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For Life Collection - Stephen Fishwick

Picking a blog name is a hard decision. I began Easy Tiger not really knowing how I'd use it or if it was really something I would keep up with. Some days I think I could do better, but for the most part I'm pretty happy with it. And I still smile every time I see a beautiful tigre.



simply the best

In my opinion, there is no photographer greater than Max Wanger. He's a master of the whimsy, the ethereal. Negative space isn't "space," it's an opportunity. Give him any landscape & he'll turn it into a fantasy world. Nothing more perfectly displays his talent than his recent 2011 recap. Here are a few of my favorites:



pura vida

A month + a half later (although it seems like much longer) + I suppose it's finally time for the Costa Rica recap. Where to begin? This trip was everything I had hoped for + more + exactly what I needed to close out 2011 + start 2012.

Some highlights: puppies, watermelon guaro, sun, ceviche, zip lining, coconut water, the ocean, new year's eve under the stars, cookies, not driving, parties til sunrise, fresh pineapple, the tour guide, whole red snapper, pina coladas, tico time, winning at the casinos, my roommate.

For anyone that is interested in the specific details, I would be happy to share. It really was an amazing vacation + I'm dying to go back.


all rifled up

A little late, but still worth sharing -- a few weeks back Fab.com got me again with their Rifle Paper Co. sale. I snagged this lovely 2012 calendar at quite the discount. Wall space at home is quite limited these days, so this print will be occupying my desk at work. 

Rifle Paper Co. is such a great place for gifts + stationary. Some other items I'm loving...



"Little by little we age, but we don't change in our hearts. Love gets stronger. That is the way I feel. I believe he feels the same way. Yes, he was my first love. My first love & my last."
--Leila Ramos, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Of course weddings are great, but the type of love that moves me the most is the love between elderly couples who have been together for years & years. When they said "til death do us part," they meant it. And that is a beautiful thing.

once upon a teepee

I'm kind of in the camp that finds Valentine's Day to be a little ridiculous. At the same time, I love LOVE, so I guess having a reason to celebrate that is a good thing. The best celebration of love? Marriage. And few have had a more perfect wedding than James of Bluebird Vintage + her adorable family.
How great are those black feathers dipped in gold paint?