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"Mama You've Been on My Mind" - Jeff Buckley

I've never been one to be big big into celebrities + the gossip associated with each, but one actress that I can certainly say I admire is Natalie Portman. Beauty aside, I respect her for her intelligence + poise. I am also happy to hear that she recently got married + that the new couples' first dance was to "Mama You've Been on My Mind" by Jeff Buckley*. Talk about pure perfection. You can never go wrong with Jeff Buckley.

*Sadly, I learned this while reading a gossip magazine at the salon. My stylist should know by now that I prefer fashion/decor magazines, but whatever. Also, the original version of this song was by Bob Dylan, but I think Jeff is the one that really nailed it.


the [not so] blue period

I find image after image of beautiful + inspiring rooms with turkish rugs as one of the major statement pieces, but a piece of me dies inside each time because they just don't want to behave with my very blue aesthetic. I'm very much a cool color girl, but these photos almost convince me to switch over to the more fiery side.
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While the advent of Pinterest has brought fourth a slew of inspiration + new DIYs to try, it has also created a bit of anxiety for me. What sort of persona are my pins + boards portraying? Should I second guess pinning this image? The list goes on + on, but I think I have "pin-pointed" my top Pinterest phobias:

1. Fear of Being a Bridezilla
Honestly, I think I'm on the low end of this spectrum. I rarely pin things wedding related, but I do always feel a bit funny pinning things wedding related. I do have a boyfriend, but I've never been one to want to run to the alter.

2. Fear of Being a Fatty
So what if I pinned the recipe for eggless cookie dough? You know you'd eat a spoonful or more if it was in front of you.

3. Fear of Being Anorexic
Then there's the other spectrum that if I pin fitness-type images then others will think I have body image issues. I've very happy with myself, thank you, but sometimes I come across good inspiration + ideas.

4. Fear of Being a Lesbian
Yes, I have a board called "Girl Crush" that is filled with super hot women. No, I don't want to sleep with them.

5. Fear of Having Baby Fever
I might be most guilty of this one + it might also be the most creepy. I love babies + I especially love adorable nurseries. I pin these suckers all of the time + show no shame. At least I'm not one of those weirdos that pins breast feeding photos.

I know I can't be alone in this ...what's your Pinterest phobia?


adult disney land

This past Friday I took a personal day to finally make that trip out to Ikea, the most magical place in the world. I put off this trip a couple of times partially because of money, but mostly because I had a major fear of having to drive there myself. Ridiculous, I know, but I've never been a big fan of driving + especially not to places I'm unfamiliar with. I'm pretty proud of myself for overcoming my anxiety + getting there with no issues. Yay me!

To me, walking into Ikea feels like walking into the gates of heaven. This place is three gigantic floors of possibility + love the feeling I get as I sort through the different items. I did a whole lot of looking, but I really came here for one specific mission -- I needed more closet space. I mentioned my awful storage situation before, but with cooler weather hitting Chicago, I really needed a place to hang my coats.

To solve this issue, I needed a few things: a clothing rack, shoe storage, + screen to hide the mess. I've got a few more finishing touches to do, but below is the result...
This is such an improvement from the mess that was there below + it is totally functional. I want to get a new rug + add some artwork, but I think this should definitely do the trick until I move again.

I somewhat behaved myself at Ikea, but there were a few more items I wanted to get: a new coffee table, sheepskins for my dining room chairs, boxes + more boxes, plus some great decorative sticks. I moved my bulky, old coffee table underneath the clothes rack to add some additional shoe storage. It's all working out really well.

I feel like my apartment is coming together more + more, but there are definitely a few more finishing touches I'd like to make before I fully share the place. To be honest, I keep moving this process along + along, but I think it could be another year (+ at least one more Ikea trip) before I really feel great about things. I think that's why I love this challenge so much, there are always things that can be done to make it look nicer. Imagine how I'll feel when I have a whole house to put together.


feeling are good

"I Belong in Your Arms" - Chairlift (John Talabot + Pional remix)

This sounds so different from the original (which I also love) & makes me super excited to see John Talabot this weekend.


i was there : purity ring

Show: Purity Ring

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 9.16.12

Favorite Song: "Obedear" forever.

Memorable Moment: Those paper-mâché light up balloons definitely added a bit of whimsy that was missing at the Schubas show. Very cool addition to the tour.

Biggest Letdown: I don't really have a legit letdown because they performed really well & did everything exactly as expected. After seeing them now 3 times in a 2 month period I am starting to want a bit more & am anxious to see what their junior album will bring. Personally, I want a little bit more of the unexpected. One reason I like the song "Grandloves" so much is because it features Young Magic & disrupts the sameness of the rest of the album. More of that, pretty please!

This Show: Was the best performance I have seen by Purity Ring. I definitely credit a lot of that to Lincoln Hall having such great acoustics. & man, was it packed that night!

love. love. love.

This was a stay in bed with coffee + read magazines kind of morning for sure. With a little soundtrack of The xx + Four Tet, of course...



fall essentials

After taking what feels like the worlds longest shopping hiatus, I am allowing myself to get back in the game for fall. I'm really trying to stick with those classic pieces that I can get a lot of wear out of, like a denim jacket or a white blazer. Then there's also these fabulous pieces...
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I'm not really a huge TOMs fan (aside from their great cause) & I know those shoes above look kind of ugly, but I saw some chick rocking them this weekend & they were perfect (plus comfy).

Oh! I also scored some great pants from Target (this & that) last week as well ordered a replacement umbrella from Gap. I swear, Gap makes the cutest/sturdiest umbrellas.

I have a few more items I'm eyeing, but I'm curious to know -- what are your fall must-haves?


bringing the outdoors in : san francisco

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In two short weeks I will be heading to my favorite city with my favorite person to see my other favorite person. I CAN'T WAIT!

San Francisco is like a dream world to me & is also the only U.S. city that I've seriously considered moving to. I can't say what exactly it is that I'm drawn to, but I really think it might be due the beautiful landscape that stuns me every time. 

I've been to San Francisco & Napa twice before, but they felt like very quick trips. This time around I'll have 5 full days to fit in all the things I can dream up. I haven't done a whole lot of planning just yet, so totally open to great suggestions. I'd also like to say thank god for Jordan Ferney & Victoria Smith & their wonderful San Fran Instagram's & visitor guides. Those have been a big help & make me even more excited for the unexpected trip.


deja vu

"De Javu" - Lindstrøm

Lindstrøm after party at Smart Bar after The xx concert? Done.


renegade rundown (pt. III)

It's hard to believe that 2012 Renegade Craft Fair has already come + gone, but this weekend reminded me how much I love this festival...if you get their early enough, that is. The weather this past weekend was absolutely perfect + people were definitely looking for an excuse to get out + about. Renegade Craft Fair seemed like the obvious choice for the non-football fanatics in Wicker Park/Bucktown.

Here were some of my favorites for the day:

Reuse First

I was initially drawn to the liquor bottle candles, but the planter option is really cute too. These would make great gifts for several people I know.

The Plaid Pigeon
I just want to cover my desk at work with these.

DKNG Studios
I kind of have an obsession with Rorschach as art.

Glam Rocks
The name says it all, but this jewelry sure was pretty.

Little Hip Squeaks
The mini mustache pants were the cutest.

The Sky Scratcher

Ruggles Made
I kind of loved these simple, but beautiful cross stitch wall hanging. They featured some great quotes + also some Chicago love.

Right Brain Drifts

Again, just a little Rorschach-esque...but on canvas.

Because who doesn't love Chicago inspired meat art?

Glass Cathedrals
One of the more unique booths I saw of the day. It was full of really interesting boxes with little people doing different things inside. The one above is called "The Night Job."

Familiar favorites from past years included: Hip Huts, Yellow Lion, Victoria Bekerman, + Debbie Carlos

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i was there : north coast music festival (sunday)

Big Boi
Steve Aoki
Pretty Lights
Steve Angello

Location: Union Park

Date: 9.2.12

Favorite Song: I've missed Digitalism the last couple of times they've been in Chicago, but I'm glad I finally caught them at NCMF. I really loved their set + was so happy to finally hear "Blitz" live.

Memorable Moment: It was almost like there was a magnetic pull that kept bringing me near the puppy that got smuggled into the fest. It was pretty adorable + awesome.

Biggest Letdown: Well there was that time when I saw that kid that was covered in dirt crawl up to some girls leg while having a seizure for a good couple of minutes + then he just went limp. The medics came at that point, but it was pretty fucking scary. Kids - please don't be idiots. You can have a good time without going overboard. Also super bummed to have missed Maya Jane Coles.

This Show: really felt like summer's last stand. NCMF has certainly changed a bit over the years. I have a feeling this might be my last year of going all three days, but NCMF definitely does have a bit of a special place in my heart.

i was there : north coast music festival (saturday)

Future Rock
Tommy Trash
The Rapture
Girl Talk

Location: Union Park

Date: 9.1.12

Favorite Song: I really enjoyed the set by The Rapture + "How Deep Is Your Love" was pretty great. It's kind of hard to call out a specific Girl Talk song, but even more than the songs themselves, I just love Gregg Gillis' ability to amp up the crowd throughout the entire set.

Memorable Moment: Today was a fun day with good friends + one too many shots/spiked sangrias.

Biggest Letdown: Maybe I could have done with one less shot or spiked sangria because I got pretty drunk that night. Some parts of the night are a bit hazy.

This Show: Ending a night with Girl Talk is always going to ensure a good night. You couldn't help walking away from the night in a great mood.

i was there : north coast music festival (friday)

Mord Fustang
Knife Party
Milk N Cookies
Gemini Club

Location: Union Park

Date: 8.31.12

Favorite Song: Well "Scheme" by STS9 would be the obvious choice, but I also enjoyed "Internet Friends" by Knife Party. Those songs definitely got the crowds going.

Memorable Moment: One of the highlights of my night was the Silent Disco at the Groupon Stage with Gemini Club + Milk N Cookies. It was something a little different than all of the other festivals, plus they were both throwing down some great tunes. I was regularly switching back from channel 1 to channel 2 on my headphones.

Biggest Letdown: Aside from STS9, I really wasn't too excited about Friday's lineup. I wish I had made it in time for Auto Body, because (STS9 aside) most of the day was pretty "meh" for me.

This Show: has definitely gotten younger + weirder. My parental skills definitely wanted to kick in as a saw all of the little babies puking their guts out + flaunting their ass cheeks. NCMF has come a long way since it began 3 years ago. While I get a kick out of these little freaks, I do kind of miss the days of a bit more normalcy.


taste in art is purely subjective

"We know that rating music -- listening to it + calling one album better than another album -- is a fool's errand. Taste in art is purely subjective. Just because my ears happen to like something more than your ears doesn't make that something better than something you say you like."
-Paul Shirley

I kind of fell in love with this quote, especially in the context of my own blog. I regularly share my thoughts on new music + shows I've attended. As much as I like to present myself as a someone of ultimate musical taste, I don't know shit. No one does. Because exactly as stated above, taste in art is purely subjective. I only hope, at the very least, that I can share a few things that I like + that maybe others might like it too.


a little bird told me : august