i was there || kraftwerk

Show: Kraftwerk

Location: The Riviera

Date: 3.27.14

Favorite Song: "Radioactivity" has to be the prettiest. Cliche, but the prettiest.

Memorable Moment: I'm not going to pretend like I'm the worlds biggest Kraftwerk fan. I like their music but more than anything they are pioneers + that in itself was enough reason for me to see them live. I'm glad I did. It's crazy to think about those sounds being around forty years ago. I also like how they took something older + updated it today with the 3D visuals. I'm not really into 3D but even without the glasses it was cool.

Biggest Letdown: For some reason I convinced myself that this show was at The Aragon + not The Riviera. Big mistake. I really like The Riviera but you have to get there early-ish in order to have a decent view. Especially for such a visual show like this. I was stuck in the way back by the bar. I think it was the first time I've ever appreciated people recording a show on their phones because it actually gave me a decent view of the stage. I will never say those words again though.

This Show: Was like a glimpse to my future -- me being the weirdo old chick at a concert. Except this show was all weirdo old people. I was actually the weirdo for being younger. I thought it was cool though. I'm sure I'll eventually slow it down with the concert going but I do like to think there will be artists I must see throughout my life. Every one loves a bit of nostalgia.


take these broken wings + learn to fly

I've been living in my apartment for almost two years now + just resigned my lease for another year. A change in scenery isn't really in the cards for me anytime soon so I absolutely love when my favorite bloggers make plans to pack up + move to a new home. Our next wander? Blackbird.

Not only did she + her husband switch cities but they moved a whole house! Crazy And ambitious. I cannot wait to see their progress (by the looks of it it seems like they'll be documenting the process). Until then, here's a peak at their old home so you know what to expect:

Follow the journey on the BLOG + on INSTAGRAM.

best coast || baby i'm crying

I don't know who I am this year...


tell me more

I guess it doesn't have to be this way but realistically, hobbies are going to be more fun if you're good at them. And positive reinforcement always brings on the warm + fuzzies. I've been really flattered recently when it comes to my taste in interior decor + that means a lot to me. I've logged hour after hour on Pinterest + blogs, have stalked sites like West Elm + Etsy, + have invested a decent amount of money I don't really have in my own home over the years. Some would consider this a waste but I call it fun.

I try to share as much of my home + aesthetic on this blog as I can + I like to think that my tastes are somewhat unique. Nothing warms my heart more than when someone compliments me on my pinning or asks me for my advice on their own homes. It one of those things that makes you think that maybe someday you might be able to combine your hobbies with your career. Maybe one day I'll get there. Maybe.

My other favorite? Compliments on my taste in music. Two that stand out are:

"It's like in the movies when the student surpasses the teacher. I feel like you've surpassed me in music knowledge."

So lesson learned? Hobbies are good. Find one or more than you love + stick with them. One day you'll get compliments like this + your self esteem will sky rocket.



on hoarding

My mother is a hoarder. Not in the "there's dead animals + feces under there" kind of way but we have a lot of old crap in our basement + sometimes it works to my advantage. I spent about 5 minutes in my parents basement this weekend + discovered two perfect glass bell jars. These things run for close to $100 at popular retailers so I'm counting this as a total score.

Remember Project Console? Yeah, they're going to look pretty great there. I won't get them until my parents come in May but right now I'm left looking for some inspiration.

I really should spend more time down in that basement. The only other item I've called dibs on is a vintage dental cart that belonged to my Dad years ago. It will look great with some booze on it one day.

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gardens + villa || domino

Chicago is conveniently missing from their list of U.S. tour dates. I think it's safe to assume that we'll see these guys at a festival. It's just a matter of which one.


project console

Not the greatest photo but this is more or less what my current living room setup looks like. Overall, things are coming together pretty nicely at the homestead + I just renewed my lease through May 2015. 

One area I've kind of ignored but want to improve is styling that console behind my sofa. What I didn't capture very well in this photo is that my ceilings are huge so there is a lot of wall back there. I'm ready to swap out the art + that mirror is pretty "meh."

I've got grand plans though! It turns out a few items that I've been eyeing for a while now would all look perfect back there. This is what I have in mind:

1. West Elm just launched the Summer (!) line. There's some good stuff in there but I'm particularly eyeing these Oversized Apothecary Bottles.

2. I know weavings are the new "it" design trend but they're gorgeous + I love them + I need one for my own. Plus they really do tie in pretty perfectly with my aesthetic. I put out a custom request to All Roads Market + am anxious to hear back. 

3. I'm ready for an art swap + I find this Rorschach inspired print to be really unique + interesting. Plus it's affordable.

4. I've been on this fence on this West Elm Kudu lamp for a while now but now that I've seen it in person + have a specific need for it I must have it. I'm waiting for their next lighting sale before I make the purchase.

5. I love skulls + think this one would be perfect for this project.

6. My current mirror is so boring but I like the idea of having a big mirror back there to reflect the sunlight from my big windows. The Abate Slated Mirror from Anthropologie is huge, unique, + not nearly as expensive as I would have expected from Anthropologie. This will probably be one of my last purchases so hopefully it doesn't sell out.

I'm super excited about this project. It will be a few months before I can buy everything + pull all of the pieces together but I think it will look very nice + feels very me.

tensnake || no colour

This is a pretty solid album. I hope he makes his way back to Chicago this summer. For some reason this song kind of has a Veridis Quo thing going on for me.


i was there || classixx

Show: Classixx

Location: Double Door

Date: 3.7.14

Favorite Song: Surprisingly enough the title track did it for me that night. It was the prettiest + also probably the sexiest. So a winning combination. This was a fun show though so all songs were quite good.

Memorable Moment: I love Double Door. It is the most intimate, chill venue in Chicago. The show was sold out but there was plenty of room to move around, dance + refill your drink. I wish more shows I enjoyed were here. Plus it's in the neighborhood, so there's that...

Biggest Letdown: I let myself down. I stupidly grabbed my Shlohmo ticket instead of my Classixx ticket. I never forget my tickets so this bummed me out. Thankfully I was able to pull up my order in they let me in. Felt like an idiot though.

This Show: Was a really good time. This winter has been hard on me. I've been grumpy + I haven't gone out much. Live music can always pull me out of a slump though + this show did just that. Good times, with good people + good music. Nothing gets better than that.


unexpected problems

Guys. I can't find any clothes I like. Is it me? Am I looking in the wrong places? Why is everything so baggy + awkward fitting? I know this happens to some women when they gain/lose weight but really I've stayed about the same over the past several years.

I think the approach of just going out + browsing isn't really doing much for me so I'm trying to really just focus on the basics now.

My focus recently has been restocking my pants selection. I've basically been wearing one pair of jeans to death + sure enough there is a little hole forming at the crotch. I recently ordered a pair of J Brand Super Skinny jeans in Pitch + surprisingly enough a pair of Novella Royale black Janis Bells. I got a printed pair of these for Halloween + I fell in love with the fit + feel. I'm somewhat self conscious about my bow-leggedness + these totally hide that. I also have an upcoming Denim Lounge outing which I'll probably just pick up another every day pair of skinnies. Last but not least is a new pair or white jeans. The pair I own was super snug when I first bought them two years ago + I'm just waiting for the day they rip open.

I think I've taken for granted that good shoes can go a long way. I've got four styles on my mind currently -- black booties, flats, black sandals, + black or tan wedges. I'm quite the colorful one, right? Most of these are replacements. In Chicago I do a ton of walking so my shoes really get worn in. I don't always do the best job of replacing them either. I'm not totally sold on any of the options above, but this is what I'm generally thinking.

Tops were my specialty. I always seemed to find the ones that made my boobs look perfect. Every girl's dream come true. Something has changed though. Tops just don't fit like they used to. They're often baggy + don't do much to show off the girls. This is still a challenge for me but I did snag a couple of tops from Nasty Gal -- the Slashed Tee in blush + Soft Curve Knit in ivory. I'll keep my eye out for more flattering tops but right now I'm really on the hunt for the perfect basic white + black tank top. I always seem to wear mine to death so I'd love to find a brand I like + just buy them in bulk. Anyone have favorites?

I recently purchased a couple of dresses but dresses really are just about the easiest + most flattering thing to wear in the Spring + Summer so I'm hoping to add a few more. I gave a big f*** you to Winter a few weeks ago and got the Daisy Strap Dress from Urban Outfitters which I love + can't wait to wear. I also have the Wendy Dress from Nasty Gal coming in the mail. I'm not totally sold on this one yet but it was relatively inexpensive so I figure I'll at least give it a try. It will probably be more of a Fall + Winter option though.


So I decided to return a few things since I first drafted this post. They all actually fit just fine but I didn't feel as though I was getting what I wanted out of the money spent. I'm a tough critic. Plus, there is something I really want for my home that is kind of expensive + the only way I can justify buying it is if I return a few things instead. You know you're getting old when you want to spend money on things for your home + not clothes.


tourist || heartbeats

There are a lot of great shows this weekend that I will have to miss since I'm heading back home. Poolside and Tiger + Woods will be at Primary, Gui Boratto is at Spy Bar, + this guy will be at Schuba's on Saturday. I've been keeping things pretty mellow lately + I'm definitely getting the concert itch. Jacques Greene on Thursday night might be a good way to fix that.


sun beams

I know it's hard to think positively about the weather after a day like yesterday (thanks, Vulcan) but it is Spring + we are getting some glimpses of sunshine.

In my opinion, there is nothing better than sunshine. It brings automatic happiness + makes you feel alive.

Hold out a little bit longer, Chicago (+ many other places, I suppose). We're almost there!

Ps. How great is this space below? I have pretty large windows in my living room. I just wish my bedroom got a little more natural light. I guess that at least makes for good sleeping conditions.

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phantogram || black out days

I could go for a blackout day.

In all seriousness though, these guys are pretty great. Their third album is perfect complement to their previous albums. I'm happy to see that they're doing what they do best. 

Unfortunately I'll be at Tycho this night but Phantogram will be playing at The Riviera on April 10th. They put on a good live show.



All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
- Pablo Picasso

I was once an artist. It was always my favorite subject in school. I was constantly writing stories + doodling. My bedroom was a giant stain -- paint on the carpet, marker on my bedspread, magazine clippings everywhere. My room was my studio. I could entertain myself for hours just creating.

I no longer feel like an artist. Perhaps that is what piqued my interest in Sir Ken Robinson's TED Talk titled "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" Robinson believes that all children are creative but that public (+ I can argue private) education squanders that. He says that schools teach from the waist up. Then they focus on the head. And then they focus on one side of it. We are all programmed to be left brained through the prioritization of math and language arts.

Robinson believes that the secret to creativity is fearlessness. Children are not afraid to take chances and be wrong but as they go further + further down the path of education they are taught that mistakes are wrong. He says that if you're not prepared to be wrong then you'll never come up with anything original. I tend to agree.

I remember being a Freshman at DePaul + still being undecided on my major. I always wanted to do something creative but I also wanted to make money. Because that's what we're taught + that is what is expected. I ended up down the path of communication which I have no real complaints about. I got a good job + I make a decent living. At the time I graduated many were not so lucky.

Still though, I feel less creative than I once was + that makes me sad. I still love the arts -- I go to concerts, I visit museums, I watch independent films -- but I don't do much to contribute to it (even if it is only my personal collection). I don't really have a solution just yet as to how I'm going to change that but I would eventually like to take some classes. At the top of my list are wood working (I've always said that if I could do it all over again I'd be a carpenter), calligraphy, + belly dance lessons. I guess I'd also argue that yoga is an expression of creativity. The purpose is to push your body to it's limits. If you fail, you forgive yourself + try again. Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much.

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently

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parallel pulse

This home/work loft space is unreal. This is quite literally my dream space. The clean white walls, tall ceilings, big windows, lofted bedroom. It's all so perfect.

These ladies have 47 plants in their place + design beautiful pieces of jewelry from natural elements like crystals + pyrite. Women after my own heart. You can shop their goods HERE.