i don't know what to do

This has got to be the best anthem for all recent graduates/twenty-something's. Maybe "best" is the wrong word -- "unfortunately appropriate" might be a better description.

Over the past year and a half I've had quite the reality check. Independence brings forth a great sense of accomplishment, but it also brings forth a lot of anxiety. The upbeat tempo of Hockey's "Learn How To Lose" makes me feel a little bit better when the stress hits & reminds me that there will (hopefully) be an end in sight.

Ps. I saw Hockey at Lollapalooza this past year. I was very impressed. They are super animated & sound just as good, if not better, live. Check 'em out if you get a chance.

you were the sun + moon to me

"Sun & Moon," Above & Beyond Ft. Richard Bedford

Once again I present a song that reared it's pretty little head on Pete Tong's BBC Radio 1 Show. A little bit more Trance-y than the stuff I usually throw at you, but I love it.


something to talk about

It seems like it was ages & ages ago that I bought my Girl Talk tickets & now the time has finally come. I can only imagine that the week will move at a snails pace before the real fun starts on Friday, but we're so close! I got to see Girl Talk on New Year's Eve 2010 & had a total blast. I can only imagine that this show will be even more fun now that I know so many people going. We're in for a real treat people!

...and how great are these awesome photos by Jennifer Murtha from the Girl Talk show in Boston this past week? 


a little bird told me : february

There is no hiding it -- I love Twitter.

I get so much great information there & I've also "met" some really really cool people over the years. One of my habits while I peruse Twitter is to "favorite" tweets that are particularly entertaining, informative, or just worth going back to. I thought that sharing some of these each month might make for a good addition to the blog. So here you have it; my favorite tweets of February 2011:



self love : the law of attraction

"Life is a mirror. The more positive you are, the more positive your interactions are. The more you give, the more you receive. The more you love yourself, the more you are loved. It's the law of attraction."



this is me being crabby

I am sick of being sick.

This stupid plight of bronchitis has lasted over a month & it's really starting to get to me both physically & mentally. I'll be the first to admit if I'm crabby & to say that I'm crabby now would be a total understatement. I'm sick of staying in. I'm sick of annoying people with my cough during yoga. I'm sick of grossing people out on the CTA. I'm sick of back pains, & headaches, & not sleeping through the night. I want to go out on the weekends. I want to go for a run. I want to be around other people. I want to sleep.

I know none of you really care about this & I don't want you to. Sometimes it's just nice to have a place to vent. I just gotta keep reminding myself, "Miami in one month. Miami in one month. Miami in one month..."


my life as a soundtrack : the mental breakdown

For a lot of songs, I tend to subconsciously pair it with a particular event, object or feeling. On more than one occasion I have listened to "The Wolves (Act I & II)" by Bon Iver & "Sweet Love for Planet Earth" by Fuck Buttons & thought, "if there was a movie about my life, I would most certainly have my mental breakdown (which is inevitably going to happen) with this playing in the background." A rain storm would definitely be involved as well.

Is that weird? These songs really are quite perfect though -- great build-up. Very emotional. Although, if cut properly, I think "Sweet Love for Planet Earth" could make for a great sex scene as well. Just saying...


all i needs a great big congratulations

 "Congratulations" by MGMT (Erol Alken Remix)

sunday girl

I've got another big night of music to look forward to in a couple of months -- Rusko's coming back to Chicago to perform at The Congress on April 22. In October I shared my Rusko experience at The Metro, so I'm quite excited to hear that he's making his rounds again. To top things off, The Twelves will be mixing late-night at The Mid. It's funny that I've actually seen these two acts on the same night before, but in a totally different context. They were both part of HARD Fest with Crystal Castles. I was so excited to see Crystal Castles (& rightly so) that nothing else could really pique my interest quite as much. Things are a little different this time around. I really love both Rusko & The Twelves, so I'm equally anticipating each of the shows. Anyone care to join in the fun with me? 

Also, what do you think -- do you have a favorite of the two? It basically comes down to dub vs. dance in this battle.

Ps. That's pretty much exactly how I spend my Sundays. (Someone's ready for the weekend!)



one last look at winter

One last look at Winter & then I'm calling it quits. I know 30 degrees with a chance of snow showers is to be expected at the end of February, but I've really just had enough of the cold. Those few days of warmth last week didn't help matters much either. I'm hoping my self-fulfilling prophecy of imagining warm weather will make it come our way. But first, let's take one last peak at the truly amazing Blizzaster of 2011. This is one of my favorite Winter photographs of all time.


The end date on my apartment's lease is quickly approaching & I don't know quite what I want to do. As much as I love Chicago & my wonderful friends, I still have dreams of exploring someplace new. If I were to stay in Chicago would I want to stay in the same place? I love my little cosy apartment, but I'm itching to get out of Lincoln Park. ...but then all of my friends live in this neighborhood.

Such a dilemma! Can I just call this my home from now on?

girl crush in red + blue

Yowza! Cintia Dicker is an absolute babe. This photo stopped me dead in my tracks, but then I did a Google search & found all kinds of extra goodness. People tend to give redheads a hard time, but Cintia is definitely making her people proud!



a beautiful little fool

Speaking of books & F. Scott Fitzgerald, how wonderful is this photo of Sylvia Path's copy of The Great Gatsby? Path is a woman after my own heart. I'm fair too afraid to ruin my beautiful book collection with pen marks, but I do mark my favorite quotes with little sticky tabs. The Great Gatsby is on my list to re-read, but I will most certainly be marking this quote as well.


a collection a day

Here's my little take on the oh-so-fabulous site A Collection A Day.

Day 1: Books

In the past year I have grown to absolutely love books. Not only are each & every one of these beautiful, but they are also timeless classics. I was perusing the BBC's Book List Challenge & was happy to see that I  not only had read a lot of the books listed, but I also owned a lot of the one's I had not read. I plan to get through all 25 (& growing) books photographed above.

Ps. This post made me realize just how badly I need to invest in a good camera & learn how to take decent photographs. I try to mask how awful they are with my CameraBag app. Maybe that is what I will put my tax return money towards.


dark shadows + butterflies

I love this styling.


i was there : hairbanger's ball

I didn't get a picture at this show, but here I am seeing Hairbanger's Ball for the first time in the Summer of 2007. I could have joined the band with my almost-mullet look. Needless to say, that was the last time I went to that stylist!

Location: Joe's

Date: 4.12.11

Favorite Song: I'm a total sucker for "Pour Some Sugar On Me." Everyone likes to dance to that song.

Memorable Moment: One look at the band & that image is going to stick with you for a while!

Biggest Letdown: That I didn't stick around to see the whole show.

This Show: Brought back all those warm & fuzzy feelings I have for 80's music.

i was there : skrillex

Show: Skrillex

Location: The Mid

Date: 2.11.11

Favorite Song: Such a pleasant surprise to hear "Strobe." Enjoyed hearing "Kill Everybody" as well (in the most non-creepy way out there). That is my go-to angry song. Everybody needs a go-to angry song.

Memorable Moment: Nothing can ever top "Strobe" in my book. That song is the definition of beauty.

Biggest Letdown: Deadmau5 didn't come on after.

This Show: Reminded me that dub shows make me sweat. A lot.
(Photo via The Mid)

i was there : hood internet

Location: The Mid

Date: 2.4.11

Favorite Song: I loved hearing "Rude Baptism" by Hood Internet, but my favorite of the night was definitely "Miami To Ibiza" by Tinie Tempah. He put on a great show & I have a special place in my heart for the song because: A. I'll be in Miami at the end of March B. I'll be in Miami at the end of March to see Swedish House Mafia & Tinie Tempah C. Ibiza is definitely on my list of next stops in my quest to dominate the dance music scene & D. I like British accents.

Memorable Moment: Enjoying the show from the front row. It wasn't nearly as crowded as some of the other shows I have been to, so it was kind of cool to get up close & watch everything that was happening up on the decks. Oh! And I also really enjoyed drooling over Bart B More. That boy is a babe!

Biggest Letdown: Maybe it's because we only got 1/2 of the Hood Internet duo, but I couldn't find myself totally getting into the show

This Show: reminded me that although I love The Mid, it's best not to get there before 11:30pm.


we're safe for the moment

I know I've been seriously MIA for the past few weeks & I apologize. Work & bronchitis have gotten the best of me & I'm just feeling pretty worn down. I did want to pop back in to share this breathtaking rendition of Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem by a single cellist. It's seriously impressive & he's pretty cute to boot!

Thanks to MANDR for sharing!


i was there : cosmic gate

Location: Vision

Date: 2.12.11

Favorite Song: I can't claim to know very much about Cosmic Gate, but I've heard their name enough to know that it was a show I wouldn't regret seeing. So as a bonafide newbie, I guess I'd go with "Fire Wire."

Memorable Moment: I'm always one for checking out new places & Vision does have pretty amazing lighting. I also loved how cool it felt on the dance floor from their air cooling system. It looked really cute with the Valentine's Day decorations too.

Biggest Letdown: Probably the venue itself. I felt a little out of my element & didn't appreciate $10 weak cocktails. It was quite entertaining to go to the bathroom & be the only one speaking English though.

This Show: Made me take baby steps into the world of Trance. It's all pretty new to me still.

(Photo & video via Vision)



I am so excited to hear that one of my favorite photographers, Sharon Montrose, will be releasing a book called Menagerie in the upcoming year! Unfortunately, the release date isn't set until November 2011, but I know it will be well worth the wait. Just look at the beautiful cover...
I recently purchased my first Sharon Montrose print of a baby white tiger (of course!) although I still have yet to frame it. I'd also really like to get the sister photograph to complete the pair. I'd like to put one in a really large, exaggerated frame with white matting & then do the other in a smaller frame & lean them against one another as opposed to hanging. I think the asymmetry might have a unique affect.

day glo heaven

I usually don't allow myself to walk into a J. Crew store because it typically results in heartbreak or poverty. This past weekend I really couldn't resist myself when I saw the cheerful neon pink ensembles that made me dream of warmer days.
shorts $42.50 tee $39.50 dress $250.00 cami $49.50 bikini top $50.00 sandals $49.50 nail polish $8.00

Those shorts are really tempting me!