if you need me...

...i'll be finding some stranger at Ultra who will let me crawl on his shoulders ;)

(sadly, I forgot where I found this)


night falls

I've actually got one more "pretty song" to add to my list, but sadly I will positively not be seeing this one next weekend. "Night Falls" by Booka Shade was the most recent addition to this coveted little collection of mine, but it fits in quite nicely with the rest.

I love that sound that sounds like someone is sucking in a big breath. You can hear it around the 37 second mark if you have no idea what I'm talking about. It occurs throughout the song as well.

What do you think?


overwhelmed by beauty

It just occurred to me that I have the potential to see all 3 of my "pretty" songs live next weekend at Ultra. 

A little background on my pretty songs --- these are songs that I come back to over & over again & they still give me chills each time I listen to them. They calm me down. The make me feel better. They make me complete.

Okay, a little hokey-sounding, but I love them all so much. I know they've all found a home on this blog at one time or another, but here they are again for your listening pleasure:
 Was that not the greatest 21 minutes & 35 seconds of your life?


battle of the animals

This is the first battle I'm posting & I'm quite curious to here your pick.
"Animal" - Miike Snow

"Animale" - Don Diablo with Dragonette

I really enjoy both songs, but I'm going to have to cast my vote to Miike Snow. I love those crazy Swedes & their  furry little jackalopes.


a difficult question

A difficult question, but the answer should be so easy --- "nothing."


like a dream

I change my bedding all of the time, but I think I finally spotted a set that I could envision a long future with -- zigzags, ombre effect & it matches my green velvet couch.

(via Decor8 via AURA)


dear blank

Okay, I had to cheer things up a bit & I think these Dear Blank cards will do just the trick.

resolutions + reflections

I was raised in a Catholic family & have attended Catholic school my whole life. Over the past few years I've kind of developed my own inward sense of spirituality, but I can't totally give up the traditions & lessons that have been instilled in me at a young age. One of those traditions that I always recognize year after year is the idea of a Lenten resolution. This year I had a particularly hard time coming up with one single thing, that I just decided to pass on making a sacrifice this year.

Then the Japanese earthquake occurred.

I didn't really get a chance to catch up on all of the events of this horrible disaster until Sunday afternoon. It was so heartbreaking & awful to finally see the devastation that those people are going through.  I've seen footage of a mother describing how she lost her grip on her young daughter & had to watch as she was washed away. I've seen very young school children rescued, but not knowing if their parents survived. There is story after story of the sick & elderly that had to be left behind. Earthquakes, tsunamis, nuclear radiation, thousands of lives lost -- it has just been non-stop for these poor people.

Disasters are always tough to watch & hear about, but this one in particular has left me so saddened. It's wonderful that we get to live in this age of amazing real-time technology, but it also brings this heartache & devastation right into your own home.

Stories & images like this can also really put your life into perspective though; which it did for me. I feel like I have been really crabby lately & have let the stress of being sick or having to work late really get to me. It's awful that something of this magnitude had to put me in my place, but it did. One thing that has amazed me through all of this is just how calm the people of Japan seem through all of this. It makes me feel so silly for complaining about my "hardships," so that's what I vow to change. I have an extremely blessed life & I need to try to keep that in perspective a little more often.

Sorry this post was a little heavy. Those might occur once in a while & this was an instance where I really wanted to say something. I just really hope you all can help out these people. Even if all it is is sending one simple text or offering up some prayers.



you better get your move on

Earlier I made reference to my exquisite DJing skills this weekend & I'm willing to share a little tip with you -- "Move" by CSS is always a hit. Always.

who will save him from being the man i need?

"He's A Frank" - The Twelves

an introduction

The xx  have been in heavy rotation this week. I love the whole album, but I think I just finally realized how amazing their intro is. Seriously, what a strong start to an album. It kind of makes me sad that it only lasts for 2 minutes.

On a somewhat (but not really at all) related topic, I had quite a proud moment this weekend during my St. Patty's Day festivities -- I went to a party with about 4 friends out of about 50 that were there. I'm not the most outgoing person, but when I started hearing song after song of mediocre music, I couldn't help but intervene. I powered up my iPod & got the party going. I met a couple people as a result, got some compliments & was informed that I was probably the only one who wouldn't get booted off of DJ duties. It was a good icebreaker & quite a proud moment for me :)

Oh, & if you were wondering where the connection to The xx was, I learned that Hood Internet was a huge hit at the party. I didn't play it, but "XX Gonna Give It To Ya" is a great one!


should i shave my legs?

I for one can't stand to have hairy legs, but I still find this to be the best infograph of all time.

Happy weekend, my furry friends (it is still Winter after all)!


self love : learn from the best

                                                 1. Eat

                                                 2. Sleep

                                                 3. Cuddle

                                                 4. Repeat

I think we should all embrace our inner infant more often.



i wanna change the future as i look into your eyes

"I Look To You" - Miami Horror

I think I would have really enjoyed living during the prime of disco. Studio 54, bell bottoms, it all sounds wonderful.


ice cream is going to save the day, again

It's almost Friday & I'm just about ready for something to perk me up for the weekend (not to mention St. Patty's day weekend!)  I think that Muscles will do just the trick. The lyrics can be a little silly, but his music always brings a smile to my face and I've definitely relied upon that reasoning that "ice cream can save the day" a time or two!

Ps. How cute is the girl above? I found her via Miss James at Bleubird Vintage (one of my new favorite blogs!)

instant pleasure

Last Friday Pleasurekraft was featured on Pete Tong's 15 Minute of Fame & I really loved the sounds I was hearing. They're pretty whimsical, especially "Carni" which starts right around the 3:30 mark above (it gets really good around the 6:00 mark). 

Can you guess what it reminds me of?
Thanks god I discovered these guys when I did, because it just so happens that they'll be at Ultra in two freaking weeks!

Ps. What a fun photoshoot!


i don't want that kind of girl

A friend told me about "Dances Fantastic" by Neva Dinova a few years back & I absolutely loved the song. I never really took the time to check out more of their music & that is probably a bad decision on my part. I guess I'll have to add it to the never-ending to-do list I've got going.

I did, however, just learn that Neva Dinova is one of the many talented indie groups signed to the Saddle Creek Records out of Omaha. Back in college when I was heavy into Bright Eyes, The Faint, Rilo Kiley & Cursive (all under Saddle Creek Records) I purchased the DVD "Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek." It was an interesting documentary about the record label & the overall music scene of Omaha, but as far as I know, Neva Dinova never got a reference in the film.


believe in magic

"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it."

- Roald Dahl

(via My Love For You via Vic)


I could really use a hug today ...or a stiff cocktail.

I'll let you be the judge.



a shazam app for people’s faces

Swiss Miss posted about a wonderful project called The Internet Wishlist in which people post ideas for apps & websites they are wishing to be developed. Ideas range from the very practical, to the down right hilarious.

I am all for the Shazam app for faces!

designer bags

I'm not really one to care about designer labels, but this is a super cute idea for an ultimate girly girl.


maybe its not that easy; maybe it's not that hard

This is why I love to shuffle -- it reminds me of some of the most wonderful songs that temporarily slip my mind. Case & point: Damien Rice's "Unplayed Piano."

I really love Damien Rice. He makes some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful music I have ever heard, which is why I had to throw in a couple more of my favorites. "Unplayed Piano," however, has a very interesting story behind it. Rice wrote the song in support for Aung San Suu Kyi, a human rights activist & politician who was wrongfully detained under house arrest in Burma.

I really need to see this guy live.


you can see her dancing

"Heiress of Valentina" by DĂșne (Alesso remix) is such a pretty song.

in the city of life she can't, she can't wait

This is the week I've been waiting for ever since last August. Crystal Castles is making their way back to Chicago & I'm about to pee my pants with excitement. 

I'm about to make a very bold, but very true statement -- Crystal Castles is the best live show I have ever been to. Their music is so dark & emotional & there's really nothing quite like seeing Alice Glass do her thing on stage. She is one of my top musical icons & my introduction to Crystal Castles was one of the best things that has happened to me within the past two years.

I'm quite biased & I realize that I have a pretty significant bond to the band that others might not, but as of now, tickets are still available for Saturday's show at The Riviera. Sure, it falls on the Saturday of St. Patty's Day celebrations, but I promise you won't regret the decision ...unless perhaps you get xxzxcuzx'd.



weekend warrior

 This weekend (well tonight, really) I plan to switch it up a bit & channel my inner Bri Emery. You see, tonight is the sold out Girl Talk show at The Congress Theater. This isn't my first time at the rodeo/dance party & if I've learned anything from sold out shows at The Congress Theater, it's that they can get pretty toasty. I'm going to simplify matters this time & go with a nice fluffy bun on top of my head with a big pink flower to boot. Who knows -- I might even bust out my dancing shoes!

Happy weekend!


beautiful bromance

Ignore the ridiculous name for a minute & give Avicii's (aka Tim Berg) "Bromance" a listen. It's beautiful & happy & just makes me feel good all over when I listen to it. There's also a version with vocals, but I prefer it in its pure form. Hard to believe the kid is only 21 years old.

If you're liking what you're hearing here (as well as here) you might want to consider checking out Avicii at The Mid this Saturday night. Move fast, because it sounds like tickets are going fast. I don't think I'm going to make it to this one, but no worries -- I'll see him at Ultra & hopefully again at an Ultra after-party if I like what I hear.

Ps. Who's your favorite bromance? Mine is Hank Moody & Charlie Runkle, hands down.

train rides + missed connections

I always get a little smile on my face when "Osaka Loop Line" by Discovery finds its way into my morning commute shuffle (as was the case this morning). For some reason, hearing it reminds me of Craigslist's Missed Connections column. Does anyone else read those? I haven't in quite some time, but if you're a fan you might enjoy these adorable prints from Sophie Blackall.
(top image via)


to each her own

Something awful happened to me this past Sunday. My Twitter feed was apparently hijacked by a bunch of babbling idiots. (Well, that's my take at least).

I have 1% interest in events like the Oscars or Golden Globes & I tend to get a little annoyed & left out when those events occupy everyone else's minds. I realize this is unfair of me. I'm sure a lot of people could care less about my opinions on the Coachella line-up or what I think of so & so's new album, so I'm going to really try to be a team player & embrace that 1% of the Oscars I did have interest in -- The fashion.
I would personally put Gwen, Mila & this other chick (see, I'm totally clueless) at the top of the best dressed list. They all look stunning & are wearing gowns that are totally complimentary to their bodies. I think that can be wear most people fail.
This gorgeous gown above wasn't a part of the events of this past Sunday, but it's something I keep coming back to over & over. It's from Bottega Veneta's Fall 2011 line & it's certainly an Oscar-worthy garment. I love how the top is a little bit raw & pairs so nicely with the clean lines of the skirt. The color is totally unique as well. I would kill to wear a gown like this.