flesh to dust: luh's anthems of disillusionment || pitchfork
luh's been one of those mostly under-the-radar acts that i felt pretty special for catching on to early by way of wu lyf. after wu lyf's fall ellery james roberts paired up with ebony hoorn to form luh. pitchfork did a pretty nice wrote up on them. even more exciting is that they are on the pitchfork music festival lineup. really looking forward to that.

james blake + bon iver's justin vernon tease festival performance as fall creek boys choir || pitchfork
the full eaux claires lineup was announced + while i can't say i'm totally sold enough to commit to a weekend of camping  i wisconsin i do like the thought of these two pairing up. james blake's new album is definitely one of my more anticipated albums for 2016. you can also listen to bon iver's unreleased track, "haven, mass," here if you're missing him too.

whitney || no woman

excited to see these guys open for unknown mortal orchestra on may 10th at thalia hall.


underworld || i exhale (dj koze remix)

i'm pretty excited about underworld's march 18th release of barbara barbara and while i am a fan of "i exhale' in it's original state, dj koze does add something nice to it with this remix.

underworld's video for "i exhale" is pretty nutty too if you haven't checked it out yet.

just friends

i definitely can't call myself an avid reader at this point in my life but i am making a conscious effort to try to read more books. i have always liked reading and although i never really considered myself a book worm i was probably part of the minority in high school + college that actually did most of my reading assignments instead of going the cliff notes route.

last year i read kim gordon's girl in band which i mostly enjoyed. once finishing that it turned me on to patti smith's just kids which seemed to have some similarities. i just recently finished just kids + it is now now my favorite book. ever.

just kids chronicles patti smith + robert mapplethorpe's journey through the new york creative scene in the 1970s. i have always had a thing for the artists, the rockstars, the poets, + the dreamers of days past. patti, not surprisingly, is a phenomenal writer + her story is an incredible one. i particularly enjoyed her recountings  of her time in the historic chelsea hotel.

just kids was a really great book that i would highly recommend. patti's relationship with robert is so beautiful + moving. i was sobbing like a baby at the very end, but entirely worth it. i have m train, the sequal to just friends, on the docket too. hoping it is just as riveting.


allan kingdom || fables (featuring chronixx)

 i've never been much into hip hop but recently i have started listening a bit more. i think i've finally been open to this musical genre and have gotten better at pinpointing the fine line between likes + dislikes. i've found that allan kingdom isn't too hard for my gentle soul. his father comes from south africa and you definitely hear some of those influences in his music.