weekend warrior

I'm feeling rather spoiled this week. (Best way to feel, no?)

Not only do I have Friday & Monday off of work for Memorial Day, but somehow I managed to score tickets for the Saturday and Sunday Cardinals game at Wrigley! I couldn't be more excited. Cardinals vs. Cubs is always an exciting weekend in Chicago. Normally, I stay as far away from Wrigley as possible, but during these series I rock the Cards gear and perfect the art of smack-talking. So fun!

What are your plans this Memorial Day weekend?

I'm hoping to stumble upon a barbecue (there's nothing I love more than grilled meat), but I'll certainly settle for a couple hot dogs at the ball park.
I'd also love an excuse to throw a cocktail party (although I'm now so sure how well that will work in my studio apartment?) so I can make these adorable invitations. Wouldn't these be great for a bachelorette party? I'm going to have to remember that in a few years for my awesome friends. Learn how to make the invitations here!

P.S. How cute is this baseball-themed wedding from Style Me Pretty? I would totally consider doing something like that!


kitty art

My parents inherited my brother's outdoor cat, Kitty (my brother is very creative), when he moved to Chicago. I was wary of her at first, but she's been an interesting addition to our family for the last 8 years or so. This little one is a 7-pound killing machine. Seriously, she hunts everything she can get her claws on. Totally fearless, this one.

I giggled when I saw this beautiful globe from Alastair Mackie because it is made completely from mouse skulls. Kind of creepy, but kind of cool -- and done totally to Kitty's aesthetic.

Here's an explanation of how the skulls are found:

"Having swallowed its prey whole, the owls digestive system will extract any nutrition. The indigestible parts are then regurgitated as a compressed pellet. From these the skulls are extracted and the sculpture is built."

Sorry if that makes you regurgitate a little of your own. I think it is pretty awesome and beautiful.

(photos via My Love For You Is A Stampede Of Horses)


flying solo

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned a 4-hour delay on the way to San Francisco that resulted in a wonderful upgrade. Well, United Airlines just keeps moving their way up my favorite people list. In addition to my fabulous first-class experience, they offered me a $150 credit towards a future flight as a way to make up for my delay. Oh the possibilities...

As much as I've loved my past two trips to Aspen and San Francisco/Napa with my fabulous friends, I'm really kinda craving a getaway by myself. Is that weird? 

I keep picturing myself on a warm, sunny beach with a tropical drink in one hand & a book in the other. I could spend my afternoons wandering to flea markets & farmers' markets. I could spend hours walking around and taking photographs. Sounds perfect.

As wonderful as that sounds, I think come evening I might be craving some company at dinner. Plus, it's probably not the best idea for a 23-year-old chick to be wandering around foreign place. I guess my task is to find someone that is enjoyable to be around, but is as capable of entertaining his or herself as well as I am. The search begins...

In the meantime, here are some things I would take with me:

via Asos

via Anthropologie
(I absolutely love mallots, but I get this feeling that my future-self will hate my current-self for opting out of a bikini while I'm still in decent shape. Oh well, I still love to look at them.)

White looks so beautiful against tan skin, so I would save these for the end of the trip:
via J. Crew

via Salinas

    What about you? Have you or anyone you know ever traveled alone? My crazy/adventurous best friend just traveled to Australia to see a guy she's only met twice. I was on edge the whole time she was there, but it sounds like she had the time of her life. Kind of makes me want to be a little bit more adventurous.

    (top photo via Rockstar Diaries)

    pennant perfection

    I think pennant garlands make such a cute addition to parties, weddings, or rooms in general. They can be super easy to make and can be personalized to fit any specific occasion. Here are a few that I like:
     via Decor8

    Lately, I've noticed that these pennant shapes are popping up in other items as well. I think it's quite sweet and fun...

    If you're looking for more inspiration or easy DIY instructions visit Aubrey + Lindsay's pennant post!

    Also, I love this pennant flag cake-topper idea from Looks Good To Me!


    feeling schmoopy

    I've never really been a total girly-girl. Sure, I like clothes & shoes & all of that other fun stuff, but I tend to avoid things like gossip & romantic comedies like the plague. Still, it's kind of nice to hear a cute little love story once in a while. I'm (uncharacteristically) in one of those moods right now.

    I follow a lot of really amazing female bloggers & as a young 20-something-year old, it makes me happy to see that these women have found happiness of their own. Here are a few little stories that made me a little misty-eyed and left me feeling really optimistic about my own future life, however it might turn out.

    True love is a big, fat, greasy burger.

    True love is telling bedtime stories.

    True love is not knowing what the future holds.

    True love is doing nothing all day long.

    True love is paying attention to details.

    Okay, enough is enough. I apologize if I made you vomit. I won't let it happen again.

    (photo via 100 Layer Cake)


    fallen princesses

    I absolutely love this Fallen Princesses project from photographer Dina Goldstein. It's both hilarious and also really sad at the same time.

    Goldstein lived abroad as a child and was never exposed to fairy tales until she had a daughter of her own. She observed how little girls adored these characters and desired to be just like them. 

    'Happily Ever After' doesn't always occur, so she represented the princesses battling ailments such as illness, addiction, and problems with self-image.  I think it's really quite genius.


    dear chicago...

    Dear Chicago,

    You were wonderful this weekend. Thank you for inviting sunshine and warm weather back. You really should let it stick around for a while.


    Your Biggest Fan

     I was spoiled with an amazing boat ride on Lake Michigan in 85 degree + sunny weather this Sunday. I love the team spirit that Navy Pier was sporting for the Blackhawks as well!

    I really don't love anything more than Chicago in the Summer. It makes me so happy that I picked this place for my new home. So happy, that I kind of want to buy this lovely print from The Heads of State. They have other cities too, but Chicago is the best!


    disco fabulous

    I just received the June issue of Dwell in the mail and fell instantly in love with very whimsical the Flaming Lips House from Fitzsimmons Architects. The master bedroom and bath are such much fun and absolutely stunning. I just love the mirrored entry-way to the master bedroom and the textured walls and nooks and crannies in the washroom area.


    would you like me to seduce you?

    Oh, relax. I'm just quoting one of my favorite movies!
    I've recently started cleaning up my folders on my laptop & stumbled upon this old school assignment. My task was to create a movie poster done in the noir aesthetic. Not only is The Graduate one of my favorite movies, but it also fit the task perfectly. 

    Anyone with a good eye can catch my one mistake -- The shadow of the figure in the background should be dark near the feet and lighter near the head. I'm the first to admit that I'm no deign or photoshop expert, but regardless of the shadow mistake, I think the poster looks quite nice!
    I just love Mrs. Robinson!

    P.S. If you love The Graduate as much as I do, check out this Living In... from Design*Sponge!



    I'm having one of those weeks. You know, the kind where you never feel like you're accomplishing anything and you're always on edge. At one point I was convinced that I needed:

    a. therapy
    b. a puppy
    c. unlimited bikram yoga

    (I'm still debating which will be the most afforable!)

    Oh well, these things happen. I'm going to take a little bit of a time-out from this blog for a couple days and spend it on myself.

    This quote above from pink wallpaper is making me feel better already!


    classic chicago food tees

    My awesome friend Tina tipped me off to these great classic Chicago food tees from Sportique Apparel. Their Hometown Classics Spring 2010 line features six designs based off of famous Chicago eateries. here's what Sportique has to say:

    "Our latest collection is near and dear to all our hearts here at Sportiqe. What is a hometown classic? It is the "must see" "must do" "must have" place that is in almost every town. A place whose iconic status fills you with a sense of belonging by just being there. These shirts epitomize the companies we feel epitomize the midwest (specifically the Chicago area). You can find these shirts at various Nordstroms in the Chicago area at the specific locations listed in the description of each picture!"

    Featured in this collection is:

    Shirts are available at the following Chicago-area Nordstrom locations: Michigan Ave., Oakbrook Center in Oakbrook, Old Orchard in Skokie, and Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg


    candy land

    This fabulous gummi bear chandelier was created by Kevin Champeny and boasts an estimated 5,000 hand-strung acrylic gummi bears. I wish I could be the best mom in the world and one day put this in my child's bedroom!

    With that, I'd like to wish you a very wonderful weekend! I'll be heading to the Museum of Contemporary Art tonight for First Fridays with The Hood Internet.

    Happy Mother's Day to any hot mamas out there!

    (via SwissMiss)