dude decor

There have been a few occasions where guys have asked me for my help with decorating their homes. I feel pretty confident that I have good taste + that my apartment is put together well but I have never really thought about decorating a more masculine space. My home isn't overly girly but what are the alternatives when you are not decorating with fur + vases full of flowers? I was a bit stumped but turned to my trusty sources for some inspiration that would make any man feel at home.

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Tips On Decorating Like A Man

1. Use Masculine Materials. Think metal, wood, leather, plaid, + concrete

2. Keep the Colors Neutral. Use a mix of black + white as well as colors that sway on the dark side

3. Showcase Your Hobbies. Whether its sports, travel, or music we want to know what you enjoy. Display what you like to do in your free time with photos, books, + knick knacks

4. Increase Your Chances of Getting Laid. At the very least you should always have extra toilet paper, clean towels, throw blankets (because chicks are always cold), + sheets, blankets, + extra pillows on your bed. Bonus points if you have plants, family photos, + mirrors.

Manly Starter Items
(That chicks like too)
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Where To Shop

Unlike me, you probably aren't willing to spend much money on decor. A few places to get started are: Ikea (for good linens), Roy's furniture, CB2, Craigslist (wood/metal items only. Fabric items are too creepy), Etsy (for unique items you can't get anywhere else).


i was there || fka twigs

Show: FKA Twigs

Location: Metro

Date: 11.13.14

Favorite Song: "Numbers" had my favorite vocals while "Video Girl" had the best beat. All of the songs stacked up pretty well against one another though.

Memorable Moment: FKA Twigs is so stinking adorable. When she's speaking to the crowd she has this shy little bird voice but when she performs she just unleashes. I appreciate strong female artists + she exuded confidence on stage.

Biggest Letdown: Such a small thing but I didn't really love her stage visuals. Too much fog + not the best lighting were less than impressive.

This Show: Was just what I needed. The past few shows I have seen have been a little bit of a letdown. I knew FKA Twigs would at the very least be unique but I enjoyed in much more than I expected, in part, due to Tahliah's stage presence. I love the way she moves her body + her vocals are pretty amazing. I also like concerts where three of the four members on stage are banging sticks against drums.


i was there || st. lucia

Show: St. Lucia

Location: Metro

Date: 11.10.14

Favorite Song: I'm not familiar enough with their music but there was this very bedroom-y, baby making song that stood out.

Memorable Moment: The lead singer had a very strategically placed face directly in front of him that made his hair blow every so gently in the air. It was pretty ridiculous + distracting but also fairly hilarious.

Biggest Letdown: I need to stop factoring the crowds into my opinions but they shape my experience + ultimately shape my views of the band. The sold out Metro was crowded + filled with young, rambunctious adults. I realize I am sadly getting to the point where I can feel a bit old at shows. I was just barely on the cusp for this one. The crowd wasn't totally awful, they just talked a bit + seemed totally restless + moved through the crowd + back quite a bit. Essentially, they were a distraction from what was going on on stage which made it harder to enjoy the music.

This Show: St. Lucia sounds like a band, looks like a band, + has the theatrics of a band. They were fine + did sound fairly similar live as they do on their albums. My biggest issue is that they just sound like so many other bands out there. I may be wrong here but I just don't think they will be memorable 5-10 years down the line.


broken social scene || sweetest kill

This song is old news, but sometimes songs are meant to come back into your life at certain times. Broken Social Scene has been on heavy rotation for me recently.


concert outlook || winter 2014-2015

11.7 | Aeroplane | Primary
11.8 | Holy Ghost | Smart Bar
11.10-11.11 | St. Lucia | Metro
11.12 | Interpol | The Riviera
11.13 | Avi Buffalo | Empty Bottle
11.13 | FKA Twigs | Metro
11.13 | Ryan Hemsworth | Double Door
11.14 | J Phlip | Spy Bar
11.14 | Wildcat! Wildcat! | Schubas
11.15 | Joy Orbison + Ben UFO | Spy Bar
11.16 | Nils Frahm | Thalia Hall
11.21 | Jacques Greene | Bottom Lounge
11.22-11.23 | Fitz + the Tantrums | The Riviera
11.25 | Death From Above 1979 | The Riviera
11.28 | Benoit & Sergio + Steve Bug | Metro
11.29 | Lee Foss + Lee Curtiss | Spy Bar
12.2 | St. Vincent + Future Islands | Chicago Theater
12.5 | Les Sins | Smart Bar
12.5-12.12 | Wilco | The Riviera
1.15 | Kishi Bashi | Schubas
1.16 | Zola Jesus | Athenaeum Theater
1.16 | Cloud Nothings | Metro
2.17 | Ariel Pink | Thalia Hall
3.11 | Kindness | Lincoln Hall
3.14 | Sylvan Esso | Metro
3.18 | Cursive | Lincoln Hall
4.3 | OK GO | Metro
4.3 | Father John Misty | The Vic
4.10 | Twin Shadow | Metro


where the dear + the buffalo roam

I have been a fan of Sharon Montrose for a while now + never cease to be amazed by the new work she puts out. I also love to see the beautiful homes that her work is featured in. This makeover is no exception.