party dress

Isn't this the most perfect New Year's Eve dress? Sadly, it is not mine & it probably wouldn't have looked very flattering on me even if it was. This hot little number was just recently on sale at Asos, but is currently sold out.

Still debating my outfit of choice for tonight, but I'm definitely going to take Nina Garcia's advice:

we believe in celebrations

Here's to hoping 2011 is the best year yet!
Happy New Year's Eve to all of my wonderful readers!


she's always buzzing just like neon

It's always so fascinating to learn about someone in a profession that is totally out of the ordinary.

Enter: Meryl Pataky
Pataky is a neon artist & creates her artwork by heating glass tubing & bending it. Her work is based entirely off of Plato's principles on the first principles of things; or more specifically, "what does it mean to be?"

What an interesting way to spend your day & make a living. It's a totally unique way of looking at art & her craftsmanship is beautiful.


playboy -- sign me up

Not really, but this Tron-inspired photo shoot is pretty awesome & slightly less risque than some of the other shoots Playboy produces.
I still have yet to see Tron, but I'm enjoying the soundtrack by Daft Punk.

See more photos on In The Mix

what should santa bring me?

Every year for my birthday (which is just 9 days before Christmas) & Christmas my parents write me some very generous checks as my gifts. I'm trying to be good & put most of it in saving for a rainy day, but I do want to make sure I put a little bit towards some instant gratification. 
My intention was to use it towards hot yoga classes, but this nameplate necklace from Catbird is totally tempting me. I feel like I should take it as a sign that my name was one of the one's shown on the site. I've never really bought myself an expensive piece of jewelry before & this necklace is just so sweet.

What to do, what to do?

my kind of town

Words can't express how absolutely thrilled I am to be off of work until January 4th. I really needed to take a breather & get my life back in order. Yesterday I spent the day organizing my life & doing a yoga class & working out with the Lincoln Park housewives. 

Today, I need to get a little bit of work done to square things away for the new year, but then I plan to act like a total tourist for the next week. I love this city so much is there is so much I want to do during this time. I'll for sure hit up the Art Institute (my favorite) & maybe the Field Museum or the Shedd Aquarium. Mostly, I just want to walk around & explore -- cold weather & all.

What would you do in Chicago with a week to spare?

(print $15.00 via Etsy)


this isn't a "best of" list || 2010 ||

With the year winding down, I wanted to make a list of the top 20 most significant songs of 2010. Please don't think of this as a "best of" list. While I personally love each & every one of the songs listed below, they all wouldn't necessarily be my favorites. It also doesn't include songs that necessarily came out in 2010. These are just 20 songs that really resonated with me this past year. The quote above perfectly captures exactly how I feel I get when I hear each & every one of these songs.

So without further ado, here's my top 20 songs of 2010. I love that I got to start with Girl Talk who I saw last New Year's Eve & end with Yeasayer who I will be seeing wishing I was seeing this New Year's Eve!

20 Most Significant Songs of 2010
14. Love That I Crave - The Blow (Strategy's Stata Club Mix)
20. I Remember - Yeasayer 

I had a tough time narrowing down the list, but I'm pretty happy with the result. Every song has a story or memory to go along with it, so this is a pretty special post to me. I'm not going to share the reasons behind each song, but if you ask me I will probably tell.

Just a side note, 2010 has been a really great year for me, especially in regards to music. I've always been really into music, but 2010 took it to a new level thanks to the help of some friends with great taste & some really talented musicians. I've truly cherished every musical experience & I love that I have this blog as an outlet to share some of my favorites. Music Monday is hands down my favorite day to write posts!

The ♫ means you can download the song by clicking the "down" arrow on Soundcloud.

Ps. I get to cross something off my 100 List too! (#44)

(via Design Crush)


have a dreamy christmas

I hope all of your Christmas wishes come true & you're surrounded with love this holiday season.

I planned to do a bunch of holiday posts, but my brain needs a break before it explodes. Keep an eye out for my special Music Monday post this coming Monday though!

Merry Christmas! 



i just wanted you...

"Never pick sides
Never choose between two
But I just wanted you
I just wanted you..."
I've never really been a huge Vampire Weekend fan -- too Paul Simon-y for me I think. This song is pretty damn amazing though. Almost made my list for next week.

i used to know this girl...

Another one of those forgotten favorites. Sad, but very touching...
 Her Space Holiday - "Japanese Gum" by Strange Moss

things are better when you're with me

Get ready for the biggest Music Monday of 2010 next week! My top 20 list is locked & loaded. It was a tough to narrow down the list from so many wonderful songs. I wanted to call out that I wish this little gem could have made the list. Definitely a "happy" song.


everyday i'm hustlin

I'm loving these lyrical prints from Paper Jam Press. I kind of want the "Everyday I'm Hustlin" one for my desk. It would make me smile on a Monday morning.



I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I feel very, very loved & I just want to thank all of you for being in my life. I'm a lucky girl!

Oh, & happy weekend!



10 things that made me happy

I'm so not a birthday girl. I hate being the center of attention & I feel really awkward when others go out of their way for me. I only acknowledge this day because it means I get to pick a birthday meal (chili & ribs in this case) & it also allows me to justify making some excessive purchases for myself.

Twenty-three, however, was a pretty awesome year for me. He's a quick rundown of some of the things that brought a smile to my face this past year...

1. Friends Old & New
I'm 100% convinced that I have some of the best friends in the world. I've met some great people in the past year as well as kept in touch with some very awesome people that I've known for years. Better yet, are the one's I reconnected with after spending time apart. I'm thankful every day to have each & every one of them in my life.

2. Hot Yoga
This one has been a lifesaver to me. I hope everyone can find that one thing that keeps you grounded, brings you positive energy & makes you feel good about yourself. 

3. A Good Ear
I've loved music for as long as I can remember, but this past year I really felt like I was learning music & knowing what to look for. My desire for new music will never stop & I'm glad it brings such happiness to my life.

4. Knowledge
I've got miles to go, but in the past few months especially, I can see myself getting more skilled at my job. I remember first starting & just feeling so lost about everything. That still happens, don't get me wrong, but it's definitely rewarding to watch yourself grow.

5. My Blog
A year ago this little guy didn't even exist. Crazy. As lame as my posts may be sometimes, this right here is my pride & joy. It's my break in the day & it let's me contribute a little bit of me to anyone who might be interested. I never thought I would get so much out of this blog, but I've met some really great people & feel like I'm a part of a little online family.

6. A New Addition To The Family
My awesome family just got awesomer! My brother got married over the Summer & I love the new addition. It's so funny that we're getting old & turning into real people now.

7. Independence
Okay, so my parents still help me out a little bit here & there, but this is the first full year that I've fully supported myself. Although there are many times I wish I was still living in the comfort of my childhood home, it really makes me proud of myself for coming this far & being happy on top of everything else

8. Gluttony
What more can I say? I ate some gooooood food this year ;)

9. My Mini Gallery
I've become quite the art collector this past year. I bought some beautiful photographs & prints over the past year & my new hobby doesn't seem to be letting up. My bookshelves are looking quite lovely these days too!

10. Laughs
I've laughed a lot this year. Granted, most of the time it was at myself, but what more can a girl ask for?

Here's to hoping twenty-four is just as magical!


i can't get no satisfaction

I'm just never satisfied, am I?

After ranting & raving about how much I hated my long hair, I'm starting to miss it like crazy. I have this chick is to blame...
I have both her cut & color in mind for Summer 2011. Luckily, my hair grows pretty fast & I'm excited to go lighter again as well. My stylist uses this awesome technique called balayage & I'm hoping she can make some magic happen in time for the Summer. With balyage, the color is painted on to look more natural as opposed to the foil method. The color I have now is totally fantastic for Winter, but Summer can't come fast enough for me!


take a chance

Ugh. I love this quote so much. I think I might have to print it out & place it all over as a reminder.


ballerina project

I'm trying to lay off the photography & artwork (I've already got 4 more than I must have in the pipelines), but one of these Ballerina Project prints really would make a great addition to my home. Unfortunately, an 11x14 print is $85 with shipping & that's just a little bit more than I can justify at the moment.


noah's mini ark

I think Kvast's line of "24 Carat Pets" would make an excellent gift, especially for a stylish little one.

I don't know why it happens this way, but a lot of children get branded with a specific animal when they are young. That wasn't necessarily the case in my family, but I can think of several other instances where that did occur. what a great remembrance of your childhood "pet".

gifted (again)

The last few years I've been a total procrastinator when it comes to Christmas shopping. This year, by some miracle, every gift I needed just came to mind immediately ...with the exception of the newbies. I've got the immediate fam covered, but I completely stumped on my sister's boyfriend & my new sister-in-law.

In the meantime, I got a jump start on my wrapping -- something else I typically leave until the last minute. I love the look of the brown craft paired with the black & white polka dot ribbon, but the packages looked sad & needed a little something something. My dance music obsession has rendered me completely helpless when it comes to saying "no" to Michael's Crafts' 15 glow sticks for $1 deal. I have at least 50 in possession right now. Why not spread a little day-glow cheer?

In all seriousness though -- are the glow sticks overboard? I don't want to scare my parents.