i was there || hideout block party

Show: Hideout Block Party
Sylvan Esso
Mac Demarco
Funky Meters
Dismemberment Plan
War On Drugs

Location: The Hideout

Date: 9.6.14

Favorite Song: I bought a ticket for War On Drugs + they did not disappoint. They were a perfect closer + "Under The Pressure" was exactly how I had hoped it would sound. I will see them again for sure.

Memorable Moment: I would probably say that Mac Demarco was the most memorable, despite a somewhat lackluster performance. He has a pretty decent album but on this day it just felt like he wanted to rile up the crowd. I did get a good laugh from him lighting a cigarette while he crowd-surfed across the audience.

Biggest Letdown: Dismemberment Plan is so not my thing. I am sure they are fine for their genre but it kind of sucked that I had to stick around and listen to them prior to War On Drugs.

This Show: Is just about the easiest fest you could ever go to + I mean that in the best possible way. There is something nice about only having one stage, even if it means you don't get much of a choice in what you listen to. I'm pretty sure I could have found my soul mate in this crowd too. Such a good vibe all around.

interpol || all the rage back home


i was there || klingande

Show: Klingande

Location: Subterranean

Date: 9.4.14

Favorite Song: You know that feeling when you know a song but you can't figure out what it is or how you know it? It is maddening. I went to this show expecting to know nothing but was surprised to hear a song I really did like. It wasn't original, it was a mix + I believe I have heard it on another mix recently. I'm going to keep digging til I get an answer.

Memorable Moment: I got to the show pretty early when the sold out venue was still relatively spacious. Some dude comes plowing through me like "Excuse me!". Totally unnecessary. I shot the nastiest look. Turns out I gave the evil eye to the artists. Sorry, not sorry. You were rude.

Biggest Letdown: This show really made me feel like I was at a party at a frat house. Definite fan boys all around. Plus SubT was so hot + sweaty.

This Show: I honestly did not know what to expect from this show. There were some things I did not like but over all it wasn't so bad. I have always appreciated live instruments at shows + the sax player definitely added a unique component to the night. The crowd was loving it when he came out to perform on some of the songs.


slow + steady

2+ years ago when I moved into my current apartment I wasn't very happy with things (aside from finally living alone again). I finally had this huge space to myself but it felt so empty + unfinished despite my grand plans. The reality is that furnishing an apartment + turning it into a home takes time. This is something that 25 year old me should have expected but I wanted so badly for my apartment to be "done".
Grace from Design*Sponge tackles this topic in a post from last month + it struck a chord with me. She talks about the balance of wanting unique, handmade items but also wanting them at low-cost prices which often isn't possible. Grace found that taking your time at filling your home is actually a good thing. It requires you to make decisions on long-term happiness instead of short-term gratification. In the end you usually end up saving money + you have pieces that you really love, not just fillers.
Fast forward two years + things are looking pretty good. There are still a few key pieces I would like to buy but I have come to a point where I have realized that I can wait. It isn't worth putting myself into credit card debt over "wants" vs "needs". I have made a few big purchases (my bedroom furniture, living room rug, floor length mirror) + I am so happy with all of them. Something I'm not really happy with? My sectional sofa. That was something I bought out of necessity at a time when I didn't have much money. It is comfy + does the job though. A new one can come later.
I like to think that a lot of these pieces will transfer well when I finally move into a nicer place too which makes me feel good about my decisions + on waiting.


concert outlook || fall 2014

Fall is officially upon us which means concerts are really starting to pick up. This is one of the largest lists I have pulled together yet probably has the fewest amount of shows that I am 100% locked in on (they are the ones in bold). It's a good list but there aren't a ton I'm totally excited for. I almost never say this but I'll likely make my picks according to whatever my friends are doing. So that being said, let me know if you're interested in checking out any of these...

9.4 | Klingande + Autograf | Subterranean
9.5-9.6 | Hideout Music Festival | Hideout
9.12 | Metronomy | Lincoln Hall
9.12-9.14 | Riot Fest | Humbolt Park
9.16 | Spoon | Chicago Theater
9.17 | Tobacco | Lincoln Hall
9.18 | Snowmine | Schubas
9.18 | James Murphy | Smart Bar
9.19 | Bonobo + Falty DL | Metro
9.19 | Kode 9 | Primary
9.19 | AndHim | Spy Bar
9.20 | Com Truise | Lincoln Hall
9.20 | Sophie | Primary
9.23 | Twin Shadow | Metro
9.23 | Ty Segall | Thalia Hall
9.23 | Simian Mobile Disco | Lincoln Hall
9.26 | Gardens + Villa | Empty Bottle*
9.27 | Yacht | Concord Music Hall
9.30 | MO | Concord Music Hall
10.1 | La Roux | Concord Music Hall
10.3 | Theo Parrish | Smart Bar
10.5 | Warpaint | The Vic
10.7 | Banks | Metro
10.8 | Surfer Blood | Lincoln Hall
10.16 | Ryan Adams | Chicago Theater
10.16 | Zola Jesus | Thalia Hall
10.16-10.17 | Foxygen | Lincoln Hall
10.17 | Chromeo | The Riviera
10.18 | Kygo | Concord Music Hall
10.18 | Yelle | Bottom Lounge
10.22 | Tune-Yards | The Riviera
10.23 | SBTRKT | The Riviera
10.23 | Snakehips | Primary
10.24 | Flying Lotus | Concord Music Hall
10.25 | Rhye | The Vic
10.25 | Dusky | Spy Bar
10.29 | Courtney Barnett | Metro
10.30 | Twin Peaks | Lincoln Hall
10.30 | Slowdive | The Vic
10.30 | Digitalism | Concord Music Hall
11.1 | RAC | Concord Music Hall
11.1-11.2 | Alt-J | The Riviera
11.3 | Blonde Redhead | Bottom Lounge
11.10-11.11 | St. Lucia | Metro
11.12 | Interpol | The Riviera
11.13 | Avi Buffalo | Empty Bottle
11.13 | FKA Twigs | Metro
11.13 | Ryan Hemsworth | Double Door
11.14 | Wildcat! Wildcat! | Schubas
11.16 | Nils Frahm | Thalia Hall
11.22-11.23 | Fitz + the Tantrums | The Riviera
11.25 | Death From Above 1979 | The Riviera

*I will be in Seattle so I can't make Gardens + Villa. I have a ticket though so it's yours for free if you're interested.


i was there || north coast music festival

Show: North Coast Music Festival
Chet Faker
Washed Out
Talib Kweli
Future Islands
Little Dragon
Cashmere Cat
Adventure Club

Location: Union Park

Date: 8.29.14 - 8.30.14

Favorite Song: I know I just finished off a night of Chet Faker but being front row (literally) for his set was too good. I enjoyed this one last night too but hearing "Gold" live just made me think of the babes from his music video + that pleased me. I also am pretty sure I was one of the few people in the crowd that could sing all his lyrics word-for-word so that made me feel proud too.

Memorable Moment: The front gate staff was incredibly complimentary to me. On two occasions I got props on my outfit so that really started the festival off to a good start. Chet Faker was of course the highlight again. I saw him pour a water bottle over his hot body + also was close enough to learn that Sam, on the drums, is a total babe too. The guitarist isn't that bad either (although a little dorkier but that is okay).

Biggest Letdown: There are many things that I could list as disappointing (I'm looking at you you little 15 year old perv that grabbed my ass) but I will focus on what I went there to see. First of all, Washed Out you are not going to get the "party started" at North Coast no matter how hard you try. I am glad you are on the lineup + you guys sounded just fine, but no. Secondly, I just didn't feel like I got all that I was hoping for from Future Islands. I think their song choices were odd + I think they kind of hated the crowd they were playing to. "Standing By the Sea" was a pleasure to hear though.

This Show: Becomes less my scene year after year but that being said there are the few Easter eggs in the lineup worth checking out. On Friday I tweeted "I'm here for the live instruments + bearded men" - no one ever (except me) + I think there is a lot of truth to that statement. Regardless of the festival though you get a lot of people that go to these things just to go + could really care less whether the music was good or not. They just know their friends like it so they should too. I have been there too, but I have grown + I have learned + I am proud of myself for that. This year I was willing to brave their awful crowd to check a few more people off my list.

i was there || chet faker

Show: Chet Faker

Location: Concord Music Hall

Date: 8.28.14

Favorite Song: I have used Shazam very few times in my life to figure out which song was playing but when "Cigarettes + Chocolate" came on the speakers when I was at a bar in San Francisco I had to know what it was. It was so unique + interesting + just sounded like me (as weird as that sounds). Hearing it live was just as perfect. It is a song that makes you feel sexy when you hear it + I would say that is a hard thing to come by. Honorable mention: "I'm Into You". Those eyes. Those thighs...

Memorable Moment: Someone asked me what it is about Chet Faker + although I couldn't really answer this guy just does something for me (+ a whole lot of other people, I'm sure). I was just happy to be reunited in the same room with this babe + his beard + his fun bun.

Biggest Letdown: The music snob in me was bummed to be sharing a room with so many non fans. I chatted with a few people who gave the "I don't really know his music. I just know that song he did with Flume. Figured I would check it out." response. Wasted space. Leave me to be alone with him for a private concert if you don't care.

This Show: Honestly as lame as it sounds it made me feel sexy. It did last time too. And for that I will continue to see him every time he plays in Chicago.


i was there || arcade fire

Show: Arcade Fire

Location: United Center

Date: 8.27.14

Favorite Song: In terms of new songs I was surprisingly happy to hear "Intervention". Historically it hasn't been one of my favorite songs but it translated surprisingly well live. Blame it on the Catholic school girl in me but it felt good "going to church" that night.  

Memorable Moment: I kind of wandered around the floor this night but I started off ridiculously close to the stage. Like when Win tossed his water bottle on the crowd I got wet. Read into that what you will...

Biggest Letdown: After the show on Tuesday I was in total awe + wanted more. Arcade Fire have so many more great songs that I still needed to hear so I grabbed floor tickets for the next night impulsively. I can only blame myself for this because I should have peeped their previous setlists but they ended up playing almost all of the same songs. It was mixed up a little but I didn't hear some of my favorites ("Porno") that I was hoping to hear.

This Show: Was very much similar to night one but also very different. For starters, I went to this show solo which is always a different experience. I was less aware of what was going on around me + more aware of the instruments which is always pretty inspiring (I secretly love eyeing the bass players + listening for their contributions). I think at the most there were 13 or 14 people on stage so there was plenty to see + plenty that had to work together. For example (I wish I could remember the song but I can't) the violinist was just going nuts at one point + you would never have known it was a violin making that noise from just the album alone. That's exactly why live shows get to me.


i was there || arcade fire

Show: Arcade Fire

Location: United Center

Date: 8.26.14

Favorite Song: There wasn't one song in particular, just bits from a few that I love so much. "Here Comes the Night Time" at the 1:44 + 3:04 marks. "The Suburbs" at 2:44. "Afterlife" at 3:03. "Haiti" at 0:50 (also, was this song really released 10 years ago?). "Sprawl II" at 1:55. I also wasn't sure I was going to get to hear "It's Never Over (Hey Orpheus)" but it's one of my favorites from Reflektor + translated pretty well live.

Memorable Moment: As much as I love music I'm not the fan girl that has to be front + center at shows. I arrived at the United Center about five minutes prior to show time + still got a ridiculously close spot. The floor was actually very spacious + I only saw one almost fight. The environment contributed to a very fun experience. I don't think I've ever been so unconscious of my dance moves either. I'm talking spirit fingers, air drums, you name it. Overall it was pretty euphoric.

Biggest Letdown: I took it personally that they did not play "Porno" for me. I was probably looking forward to that song the most. Otherwise not many other complaints. There were minor technical issues at the beginning + I could have done without "Joan of Art" but otherwise it was perfect.

This Show: Kind of reminded me of of the 10.25.10 LCD Soundsystem show at Aragon. I went. I had a great time. I wanted more. Amazingly enough night two of LCD Soundsystem's final run at The Riviera was not sold out yet so I snagged myself a ticket for that show as well. Well kids, that same impulse hit me this morning + I bought myself a ticket for Arcade Fire tonight too. This first show was so good but there are still several other songs I am hoping to hear. Floor tickets (the only way to go) are still available for night two of Arcade Fire + totally worth the money.
It's just the after life...

i was there || daniel avery

Show: Daniel Avery

Location: Smart Bar

Date: 8.22.14

Memorable Moment: It's always special when you get to see someone make their Smart Bar debut. Daniel Avery was well-deserving of that honor.

Biggest Letdown: This was just one of those nights where I wasn't going to be in the mood to go out no matter how excited I was for Daniel Avery. I am proud of getting myself out of bed + to Smart Bar but it just ended up being a weird night + I kinda wish I had just stayed in.

This Show: Was one of my more anticipated shows of the year. I spent the last several months going on some serious Daniel Avery binges so being able to see him live + at Smart Bar was a treat. Daniel Avery was my own discovery + in turn I think I've introduced him to quite a few people as well. That's always a good feeling.


modern day gypsy

I seemed to have developed a tradition of posting one outfit selfie per year. The outfit from last year was actually pretty similar as well (just swapped) but here I want to highlight this super amazing skirt I ordered from Novella Royale's Fall collection. This isn't my first love affair with Novella Royale. I bought a pair of their Janis Bells last year + got loads of compliments when I wore them to Pitchfork + Phish this Summer.

Their Fall collection is unreal though. There are so many things I wanted to order but unfortunately these items are a little pricey. I thought I would get the most wear out of this skirt but here are some other pieces I am totally eyeing.

 These items have gone fast so most of the good ones are already sold out. They are a little bit on the expensive side but they are totally unique + extremely comfortable to wear so it's worth checking back to the site frequently.

Ps. I'm not totally sold on the top in my photo above. I like the thought of a crop top but it appears as though my chest has gotten a little bigger recently. Whoops! I am so awkward with selfies...


i was there || robyn + royksopp

Show: Robyn + Royksopp

Location: Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Date: 8.24.14

Favorite Song: Aside from the obvious "What Else Is There," "Call Your Girlfriend," + "Dancing On My Own" Robyn also played this new song presumably called "Love Is Free" that had a pretty funky beat to it. It is definitely a song that I wouldn't mind dancing to in a dark club.

Memorable Moment: "We've got two drummers + a sax player. Fuck your band!" - Royksopp

Biggest Letdown: I have a love/hate relationship with Jay Pritzker Pavilion. It is lovely + the sound is great but it really didn't work for a show like this. Everyone should be up + dancing to Robyn + Royksopp (I wasn't either). I also know they they were all absolutely killing it on stage but I saw none of it. Another kinda letdown was that I went to this show knowing exactly what the setlist was going to be. It helped me know when I should get there, but generally I don't recommend ever losing that element of surprise if you don't need to.

This Show: Was more emotional than I expected. I'm not going through a breakup (that would have been bad) but I am going through life. Robyn has a way of hitting those sensitive spots. Specifically, she addresses the isolation that everyone feels at one point or another in their life. It makes her shows both wonderful + also kind of awful at the same time.

lol boys || changes (todd edwards remix)


i was there || flume

Show: Flume

Location: Concord Music Hall

Date: 8.2.14

Favorite Song: Opening the show with "Drop the Game" (Chet Faker) followed by "Tennis Courts" (Lorde) was more than I could have hoped for.

Memorable Moment: A year ago I said that he needed to mature + I definitely saw some progress at this show. I felt proud of him. I still think he's got some more progress to make + I would still love to see him with some kind of live instrument component.

Biggest Letdown: I caught most of his set but ended up leaving early as Lollapalooza got the best of me. I left his show early last time too so not that big of a letdown.

This Show: was a good Lollapalooza after party option. Finally I got to see him in a good venue on a reasonable night of the week. It wasn't the most mind blowing show I have ever seen but definitely overall good.


pional || it's all over

If you missed it last week I shared this pretty great Rince FM mix from Bicep. About 13 minutes into the mix I thought to myself, "wait a minute this sounds familiar," + then accurately identified it as Pional's "It's All Over". I first heard that song as a James Talabot remix but I think the original is perfect as is too.

I had only heard the song once or twice before so I was pretty proud of myself for being able to identify the song before Bicep announced the track listing. As a total music nerd it's super exciting to see the progress I have made with my listening abilities. Songs with lyrics are easy but when it's mostly instrumental (not to mentioned remixed to sound completely different) it can be a bit more tricky.


i was there || orchard lounge + friends

Show: Orchard Lounge + Friends

Location: Smart Bar

Date: 8.2.14

Memorable Moment: One week before this I was at one of the better house parties I have ever been to. I heard all of these "friends" + more play all night long. I just remember thinking "do people really have house parties like this with people this talented spinning? Why are they not playing in a club?" Then I got to talk with them + they were all pretty cool to boot. Sure enough, they got their opportunity + I'm glad I got to see part of it. You could tell that they were so ecstatic. I was ecstatic for them + I don't even know them that well! Very very cool moment that they will likely remember forever. (They didn't over shadow Bethany though. She commands those decks).

Biggest Letdown: I had a good time but I had a ticket for Flume that I wasn't going to miss out on.

This Show: was like the appetizer before the main course. Friday I learned my lesson when I passed out between Lollapalooza + the DFA Residency at Smart bar that I never was able to make it to. I had a few hours to kill before Flume went on at Concord Music Hall so Smart Bar was a perfect option. I got my energy right back up + heard some good tunes in the process.

i was there || lollapalooza

Show: Lollapalooza
Iggy Azalea
Blood Orange
Above + Beyond
Broke Bells
Lykke Li
Martin Garrix
Chase + Status
Jenny Lewis
Cut Copy

Location: Grant Park

Date: 8.1.14-8.2.14

Favorite Song: "Howling At the Moon" by Phantogram. Hands down.

Memorable Moment: Blood Orange put on another great show. Phantogram was my favorite set of the festival. Outkast was great + super fun. I also got applauded twice (twice!) after leaving the port-a-potty for peeing so quickly. It was a proud moment.

Biggest Letdown: I spent way more time at Perry's than I should have. I had to meet some friends + tried to make the most of it but that stage is everything I hate with society. There were literally medical crews waiting in the crowds with stretchers. Awful. Icing on the cake was that Perry's was the only place I had cellphone reception. Also, blisters on the bottom of my feet, elbow to the boob, + someone knocking over the blueberry bratwurst I never got a chance to eat.

This Show: I had no intention of going to Lollapalooza. Last year I did five nights of after shows only + it was perfect. That was exactly what I intended to do this year too but I got offered a free pass this year + couldn't say no. Lollapalooza is one of those anomalies. You want to be there because everyone goes + you don't want to miss out. But the lineup isn't that exciting + everything + everyone is awful once you get there. I've come to the conclusion that pretty much everyone worth seeing either does an after show or comes back to tour in the Fall so there aren't really any reasons to go if you are a music fan. Leave Lollapalooza for the people with horrible taste that think they're cool because they spend one weekend of their year submersed in music.



The nudist in me has totally gravitated towards themagdalenaexperience's Instagram account. Essentially, it's a hot chick who travels the world + takes her clothes off. I feel like we could be best friends.
Major props for visiting my hometown. I feel like if I was to ever recreate one of these this would be the photo.
She is also my ass inspiration. She has just about the most perfect booty ever + I want that to be mine.