i was there || spoon

Show: Spoon

Location: Petrillo Music Shell

Date: 7.11.15

Favorite Song: "Inside Out" followed directly by "I Turn My Camera On" was one of the better ten or so minutes I have had in a while.

Memorable Moment: I am a bit surprised I have never seen Spoon. While Taste of Chicago wasn't the most ideal circumstances it was good to check such an iconic band off my list.

Biggest Letdown: I wish I had done a better job of explaining to people that I was going to a Spoon concert + not to the Taste of Chicago for a Spoon concert. There is a big difference between the two + it comes in the form of severe judgement.

This Show: made me feel very grown up when I thought back to how I first learned about Spoon. I first discovered Spoon on the Music From The O.C. Mix 1 like many other sixteen-year-olds at the time. "The Way We Get By" was the anthem during my first adventures in driving, now here I was 12 years later enjoying the more emotionally driven songs. Times they do change.


i was there || my morning jacket

Show: My Morning Jacket

Location: Chicago Theater

Date: 6.9.15

Favorite Song: I had two favorites. One new + one old. "Like A River" was new + melodic while "Heart Breakin Man" brought back a wave of nostalgia. It is crazy that these songs were made 15 years apart. There has definitely be a growth/progression to their sounds.

Memorable Moment: Few things excite me more than Jim James' sense of fashion. Pair that beautiful silk kimono jacket with his luscious curly mane + a guitar + you've got yourself a bonafide sex symbol (or rockstar at the very least).

Biggest Letdown: I was sick as a dog the night of this show + it took everything in me to make it out. I did + I'm glad I went but I couldn't bring myself to stay for the entire set. Unfortunately I seemed to have left just before MMJ starting warming up with the old classics. I mostly heard the new songs, which are fine, but I prefer 2000-2005 MMJ more than 2015 MMJ.

This Show: My Morning Jacket is just one of those bands that I'm always going to love seeing live. Seeing them live at the Chicago Theater is something special too. I was only able to make it to night 1 of 3 but that just makes me want to step up my MMJ game even more the next time they make it through this lovely city.


ratatat || nightclub amnesia

I'll 100% admit that I had to turn to Pitchfork's Magnifique review before I could ever fully process my feelings for this album myself. I don't always agree with Pitchfork but I think they hit the nail on the head with this album review.

I have to preface that I do really like the album. It sounds like RATATAT which is a great start. I think "Cream On Chrome" was a perfect first single from the album which got me excited for the final release. Where it falls short for me in terms of progress. Most of the songs sound just like something I might have heard on one of their older albums. Which again, isn't a bad thing, it's just not something I'm going to get overly excited for. Our as Pitchfork cites, "nothing leaves an impression." I will have this album on rotation for sure, but I think it will primarily be passive listening.

The two standouts for me (at least initially) are "Nighclub Amnesia" +  "Cream On Chrome." I'm still really looking forward to their 9.8 show at The Riv. If you've never seen them before you are in for a treat. Tickets are still available HERE.

i was there || the very best + glass lux

Show: Glass Lux + The Very Best

Location: Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Date: 6.4.15

Memorable Moment: Admittedly, I am not very up to speed on the latest music coming out of Africa. I made it to Millennium Park for Glass Lux (babe alert) but was glad I stayed for The Very Best. They brought some major energy + style to the night. Downtown Sounds always attracts a very diverse crowd since the shows are free. Despite the obvious differences among the crowd everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Biggest Letdown: I didn't walk a way from the night with any new favorite tunes, but it is hard to really be let down when listening to live music for free on Chicago's front lawn. 

This Show: The weather has been pretty rough this Summer so this was one of the few free concerts I was able to enjoy at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. It was perfect night to sit outside with some canned rose + friends.


303 || the entry

I moved into my boyfriend's mostly empty place a little over a month ago now. Some progress has been made, but progress has been slow. I've been mostly okay with this (because my bank account is forcing me to be) but I do love having everything put together perfectly at home. 

The part that is driving me the nuttiest right now is the wall paint. You can see in the photo below but it is this ugly dark beige color which when paired with our very 90's shiny maple cabinets makes me want to vom. The paint will have to wait a few more months unfortunately. I bring this up because until the backdrop is complete nothing is going to look all that great in here. Patience, grasshopper...
This is NOT our furniture. It belongs to the former owners.

The good news is that aside from the painting, most of the progress that has been made is in the form of large purchases. I have the sofa, dining table, rugs, etc purchased. Now comes the smaller pieces + styling -- which to me is the fun part!

The Entry 
Although we will spend the least amount of time in our front entry, it is the first thing you see when you walk into the unit so I would like it to look nice. It's also the smallest + least overwhelming part of the condo so I'm hoping it is an easy one to tackle.

The Challenges
 - The space between the floor + the bottom of the door is minuscule. Finding a stylish rug that is thin enough so that won't be caught in the door every time it is opened + closed will be tough.

- There is a lack of outlets on the wall where our console sits. I would love to have some kind of lamp or wall sconce over here but I'd have to figure out a work around. Do they make battery powered lamps?

The Plans

This is the general vibe I'm going for (pending my "landlord's" approval). Artwork, styling, etc will be different, of course, but I love this general palette against a clean background.  I'm heartbroken that the Anthropologie Abate Slatted mirror is no longer available. I knew I should have jumped on that. Maybe it will come back in stock? I have that West Elm rug on back order, however I am worried it won't work given challenge #1. Plans are meant to change, I suppose.


courtney barnett || small poppies

I hope you all bought your Pitchfork Music Festival tickets. My favorite Chicago fest is just 9 days away + this lovely lady will playing the green stage on Sunday + is definitely a must see. The Sunday lineup is stacked pretty nicely with Jamie XX, Todd Terje, Caribou, Waxahatchee + many more. Remember, festivals are marathons not sprints.


the argument for "stuff"

I have a lot of stuff. Random collections I've started + long forgotten. Late night Etsy finds. A vase or tray for pretty much any occasion. At my old apartment I had a specific place for everything + it worked. When I moved last month this "stuff" 1. scared the crap out of my boyfriend + 2. seemed to have lost its place/purpose. I plan to share more soon on the progress at the new place soon but in the meantime, here is my argument for "stuff."

Below is the jaw-dropping London home of stylist + photographer Carole Poirot. She demonstrates perfectly that you can have knick knacks + trinkets without them over-taking your whole space. These are the little details that I absolutely love.