i was there || rhye

Show: Rhye

Location: The Vic

Date: 10.25.14

Favorite Song: My two favorites were songs that I wasn't super familiar with. "Last Dance" was a bit more funky than the others + the organ definitely added an interesting component to the song. Once I started hearing the organ I couldn't stop. I also enjoyed the last song but I don't know what it was called.

Memorable Moment: There was that time they did the thing that I like to refer to as "synchronized fancy claps." And also the "tandem fluffy drumming." The most memorable (for the band as well) was when the violinist broke not one but two strings on his violin. Talk about hardcore.

Biggest Letdown: Rhye admittedly said they were going to bring us up + then bring us down which they 100% did. Overall, this was a good strategy but some of the lows were bordering a bit on boring. Not totally, but almost. But that is what you get when you attend a seated concert at a venue without seats.

This Show: Was surprisingly exciting + full of surprises. To be honest, I am a little wary of men that sound more feminine than me but Rhye pulled it out. This show could have very easily been boring but it was anything but.


i was there || sbtrkt


Location: The Riviera

Date: 10.23.14

Favorite Song: Chicago was the lucky guinea pig + got to hear the the LIVE version of his already awesome remix of Radiohead's "Lotus Flower." Those extra little live components really went a long way.

Memorable Moment: Having your back on a crowd is typically frowned upon but in this instance it was actually kind of cool. SBTRKT had some of his equipment behind him so for parts of the show you actually got to see him work his magic. Also, these shows are a total must for percussion lovers + I just happen to fall into that category.

Biggest Letdown: It is unfortunate that so much of the vocals are recording + poor quality at that. I'm not sure if the blame for that falls on the The Riviera's sound system or SBTRKT himself but the first couple songs started pretty rough. I did appreciate him doing some of the vocals on "New Dorp. New York." though.

This Show: I'll start off by saying this was an all around weird night. There must have been a full moon or something so I partially blame that too. This show was odd. The openers were weird. The crowd was sparse, but okay. Some songs worked + some songs didn't. Namely, SBTRKT, the 2011 self-titled album worked + the newly released Wonder Where We Land did not. I'll start off by saying that I do very much like Wonder Where We Land even though many people have met it with mixed reviews. My favorite songs from that album translated horribly live + the one track I don't really love ("New Dorp. New York.") was actually the best live. His old stuff truly shined this night + I am sure that's why the songs from that album were predominantly featured. Overall, good show. SBTRKT is a unique experience + totally worth seeing.


a bohemian abode

Last week Victoria at SFGirlByBay shared the loveliest home of photographer Anna Malmberg. She live in Paris + Stockholm with her fiance + son. This is her Paris home + it is my dream. It is easy + carefree but looks so nice.



i was there || odesza

Show: Odesza

Location: Bottom Lounge

Date: 10.10.14

Favorite Song: I suppose "Say My Name" was the most memorable.

Memorable Moment: They did have their moments on stage where they just seemed very in sync with one another which was fairly cool. They say that twins sometimes can feel what each other is feeling. It seemed like something along those lines.

Biggest Letdown: I should have known when about 10+ bros hit me up for me early ticket that this might be a questionable show + crowd. Hell, it was a questionable night. Odesza was okay. Really there wasn't a whole lot memorable about this performance in my opinion.

This Show: Falls in the same category as Tycho for me. There music is not bad, but the live shows just don't really do a whole lot for me. I grabbed a ticket not knowing a ton about their music. I'm still glad I went, but not the type of show you need to stick around for the whole set.


i was there || banks

Show: Banks

Location: Metro

Date: 10.7.14

Favorite Song: "Waiting Game" was the first song of hers that I heard earlier this year that turned me on to her music + it wasn't that horrible live. She mostly sang it + it does have slightly dramatic instrumentals. I'll let that one slide.

Memorable Moment: There was the most adorable + cool new mommy in the crowd rocking an approximately five month old nugget in a Baby Bjorn with massive noise cancelling headphones on. The little dude was so passed out + it was honestly the cutest thing I've ever seen. This lady was kind of my hero.

Biggest Letdown: I felt like I got catfished. Banks was awful. She might have a good voice but she either lacks the confidence to really show it or just hides behind recording + auto tune. Honestly, I was most disappointed in myself though. I rarely attend shows where the artists are low quality but I saw very little talent this night. I should have spotted it sooner.

This Show: Was clearly a disappointment. I mean kudos to Banks for getting so far in life on pretty looks + an airy voice but girl, you have no talent. I'm not typically one to make assumptions but Lillian Rose Banks sounds like a chick whose mommy + daddy had fat wallets + spoiled her rotten in their OC mansion. On the plus side, Movement, the opener was actually pretty good. One of their songs had a very Jai Paul "Jasmine" sound to it. I also learned during Banks' riveting performance that if you rearrange the letters and swap the "B" for another "S" + "K" you get "SKANKS." Real fun show.


caribou || silver

I have heard from many respectable sources that this new Caribou album is incredible. I haven't gotten around to listening fully (in the process now) but I have heard about 1/4 of the album so far + it appears my sources are legit. I'm already loving so many songs.


i was there || decibel day five

Show: Decibel Music Festival
Deru + Effix

Location: The Crocodile + Q Nightclub

Date: 9.28.14

Memorable Moment: I missed the Tensnake show in Chicago because I didn't want to to subject myself to Spy Bar. I almost did the same thing in  Seattle with Q but decided 10:45pm on a Sunday probably wouldn't be that awful. And it wasn't. I very much enjoyed Tensnake's latest album as well as his recent Essential Mix so I'm glad I could check that box.

Biggest Letdown: I guess my biggest complaint is that Decibel didn't really end out with a "bang," but after five days of partying that isn't necessarily the worst thing.

This Show: I didn't really have many plans this day so I headed to The Crocodile to start out the night since I liked it so much on Thursday. At the very least I figured the crowd would not be obnoxious. I knew very about the Friends of Friends artists but that has never stopped me before. I'm glad + went + I'm glad I checked out Tensnake. All that + I was back in the hotel by midnight. Not bad.

i was there || decibel day four

Show: Decibel Festival
Shadow Child

Location: EMP Museum + The Showbox

Date: 9.27.14

Memorable Moment: I read a really great quote about Lindstrom's set this night -- "Like a sunset over the Grand Canyon, or seeing a unicorn, Lindstrom arrived, blew our minds, then disappeared." Lindstrom was so damn cute in his little cute hat with his long lanky arms. He put on such a fun show + Norwegian disco is just the absolute best. Every song was great. Some were greater than others, but none was greater than "Love Sick". I pretty much never record songs at shows but this one was so worth it. Those chords at the beginning are so sexy. I have said it about five times since this night but I'll say it again -- Chicago needs a Norway night with Lindstrom + Todd Terje. I would love to see the two of them go at it. 

Biggest Letdown: I kind of wish I rallied for KiNK at Q this night but I was riding solo this night + couldn't really bear the thought of going to Q alone late night.

This Show: Was totally Christine does Seattle night. Shadow Child + Lindstrom were both great decisions for the + I love that Seattle is a place you can just wander around on your own (with the exception of Q Nightclub) + feel totally fine. I debated going the Ritchie Hawtin + Friends route at the Sky Church but I heard it was totally packed. The Showbox was a really cool venue as well.

i was there || decibel day three

Show: Decibel Festival
Simian Mobile Disco
Marcel Dettmann

Location: EMP Sky Church + Q Nightclub

Date: 9.26.14

Memorable Moment: I have surprisingly never seen Simian Mobile Disco before even though I had intended to on several occasions in Chicago. Things happened, it never worked out. I am glad that I got to save that experience for the Sky Church. Honestly, it wasn't my favorite set of the week but I can't imagine seeing these guys anywhere more exciting than this.

Biggest Letdown: This night was kind of off + I blame Seattle's liquor laws. Everyone was pretty psyched for late nights with Steffi + Marcel Dettman but I don't think any of us were aware that all bars stop serving at 2am + this party was going until 7am. As a result, there were a lot of heavily drugged out creeps in the crowd + I never got my drunken energy I was so hoping to rely on. In fact, I went to the bar pretty sober. I would have planned my night very differently if I knew these were the circumstances I was walking into.

This Show: Was pretty unfortunate. Most of the people I encountered in Seattle were perfectly fine + chill but the crowd at Q Nightclub was the worst. They were lurky + relentless + as a result I had my guard up the whole night. There is nothing worse for a chick interested in seeing good music. That being said, Steffi was pretty legit. I would love to check her out again under different circumstances.

i was there || decibel day two

Show: Decibel Festival
Andy Stott
Oneohtrix Point Never
Falty DL

Location: The Crocodile, EMP Museum, EMP Sky Church

Date: 9.25.14

Memorable Moment: Let us pray. In hindsight, I probably should have spent every possible minute at the Sky Church. That venue is so damn impressive. Walking in for the first time really was breath taking. It is quite cavernous + alcohol is only sold on the upper lever, but damn is that screen fun to look at.

Biggest Letdown: I enjoy Oneohtrix Point Never but there is definitely a right time + place for him. I saw him a few months back while reclining at the Pritzker Pavillion in Chicago. I was comfortable + the show was very interesting + enjoyable. Seeing him at the Sky Church was definitely impressive but it just felt like a lull among so many other fun shows from the night.

This Show: Was an overall good night. The Ninja Tune crew with Letherette, FaltyDL, + Martyn were impressive + The Crocodile was a perfect venue. Letherette was just about the cutest duo ever + I pretty much melted when they started singing along under their breaths. Thanks to the suggestion of a friend I checked out Andy Stott + he was definitely the highlight. So much good energy. Oneohtrix Point Never slowed things down a bit but heading back to The Crocodile for the tail-end of FaltyDL + Martyn was a smart decision. This venue + its patrons had a good vibe + the music was spot on. This was one of my favorite nights of the festival.


i was there || decibel day one

Show: Decibel Festival

Location: Re-Bar + Q Nightclub

Date: 9.24.14

Memorable Moment: There is always something special about getting to check out a new venue in a new city. Night one I was most impressed with Re-Bar + Rrose's set. Re-Bar is kind of a shit hole but in the best way possible, The DJ deck, which you can somewhat see in the photo above, is just a suspended table covered with a table clothe. The bathroom didn't really have doors + the drinks were dirt cheap. Aside from the very strong dirty hippy smell, I thought it was pretty perfect. Rrose definitely had a very unique + entrancing performance. She also accomplished quite a bit in just a one hour set. 

Biggest Letdown: Despite having the most impressive Funktion One setup I have ever seen or heard, Q Nightclub wasn't my scene + the performances that night were pretty meh. I also ended up playing babysitter which wasn't at all how I planned to start my vacation. On to night two, please. 

This Show: Definitely confirmed my excitement in Decibel. This festival + its layout is unlike any fest I have ever experienced before. I love that all of the shows are later + I love that each venue has it's own unique character + crowd. I love that Seattle is so small + accessible.


seasonally impaired

October is here, leaves are falling. Naturally, I have landscaping on my mind. Naturally.

I have never lived in an apartment with any kind of outdoor space which is a bummer because I do love plants + I like to think that I would take the time to make my outside look as nice as my inside. My siblings are both real adults now + have both purchased homes in the past year. Unlike their better halves, they both are quite fixated on how to improve their outdoor spaces. I am going to assume that this trait runs in the family.

white wisteria | black mulch | dusty miller | black mondo grass | white hydrangeas

So here I am, thinking about landscaping on a chill almost October night. I know my aesthetic. I know the colors (or lack thereof) that I'm drawn to. I want a yard of my own.

Now I don't know for certain that these plants of my dreams will actually work in the climate I live in when I do eventually have a yard, but here are a few lawns I am definitely admiring:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5