When it comes to running shoes I typically just go to my nearest Fleet Feet store, talk through all of the intimate details with a sales associate, + then awkwardly run on treadmill while they assess my footwear situation. I've learned from the best though (my father) + this system works quite well in terms of comfort but usually the options aren't the prettiest.

I never was much of a rebellious child, but I do find myself more + more interested in the actual actual design + style of running shoes. This Liberty Collection at Nike is likely to blame. There's got to be some correlation between pretty running shoes + working out more often, right?
Shop more styles HERE.


snap shots || april

bonobo (live) concert at the house of blues. one of the better shows of the year, for sure || finally got my sunshine in costa rica || up we go || either sophie or framboise. my new friday tradition || sunset on the ocean king || this is how i plan for trips. such a weirdo || manuel antonio, costa rica || i haven't eaten here yet + honestly the pizza doesn't sound too appealing. i do love their typography though

bare pt. 2

So remember last week when I shared my midriff dilemma? Well the skirt finally arrived + I'm really really loving this look. I'm not typically one to take selfies but when your fear of crop tops are overcome (paired with a good hair day + a mostly clean apartment) you just need to capture the moment.  I'll likely be shopping for more tops this weekend because I like to let obsessions like this run wild.


a little bird told me || april

follow the leader

Have you guys seen those awesome photos from photographer Murad Osmann as his girlfriend leads him around the world? Such a cool concept + also inspiring. I think every girlfriend hopes that they can show their partner something new + exciting. 
At the very least, it sure beats those legs in the sand photos.

Follow Osmann on Instagram HERE.


i was there || john talabot

Show : John Talabot

Location : Lincoln Hall

Date : 5.26.13

Favorite Song : One song that stood out when performed live that for some odd reason doesn't necessarily on the recorded version was "When the Past Was Present." It's very energetic + interesting. Drunk Christine approved.

Memorable Moment : Nothing makes me happier than introducing new music to new friends + then having them actually enjoy it. But you can hardly go wrong with John Talabot.

Biggest Letdown : This was one of those instances where I drank a little too much before the show + didn't quite pay as close of attention as I probably should have. It was also disappointing to see Lincoln Hall so empty again. Someone please remind me next year that I don't need to stick around Chicago for Memorial Day weekend. I think I would have much rather preferred Movement in Detroit.

This Show : was a good addition to a long Memorial Day weekend, I just wish it had lasted longer + turned into a bit more of a party. The music was really great though.

jeremih || fuck you all the time (shlohmo remix)


i was there || xxxy

Show: XXXY

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 5.22.13

Favorite Song: I knew going into this show that I liked XXXY's sound, but quite honestly I wasn't too familiar with many of his songs. There's a line in David Byrne's "How Music Works" that says, "They claim that we listen more closely when we know we only have one chance, one fleeting opportunity to grab something, + as a result our enjoyment is deepened." I certainly felt that way with this show. I listened closely + found some new stuff I loved, including XXXY's awesome mix of Close's "Beam Me Up." 

Memorable Moment: I absolutely loved that Rupert Taylor (XXXY) was singing along to the songs during the set. That made me happy + seemed like something I would do if I was a world famous producer.

Biggest Letdown: That was the most empty I had ever seen Lincoln Hall. It was weird + awkward. The upstairs area wasn't even open.

This Show: had a lot more potential but it was at the wrong venue, on the wrong night, at the wrong time. I'm so glad I saw XXXY + I was certainly impressed with what I saw, but now I'm just dying to see him again in a better setting at a venue like Smart Bar. I think even a festival setting would have been better than that (+ I do love Lincoln Hall). This was also perhaps the first show I purposely left before the headliner. I don't know much about Kastle + I'm sure his set was fine, but I was just interested in XXXY.

i was there || foals

Show: Foals

Location: The Vic

Date: 5.18.13

Favorite Song: I mean "Spanish Sahara" is pretty hard to top live, but Foals sure tried their best with "Red Socks Pugie" which was performed about halfway into their set. They went so hard with it that I thought for sure that I was mistaken + we were already in the encore. Honorable Mention would also have to go to "Milk + Black Spiders."

Memorable Moment: Foals is really really good at songs with big build ups + then they just fucking unleash. Their electric guitarist was quite impressive + I found that the songs I liked the least we're the ones that he had less of a presence in.

Biggest Letdown: Aside from getting there slightly late + being up in the balcony for this pretty high energy show, I'd have to say the lead singer. Philippakis' voice sounded good + all but he did about every cheesy cliché a lead singer can do. I'm talking crowd surfing, very literal hand gestures, + he even kicked over the microphone stand. On purpose. If he had smashed his guitar I think I would have left. Or vomited.

This Show: was fun + high energy. Some of that doesn't always necessarily shine through on their albums, but trust me, it's there.




I really wanted to name this post "crop it like it's hot" but seems I can excerise some self control after all.

But guys, I did it. I went + bought myself a crop top (+ from Urban Outfitters no less). I've had some pseudo crop tops in the past, but this is the real thing. Don't let the photo with those high waisted short fool you. I'll have some serious belly button action going on when I wear it + strangely enough, I think I kind of like it. 

I do feel a little too bare when I've tried it on with shorts, so I quickly solved that problem by ordering this skirt below. We'll see whether I like this ensemble or not, but I feel like I needed to share this life shattering moment.

+ what is the deal with UO clothes always looking disgusting on models? I don't think I can ever judge clothing off of this website again because everything seems to look better in real life.

top | skirt


i was there || four tet

Show: Four Tet (DJ set)
Nate Manic

Location: Smart Bar

Date: 5.16.13

Favorite Song: I have great recall with sounds, but I'm horrible when it comes to names. Earlier in the set Four Tet played this very African inspired song which I know I've heard previously + multiple times at that. I've been racking my brain all weekend to try + figure out where I know that song from, but no luck yet. I'll come to an answer eventually. Regardless, it was great. I also secretly loved his mix of "That Boy is Mine."

Memorable Moment: It had been a little while since I had last been at Smart Bar, so it felt nice to be back among my fellow music loving weirdos. It was also great to see Smart Bar so packed on a Thursday night. Four Tet was deserving of the crowd though.

Biggest Letdown: I hate leaving shows early + while it probably was the smart decision at 2am on a Thursday when I had a busy day of work ahead of me, I just didn't want to do it. I was having such a great time + can only imagine what other goodness I missed out on. I need to be more strategic with vacation days  for shows like these.

This Show: One of my favorite questions to ask Chicagoans is which bar would you be most upset to learn that it had closed. I love the question, but I've never really had a great answer for it myself. I'm not really attached to one bar in particular + there isn't one that I really frequent more than others. Most people, however, have a pretty easy time answering that question. I was thinking about the show + life over the weekend + it occurred to me that Smart Bar would probably be that bar for me. It's nothing fancy, but the sound is great + the crowd (minus a few occasional sketch balls) is even better. I can't help but feel happy when I'm there. I'd be pretty devastated if I learned it was closing.

i wish this dream comes true

I've always held the Jamie xx Essential Mix at the top of my list in terms of musical perfection, but Todd Edwards might have knocked him out of that position with his 2 hour Essential Mix which aired last Friday. I listened to it at least 6 times in the past two days + I know that there will be many more listens before this week is over.

It's almost unfair though -- Daft Punk (obviously), Disclosure, David Bowie, Phoenix, Prince, My Morning Jacket, Animal Collective, Donna Summer. There are just too many great names in there for it to not be amazing. I especially loved the Giorgio Moroder - The Chase/Digital Love edit which starts around the 21 minute mark. So good. Those lyrics are just too perfect.

Take a listen. It should brighten up your Monday morning.


this must be the place

"I love music. I always will. It saved my life, and I know I'm not the only one who can say that."
- David Byrne


washed out || before

lindstrom || music in my mind

I'm trying hard to play catch up on all of the recent new releases. This weekend I checked out the new albums from The National, !!!, Vampire Weekend, + Kurt Vile, but I've still got so many more to tackle. Music is on my mind, that's for sure.

I'm looking forward to starting my long run of upcoming concerts with the Four Tet DJ set this Thursday at Smart Bar. I'm definitely getting antsy for the dance floor.


the memories that matter

One of my favorite things as a child was when my mom would do the laundry just before my bedtime so that she could tuck me into nice + toasty sheets. I'm realizing more + more that little memories like this are the ones that are the most important.

Happy Mother's Day, mom.


alt-j || bloodflood

This is precisely why I give good albums multiple attentive listens. An Awesome Wave from Alt-J is a phenomenal album. There are so many good songs such a "Dissolve Me," "Something Good," + "Fitzpleasure," that by the time I got to track 12 I was too overwhelmed with awesomeness. 

Track 12, or "Bloodflood," is worth a million listens though. That song has quite quickly become my favorite on the album. I can't get enough. Please give it another good listen if you've been distracted by the others like me. I can't wait to see these guys live again.


curated || ana teresa barboza

If I could embroider my body I would. Artist Ana Teresa Barboza has convinced me of that for sure. I'd likely go with a nice black brocade, but if I was having a more dramatic day I might go with the open heart. Or maybe a nice floral?
This chick is seriously awesome though + I love the way she combines her drawings with embroidery to create these somewhat 3D works of art.
Her work is also just sexy enough. There's enough left to the imagination, but it's also paired with something rather delicate + beautiful.
I wish I was able to dig up a little more about Barboza's background, but for now I'll just enjoy the view + hope that you do too.