hot pants

My spending habits have been awful lately. Seriously, I need to either chill out with the shopping or win the lottery. I couldn't resist ordering these bright red skinny cords from Gap though. There's a decent chance that they'll look awful on me, but I had to give them a shot!

as if there was a doubt in my mind...

...these photos just further confirmed that I will go on my honeymoon in Tahiti one day. Maybe I'll even get married there so I can where a pretty floral headdress!

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Procrastination from ism studios on Vimeo.

This feels all too familar!

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Made me smile :)

slightly naughty, but mostly nice

Yes, I realize it is still September, but I'm going to start making my Birthday/Christmas list. If I wait until the last minute I'll forget everything I was hoping for. I'm going to consider this a work-in-progress...

1. Pretty Books
I've been really excited about my growing book collection. I absolutely love all clothbound books from Coarlie Bickford-Smith & White's Books. Right now I'm really craving Coralie's F. Scott Fitzgerald series more than anything else. I pick & choose from others, but I will have this entire series. You can see more books I want at my Amazon Wishlist.

2. Japanese Tape
I'd like to think that I'm a pretty crafty girl. I like making the mundane into something pretty & Japanese washi tape is a quick & pretty fix. You can get some really cute options over at Etsy. I especially love this set from Nothing Elegant.

3. XO♥ Rings
I've never been a really big jewelry girl, but I'm starting to really want some simple, understated pieces. I've had my heart set on getting 3 adorable gold rings from Cat & Bird. I think it would be cute to get "x" & "o" rings to stack on my ring finger & then a little heart for my thumb. Is that tacky or cute? I think it's very me. Subtly girly!

4. Yoga Packages & Such
Hot yoga has turned one of my biggest hobbies in the past few months. Unfortunately, it is a very expensive hobby. I can justify it because it's good for the mind & body, but it takes a big cut out of my paycheck. Getting some classes, yoga towels, or yoga clothes would be a great treat for me (and my budget!).

5. Full Length Mirror
I've been eyeing this beauty from West Elm for a while. It's practical & I will keep it forever. I must have it.

6. Anything Glow-In-The-Dark or Neon
I don't know if you know this about me, but I go to a lot of concerts & quite simply, concerts are more fun with glow-sticks! I'm a little worried that all of these shows are turning me tacky. If it's glowing, neon, or sparkling I want it!

7. Black & White Throw Pillows
I think that I've more or less settled on a color scheme for my apartment & future apartments that I will be generally happy with. Part of that includes black & white. I've always loved those colors. Even as an 8 year old, my favorite color was white, not pink or purple like my friends. A quick & easy addition for my current place would be new throw pillows. I'm particularly loving dotschevron, stripes & ikat.

8. Ikea Girft Card
I've got a giant lust-list of items from Ikea that I'm craving. Most of the items are under $20 but that can add up quite fast! An Ikea gift card is like a double gift -- I get new things for my apartment & I get the treat of actually going to the store & shopping ...& maybe I'll get a Swedish meatball or two!

9. Disco Ball
When it comes to disco balls, my feeling is go big or go home. A 20" disco ball seems to be going for about $50 on eBay. I'm not sure where exactly I would put this glistening globe, but it will be someplace fabulous. How could it not?

sweet & succulent

I'm in love with this gorgeous wedding cake with cascading succulents from Style Me Pretty. I've noticed that a wedding trend has been the use of succulents for bouquets & boutonnieres, but I think they look best in edible form!

girl crush in black & white

I love this photo series by the loungewear line Keep Me. Their clothing is really simple & cute, but mostly I just like the model.


forget your past, this is your last chance now

LCD Soundsystem's This is Happening has been one of those albums that has been in heavy rotation since it's May release. I was bummed when their performance at the Metro sold out while I was on a flight home from San Francisco, but those feelings were brushed aside when I saw them live for the first time at Pitchfork Music festival a few months later. James Murphy is a great performer. I'm just as anxious to see LCD Soundsystem in a few weeks at the Congress Theater as I was for Pitchfork.

In the meantime, I've had this awesome "unofficial" music video for "Home" to keep me entertained. "Home" is up there with "Dance Yrself Clean" as my favorite song on the album. I was quite pleased to hear that James Murphy played "Dance Yrself Clean" for the first time at his show in New York last week. Fingers are crossed that I get to hear it as well.


Rocktober is among us! Seriously, I can't get over the amount of awesome concerts that are happening this month. Every week is filled with at least one show I'll be going to or wanting to go to & I'm sure I've missed some others. I've committed to 6 shows this month, but I've got my eye on a few others. The concerts with the asterisks are the shows I don't have tickets for yet. I would go to all of them if tickets somehow magically appeared for me, but I have a feeling I'll have to narrow it down quite a bit.

The show I want to see the most that I don't have a ticket for is Gorillaz. I'm beating myself up over this. This show will be awesome, but the tickets are ridiculously expensive & I hate the venue. I'm also not sure of anyone that likes Gorillaz enough to go with me. Such a dilemma...

Regardless of Gorillaz, this month is amazing! I'll be sure to report back on the highlights.

red lights can mean go

A week ago I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Matt & Kim perform again in Chicago. Their music is so fun & they have the best energy of any performer I've ever seen live. If I had to pick, "I'll Take Us Home" is probably my favorite Matt & Kim song & I was ecstatic to hear it live.

When I go to concerts, I typically just expect to hear good music & be entertained. Matt & Kim (well, Kim specifically) did something really cool that I don't think typically happens at concerts. She took a minute to stand up on her seat & explain that there was no place that made her happier than being on stage & that she hoped everyone in the crowd was able to find that one place that made them just as happy. Maybe it's all this yoga that is making sentimental/potentially hokey talk get to me, but her words really struck a chord with me. What a lucky chick that she gets to do what she loves almost every night. I thought it was really cool & her words are definitely some food for thought. I wonder how many people can say the same as Kim? I don't think I'm quite there yet, but I have faith that it will happen one day.

Ps. Doesn't she look happy?


a nook

With all these beautiful books I'm collecting, I really should have a cozy spot to read them in. I think the voting is between these two...

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night swimming deserves a quiet night

What a cool idea for clothing look book! The graphic tanks from Teenagers In Love translate really well underwater & the photos really capture that sense of mischief & adventure that goes along with swimming at night.

So who's down for a night swim in Lake Michigan?


fear factor

I'd like to think I'm pretty ballsy as far as girls go, but snakes scare the crap out of me! Major, major fear. As much as they freak me out, I still find myself totally intrigued by them. These awesome photos by Guido Mocafico are no exceptions...
Ugh! I have to admit, I got the biggest chills while writing this post!

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