this isn't a "best of" list || 2015 ||

To be completely honest, 2015 was not my favorite year for music. My schedule did not allow for as much listening so that had a definite impact but overall it just didn't feel as strong as years past. Even some of my all time favorites (MMJ + Hot Chip, for example) failed to really excite me with any of their songs. 

All was not lost though! There were a few gems hidden throughout the year. I have to say, the ladies really brought it in 2015. I don't think I've had so many songs sung, written, or covered by women on my list before. I also didn't have too many older songs that stood out this year. After reading "Girl In Band" I had Sonic Youth on rotation quite a bit. I also had to add "An Ocean Between the Waves" from War On Drugs even though it came out last year. This was my all time favorite song to see live + I thankfully got to do so twice in 2015. The rest are all songs that were either in heavy rotation or invoked some special feeling inside me. Enjoy!

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i was there || grimes

Show: Grimes

Location: Metro

Date: 11.25.15

Favorite Song: I didn't have enough time pre-concert to really give her new album a good listen so "Genesis" an old tried + true favorite did it for me.

Memorable Moment: Grimes being Grimes.

Biggest Letdown: I told myself about a million times the day of the show to make sure to get there early because half of the fun of Grimes concerts is watching the weirdness ensue onstage yet there I was standing in the way way back.

This Show: was pretty hard for me. It was the first show I went to after the attacks in Paris + as much as I tried I couldn't get thoughts from that horrible night out of my head. I haven't been to another show since. I'll get back in there but I am still pretty shook up.


i was there || kurt vile

Show: Kurt Vile

Location: Thalia Hall

Date: 10.23.15

Favorite Song: There is something so cool about "Pretty Pimpin"

Memorable Moment: Crazy enough, this was my first show at Thalia Hall. I loved it! Such a great venue in such a charming neighborhood. I can't wait to check out more shows here when it warms up so I can wander the neighborhood a bit before.

Biggest Letdown: There were several points in the night when the crowd was talking much louder than Kurt Vile was playing. It was a little awkward, to be honest, + very annoying.

This Show: While it wasn't my favorite Kurt Vile show it was a good night to check out a new concert venue.