let's tessellate

Alt-J - "Tessellate"


Local Natives - "Wooly Mammoth"

Thoughts on the new Local Natives album? I've listened to it several time now + find it to be, well, different. Not a bad different or good different, the album just shows growth. I was hoping a bit for more of the catchy, upbeat songs like "Airplanes," but I do like the smooth + mellow sounds found on Hummingbird. I'm still trying to decide which song is my favorite, but I do really love this one + I think it will sound great live.


when you're sad, you understand

swept away

I'm looking to grow my art collection at some point in the [hopefully] somewhat near future + I just can't shake these beautiful works of art from The Floodline series
They range in price from $125 to $250.
There's also a few pretty pink ones, if you're into that kind of thing...


geometric jewels

Geometry was the only kind of math I ever liked...
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electric love

I've been wanting to create a dreamcatcher for myself for quite a while now + these gorgeous pieces from Electric Love are serving as some serious inspiration. Part of me just wants to go the easy route + buy one, but sadly they're a bit out of my price range at about $350.00+. They're so pretty though...


sharp things

The Knife - "Full of Fire"

This video was done by a feminist porn creator, so that should say a lot...

why should i care?

Jagwar-Ma - "The Throw"

FADER described this song as DFA Records, Matthew Dear + Tame Impala rolled into one. Now that's a description that will grab your attention..


rumor mill

Most festivals will be releasing their lineups over the next couple of months, but the real fun is in speculating which artists will be headlining each festival. Of course there is going to be the obvious few main acts (Phoenix, Postal Service, The xx, + isn't Avicii pretty much always guaranteed to headline some place?), but the part I'm most excited for is those acts that come out of left field. Any guesses on who that might be? My wish is for someone to nab Jamie xx solo.

There's a lot of rumors flying around, but two rumors (apparently from credible sources) I'm quite excited about are The Knife at Pitchfork + Disclosure at Lollapalooza. I also took a gander at some of the confirmed artists for festivals like SXSW, Primavera, + Sonar + pulled together a lists of artists I'd love to see make it through the Chicago festival circuit. Some I've seen before + some I'd love to see again...

James Blake | Four Tet | Flume | Yeasayer | Polica | Nicolas Jaar | Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs | John Talabot | Lindstrom | Todd Terje | Darkstar | Fantastic Mr Fox | Alt-J | Scuba | Poolside | The Walkmen | Daphni | Django Django | Mount Kimbie |          SBTRKT | Benoit + Sergio | Frank Ocean | Tycho

I'm sure I forgot a few, but this would be a great start.



Jacques Greene - "Quicksand"

Jacques Greene had a pretty stellar untitled track in his recent mix for Fader that was revealed earlier this week. The song is "Quicksand" + it does, in fact, have the tendency to trap you in a bit. Enjoy!



I've always dreamed of visiting Austin, TX but now it absolutely must happen. How cool does this place look?

shopping cart : final furnishings

I've talked about some of the big ticket items I still need to buy, but let's take a look at what I have in mind...

TV Stand
Ikea EXPEDIT Shelving | $59.99

My 60" television has arrived + it is massive (+perfect). You know you did a good job when your boyfriend invites himself over to watch the Bulls game. I'm glad I waited for the TV to arrive before buying a stand, because I definitely underestimated just how huge it would be. Right now, I'm eyeing this simple bookshelf from Ikea turned on it's side. Victoria from SFgirlbybay has made great use of hers, so I'm hoping I can do the same.

Dining Table
West Elm Tripod Table | $199.00

I struggle with this piece because I want to invest in a table that I can move to my next home (wherever that might be). Chicago apartments are pretty weird when it comes to dining spaces, so I don't really know what I'll get next. My space now demands a circular table, but what if that looks odd in my next apartment? I also think that long term I would prefer a rectangular table. Right now I'm leaning towards this option which is small + affordable. At least this one is small enough to fit my current needs, but also small enough to stick in a corner + fill with plants in my next home. 

Amazon has had some really great options that I'm just waiting to pull the trigger on. I'm hoping that the brownish hints in this piece will help me to tie in some more natural wood elements into the space. (More on that below).

Small Table
Crate+Barrel Marin Side Table | $349.00

I have an opening between my steps + built-in bookshelf where my floor length mirror used to be that I want to fill with a small table to hold a record player, speakers, + other little knick knacks.

Side Tables
Pottery Barn Tanner Nesting Tables | $229.00

This is a bit less of a priority, but I would like to upgrade to new side tables for my sofas. The one I have now is a cheap-o Ikea table that I stole from the creepy basement of my old apartment. It was sitting there for 2+ years collecting dust + had pieces missing, so I don't feel bad. Plus, I think it sells for about $30. I'm not sure what I'm leaning towards in terms of aesthetics, so this should be fun to shop for.

West Elm Degraw Bench | $299.00

Again, another low priority item, but I have some space behind my sofa that I'd like to occupy. I don't really know what I'm leaning towards specifically, but I'd like to have some more storage + the ability to decorate the top with a few items. Right now I have my long Ikea console, but that it too tall + looks awkward (plus it's starting to look ugly these days). I'm thinking along the lines of a new console, a fauxdenza, or a bench with storage baskets underneath. I'm actually leaning more towards the bench option just because this will be more of a sure fit for wherever I move next. I nixed an actual bookshelf for this space for that exact reason.

Bottom three items are tentative.



Winter done right. 
These ladies make me feel ashamed for wearing my long, puffy North Face jacket  in zero degree weather this morning.

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it's easier to run

Gil Scott-Heron + Jamie xx - "Running"

This one has been on repeat over my long, relaxing weekend.



Happy 3 day weekend of nothingness.

we don't need each other

Foals - "My Number" (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix)

 You don't have my number
We don't need each other now
We don't need the city
The creed or the culture now

I just really love that.

on my mind

Disclosure - "What's In Your Head"

I feel like I've heard this song in so many mixes lately. Ironically, it usually falls right around the time I start dancing in my chair. Coincidence?


new year. new view.

When I was shopping for apartments last Summer I more or less liked the arrangement the former occupant of my apartment had. When it came time for me to move in, I went with the same layout. Note to self: Never take design advice from someone with anime posters on their walls.

In all honestly, things actually weren't too bad, plus the cable wire ran along the wall to make this layout the only real option for me. But me, being the weirdo I am, got it stuck in my head that there were better options. I tried a few changes, but basically landed on rerouting the cable wire (by some miracle, I got everything to work properly again) + rotating the furniture 90° because the length of the room is so much longer this way.

The amount of new space is insane + I've also solved a few more problems in the process. One being the dining area. I bought my two ghost chairs + decorative sheepskins a while back, but otherwise I haven't really touched my dining area. I need a table + a rug still, but I put those two off because the space was so weird before. Now it's so much more open + just makes more sense.

I also was able to extend my makeshift walk-in closet in the corner of my living room out a bit + I've moved my desk back in that area behind the Ikea screen I bought to hide the mess. This is down the road a bit, but I'm going to need more clothing storage options (I'm really ready to see these plastic drawers go) so I want to start getting some bedroom furniture pieces. My bedroom right now is too small for much furniture, but extending this closet area will allow me to keep a dresser back there until I move again into a decent sized bedroom.

I'm still not sure about this whole part, but I have about 2'5" between the back of my sectional + the back wall where I've moved my long Ikea console. I don't think I'll be keeping that thing much longer, but it works for now. This part of the room is kind of no man's land where I plan to get some boxes for more storage. It's all pretty hidden, unless you peak over my couch.

This change is going to be an on-going process though, because one of the big requirements for this setup to work is a much larger television (I just ordered a 60" big boy which comes on Monday). I also need a TV stand and would like to get a couple smaller side tables in addition to the dining table + rug. Once I have all of these pieces I feel like I can really concentrate on those little things to pull it all together. I'm thinking lots of plants, some new artwork, etc. I want to create cozy little areas, like the one above.

I'm going to make this happen, it just might take several months to get there. I am feeling really inspired though + I'm so excited to get to work on this project. I know that I've been promising to share photos for forever, but I'm such a perfectionist when it comes to my apartment that I want to make sure things are just right. Sadly, I just can't do that at the snap of a finger due to monetary restrictions, but I'm hoping to have things mostly complete by this Fall. I promise to share as many sneak peaks along the way as possible though.