this isn't a "best of" list || 2012 ||

Another year, another list. I'll go through my regular spiel to begin:

I'm not Pitchfork. As much as I like to think that I do, I don't listen to every album that comes out + on occasion, there are going to be some pretty great artists + songs that fly under my radar or don't get the attention they deserve until a year or two (or more) later. This list is not just new songs + may not necessarily even be my favorites, they just meant a lot to me this past year.

On that note, I'd also like to follow up with one of my favorite quotes from earlier this year:

"We know that rating music -- listening to it + calling one album better than another album -- is a fool's errand. Taste in art is purely subjective. Just because my ears happen to like something more than your ears doesn't make that something better than something you say you like."
-Paul Shirley

20 Most Significant Songs of 2012
6. "Insane" - Flume (Featuring Moon Holiday)
8. "Reunion" - M83 (Mylo remix)


i was there : poolside (dj set)

Show: Poolside (DJ set)
Redux DJs

Location: Primary

Date: 12.7.12

Memorable Moment: It's always cool to go to a brand new venue + Primary definitely had a nice vibe to it. I've actually been to the spot before in college when it was some horrible bar that emailed out those free all you can drink parties (think McFadden's style). I much prefer this crowd + the LED wall behind the decks.

Biggest Letdown: Once again, lame old me can't party like I used to. I saw a good amount of the Poolside set, but definitely left a bit earlier than planned. In my defense I was out late the night before.

This Show: was full of good music + interesting people. There was some truly amazing dancing + I was also pleasantly surprised by Redux DJs as well. I also really enjoyed the DJ set from Poolside. Not every artist translates well as a DJ, but these guys were great.


25 things i've learned in 25 years

1. Be prepared to laugh at yourself. You're human, mistakes will happen. The best recovery is a good giggle + others will appreciate you all the more for it.

2. Mind your f'ing manners. Maybe it's all of the years I spent as a waitress, but it honestly blows my mind how rude people can be to those working in the customer service industry. Be appreciative of their help. Not only are you making an ass out of yourself, but you're also embarrassing the people you are with.

3. You have to work at friendships, especially as you get older. I'm really pretty awful at this one, especially with so many good friends living in different cities. I've never really been much of a phone person which makes this process that much harder for me. Sometimes all it takes is just little things to show that a person has a special place in your life.
4. Sleeping in past noon is no longer acceptable. A cruel reality, but true. Sleep is important though, so just cut down on the number of all night ragers.

5. Pay off your debts. I'm really embarrassed to admit this, but I was incredibly reckless with my money (or the money I didn't have) when I was 23 + 24. I kept thinking that more was just on the horizon + I also probably spent more than I needed to to try to fit in with certain types of people. It was stupid, but a lesson. I will never let myself get that careless again. It's such a huge burden that weighs over you for so long.
6. Have a hobby. Better yet, have a few. As lame as this sounds, being known as the music junkie by my peers makes me feel really great about myself. Being that "expert" at a specific thing can really improve self esteem + it's an easy way to form bonds with new people.

7. A healthy body means a healthy mind. Each year the correlation between the two seems to grow stronger + stronger. If you're not exercising or eating right you're going to feel like crap, both physically + mentally.

8. I am an idiot for killing my skin all of those years in tanning beds. If you're vain like me + haven't yet learned this lesson, please know that spray tanning has come a long way since those orange tint jobs. There's absolutely no need to fry yourself in a bed when you can get a nice spray down every couple of weeks.

9. Let others form their own opinions. I'm all for being passionate about specific causes or politics, but please don't shove your opinions down my throat. We have brains for a reason + most of us are pretty capable of using them intelligently. Please let me decide what is right for myself.
10. Now is the time to be selfish. At this point in my life I really don't have many responsibilities other than needing to do well with my career. That leaves an ample amount of extra time to do the things I love, to travel, to pamper myself.

11. Show a bit of compassion to others that need it. This isn't always the case, but it's usually pretty easy to spot someone that could use a friend or a little bit of encouragement. Going out of the way to say a few nice things or have a short conversation can really make a big impact on someone + it's such a simple thing to do.

12. Don't drop loads of money on the newest trend. Trends are trends for a reason - they don't last. Invest in those classics + go the cheap route on the "hottest" new things.
13. Gossiping is no longer cute or acceptable. Just because you were once popular for this trait as a child doesn't mean it's going to stick with you through life. If anything, it will only make others like you less.

14. Have at least 3 recipes that you can absolutely nail. Not everyone is going to be a great cook, but you should at least have that handful of recipes that don't cause you to freak out every time you get invited to a potluck feast. I'm hoping my handful grows a bit over the next year.
15. Write things down + take photos. You're going to appreciate it years from now. Your family will appreciate it even more.

16. Stop being a picky eater. People don't like going out with picky eaters + they sure don't like cooking for them. While I can understand one or two off limit ingredients, there's more to life than the top tier of the food pyramid.

17. Be a role model. Whether you know it or not, someone probably looks up to you. Your behavior can shape someone else's life, so make sure you're making a positive difference.
18. Stop being a spoiled brat + be thankful for all that your parents have done. I would be no where without my parents. Year after year they have done nothing but love + support me. Chances are, you're in the same boat. Don't forget to call + remind them that you appreciate them.

19. Learn how to navigate yourself. There's not always going to be someone there to hold your hand. And just think of all the opportunities you'll miss just because you have a fear of doing things on your own. You'll be surprised how much you learn about yourself.

20. Develop your own style. Know your body + know what suits it. If you're unsure, pay someone to tell you. Then, have fun with it. I should know who you are from looking at 5 pieces in your closet.

21. Establish your own exceptions. Maybe I should have saved a bit of money over the years by having a roommate, but isn't the freedom of being able to walk around all day in your underwear worth it? You get the picture...
22. Keep figuring out ways to learn more. Last year I took a terrarium making class + loved it. This year I went to a seminar on the meaning of life + was inspired. I hope next year brings many more opportunities for mental stimulation.

23. Don't settle. Whether it's a not-so-great job or a boy that could probably be treating you a little better,  trust your gut on this one - if it doesn't feel right it probably isn't. You deserve the best.

24. This is the point where you should stop doing things to fit in. If you can't be happy with yourself as you are then you're going to have one long, sad life ahead of you. 
25. Be thankful for the people in your life. You wouldn't be where you are or who you are without them. Life's a whole lot easier with a good support system.

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i'll wait til it's all over

"Over" - Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles makes me feel unaccomplished. 25 years old & already ranks #10 on Resident Advisor's top DJs of 2012. Props, girl! I'm happy to see a very talented female DJ making the top 10.


music can be so meaningless

I tend to disagree with this statement, but I'm curious to know what The Knife meant in the very cryptic message they released yesterday:

"Music can be so meaningless. We had to find lust. We asked our friends + lovers to help us"

While this news is amazingly exciting, it also is a little nuts because just a few days ago I tweeted this as I was listening to the live Silent Shout album:
That's a bit insane, right? Not a peep from these two in years + now this? I swear this kind of stuff happens to me all the time. Regardless of  how clairvoyant I am, I am super excited for this release. I'm also crossing my fingers that they'll be making their way through the festival circuit this summer. I predict something like this:


national soundcheck day

"Check 1,2."


Your first lessons in life often include learning how to tie your shoes or learning the ABC's. Lasting lessons can often be find in the form of books. What greater way to learn about sacrifice than from The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein? What teaches you more about the importance of family than Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak?

Penguin books is taking those lessons, both old + new, + is introducing their new Drop Caps series of books with jacket illustrations done by the amazingly talented Jessica Hische (maybe you saw her wedding announcement or her work with Moonrise Kingdom?)
 All Penguin series seem to do this, but I swear, I really love this project. Design, classic novels, + a little bit of personalization is a great combination in my opinion. How great would it be to spell out someone's name with all of these books? So far, just these six are available + they sell for $22.00 in hardcover.


a little bird told me : november

gifted || the little critter

The Little Critter

One Colorful Elephant
Rainbows + stuffed animals all in one? Double win.

Fishing Set
This will be a must buy if my brother ever has a baby boy (or girl for that matter).

Little Darlings
Make any kids room absolutely adorable with these cute little prints from Sharon Montrose. That baby monkey just might be my favorite.

Menagerie Bookend
Add a bit of fun to that ever growing bookshelf.

You could probably custom fit a nanny cam in this one.

Oh Deer Dress
Guaranteed to make any bambino look adorable.

Woodland Bedding
Nothing but sweet dreams for your little one.

Bully Shirt
Because he would never be a bully himself.


i'm still so far from over

Last Wednesday afternoon was really quite enjoyable. No afternoon meetings meant I could enjoy back-to-back Boiler Room sets from Jamie xx & SBTRKT. Both were really amazing, but you should know by now that nothing quite makes me happier than Jamie xx's music. I don't believe SBTRKT's set is out yet (I'll update this post when it is), but do yourself a favor + take a listen to Jamie xx's set below.


in another room

"In Another Room" - Pional


mostly naughty, but a little nice

Christmas is soon + my birthday is even sooner. I'm not too big on celebrating either, but I've always kind of loved creating my wish list of presents that I want but never up receiving.

Debbie Carlos Print
I've been eyeing this print from Debbie Carlos for years. I've even been tempted in person twice at the Renegade Craft Fair. I'm going to pull the trigger on this one very soon, especially as I finished up my gallery wall 2.0. All that's left are the big prints, so this is both perfect + affordable.

Record Player
I've been collecting vinyl albums for over a last year, but I don't actually own a record player...yet. This is partly due to not having the money for one + partly due to not knowing what to buy. I could really use someone else's expertise on this one. All I really know is that I want it to be be black, white, silver, or wood finished. via.

Fig Tree
So cliché, I know, but they really are pretty + I could really use some more green around my apartment. I've heard that Sprout is selling some for $50.00. via.

Understated Jewelry
I don't wear much in terms of jewelry, just a small gold heart necklace that belonged to my sister when she was probably 12 years old. I don't want much, but I've been dreaming of upgrading my necklace, getting a small ring, or maybe some small diamond earrings. I typically find it kind of stupid to invest so much in jewelry, but if it's something that's worn every day it can be justified.

Disco Ball
I'm still waiting on this one. How will my collection grow if you people never buy me any? via.

Linus Bike
I shared my wonderful experience with biking in San Francisco + now I'm ready to take on the streets of Chicago. I don't need a Linus bike, per se, but they sure are a pretty breed. I'll probably go with a cheaper option to start.

Shel Silverstein Collection
I love nostalgic gifts + nothing brings back greater memories than Shel Silverstein. Plus, the covers are all pretty great.

Super Fancy Camera
As I get older + have more money to do fun things like travel, etc I find myself more + more wanting a nice camera. Again, this another gift that I'd need someone's help on picking it out. Also, would love to have some photography/Photoshop courses to go along with the gift. via.

White Ceramic & Mercury Glass Anything
I haven't gotten around to posting about it, but I want to start a white ceramic + mercury glass collection for my bookshelf. I love this combo + feel as though this is an easy gift for others to pick out. via.

Although physical gifts are great, I still say that experiences are the best gift someone can give. So consider things like concerts, day trips, or meals when you're stumped on your next gift idea.