spring refresh

In the not too distant past, I was very much someone who bordered on the edge of being an obsessive shopper, especially when it came to clothing. Matters of circumstance has made me get a little bit more thrifty these days & aside from purchasing a pair of very necessary new jeans, I can't remember the last time I actually went shopping for clothing. My wardrobe is feeling very sparse these days, but Shopbop is bringing just the inspiration I need for a Spring refresh.

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some ghastly predicament

"Obedear" - Purity Ring

I can't get enough of Purity Ring these days. I heard really great things about their SXSW show & am more than ecstatic that they'll be playing a set at Pitchfork Music Festival this Summer.

i was there : modeselektor

photo via Cream Team

Show: Modeselektor

Location: Metro

Date: 4.21.12

Favorite Song: "Berlin" is a great song & it definitely got the crowd moving.

Memorable Moment: Maybe it was their wonderful German accents, but Gernot & Sebastian just seemed to be having so much fun on stage. They wanted to hear the crowd make noise, & when we did you could just see them get more into it. I love that kind of energy.

Biggest Letdown: That Thom Yorke didn't make an appearance like he did at Coachella. I also really wanted to hear "Green Light Go." It's been my favorite Modeselektor song as of late, but sadly it didn't make the cut last Saturday.

This Show: was as unique as I thought it would be. Everything about their show seemed effortless (in a good way). They didn't need a big flashy stage to impress people, the music spoke for itself. I'm really happy that they made it over to the US.


i will never be that girl...

I will never be that girl that can own a big white couch or have a cozy white bedspread & not spill on. Such a shame, because they look so lovely...

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my little secret

The topic of tattoos came up at Sunday night dinner with my girlfriends. My friend, with two of her own already, is contemplating getting a third. I've always kind of been in the "no tattoo" camp, but just hours before dinner I crossed paths with this stunner down below:
I really love the simplicity & we all know I'm a sucker for arrows. There's this teeny tiny inkling in me that wants to go with my friend to get a super secret tattoo in white ink. I don't even think I'd ever even want anyone to see it. I just want to know that it's there & that I once did something I never thought I would.




i've always been distant + i've always told lies for love

"Reservations" - Wilco

Happy 10th birthday to Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. This is an album that will be in my personal rotation for a long time. Forever even.

a little tenderness

"Try a Little Tenderness" - Florence + the Machine

I laughed when my dad referenced Bing Crosby's "Try a Little Tenderness" during his speech at my brother's wedding, but it turns out, that the joke is on me. A friend passed along the MTV Unplugged session of Florence & the Machine & I was quite surprised to see that she had her own rendition of this classic song. It is so beautiful & take back completely any of the snarky thoughts I once had at the mention of this song.


i was there : sbtrkt


Location: House of Blues

Date: 4.7.12

Favorite Song: SBTRKT was as spot on as I expected & every song really was enjoyable. I've always kind of loved "Hold On" & the energy during the performance was so great that I think that it might have to make the top of my list.

Memorable Moment: While I like elements of hip hop, straight hip hop isn't necessarily my favorite. That being said, Chicago's own Rockie Fresh joining SBTRKT for "Never Never" was pretty impressive. This kid  is only like 20-years-old too. The crowd definitely had fun with this one.

Biggest Letdown: Maybe it was the venue, or maybe it was the 6'5" giant in front of me, but at times the crowd felt a little disappointing. SBTRKT killed it & I wish that the crowd could have reciprocated with a little more movement. Also, while Willis Earl Beal, the opener, had a quite impressive voice, I just didn't see the fit as an opener for SBTRKT.

This Show: Only partially satiated my need to see SBTRKT live. Don't get me wrong, the show was wonderful in my mind & I enjoyed what I saw of Aaron Jerome last Summer at NCMF, but I already want more. Luckily, my concert guardian angel is looking over me & is bringing SBTRKT back to Chicago for Lollapalooza in a few short months.


a little inspiration

Although the fun part of moving (shopping & decorating) will probably have to wait a bit because I'm poor, my brain (& Pinterest account) is getting filled to the brim with new ideas for my future place. Some of the ideas? Take a look...
This rug will be mine. Also, sheepskin accents.

Frames of all size. Some on the floor, some on shelves.

I've got my heart set on a comfy blue couch.

A dark accent wall. Not 100% convinced on chalkboard paint just yet though.

Music will be predominantly featured in my living room.

Maybe on a low shelf live this.

At the end of the day, this is a bachelorette pad, so you can expect a girly touch or two.

Okay, enough for now. You can expect to see more posts like this in the coming months.

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i was there : gotye

Show: Gotye

Location: Aragon Ballroom

Date: 4.3.12

Favorite Song: Not to be cliché, but "Somebody That I Used to Know" was pretty great. The crowd was screaming along & I just love Kimbra on the vocals. I should also point out that I only made it to the show for about 5 songs total, so I really didn't have much to choose from.

Memorable Moment: The visuals were pretty mediocre for this show, but I had a good laugh it the ever-growing cacti sprouts with little smiley faces like the one below.

Biggest Letdown: I'm kind of kicking myself for missing so much of the show. I'm no die hard Gotye fan, but he does make great music. Maybe I could have heard "The Only Thing I Know." It was also a tad too crowded for my liking.

This Show: was one of the first shows of 2012 that really intrigued me. I have never seen Gotye live before either, so that's always a fun experience to see someone new. 


snap shots : march

I'm trying to make an effort to take more photos of the day-to-day. I really love memories, old photographs, notes, etc. & I know that one day I'll appreciate all of these little things I capture.
pretty pink top & new bracelets | some of my favorite bedroom details | this dress was a steal | feeling uncharacteristically pink | Yahoo! 2012 Agency Battle of the Bowlers | this graffiti artist keeps popping up around the neighborhood | someone was excited for The Hunger Games | home | warm up Chicago, before the heat turns off | the very first dinner club with Shan, Kristina, Claude & Phil


something to look forward to : pitchfork music festival

We're a day away from the official Lollapalooza announcement (even though this list has been passed around the interwebs), but I wanted to share my excitement about the Pitchfork Music Festival line-up before it gets totally overshadowed by the seemingly awesome Lolla line-up.

I jumped on the Pitchfork Music Festival 3-day tickets as soon as they went on sale even though the line-up was a little slow to develop. I'm glad I did, because Union Park will be hosting a great group of performers, many of which I've never seen before. Here's a sampling of some of my never-before-scene artists I'm looking forward to seeing:
"Streetz Tonight" - AraabMuzik

"Genesis" - Grimes

"Lofticries" - Purity Ring

"Cannons" - Youth Lagoon

say you will

Happy (belated) Easter!
What better way to celebrate than with a chocolate bunn, er, jackolope from Miike Snow? I've been listening to their new album non-stop for the past couple weeks. I'm a big fan of "Bavarian #1."