locks i love

Hairdressers compliment me on my long, thick hair all of the time & while I should feel flattered, I usually just feel like a total disappointment. It's true, I was blessed with a great head of hair, but I feel like a failure because I have absolutely no idea how to style it outside of straightening it. Half the time, I just let it air dry & do it's own crazy thing.

Never in my wildest dreams could I pull off these looks from Dawn DiCarlo, but they would be oh so fun for music festivals!

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almost magnetic

"I was 26 & felt set free. It sounds a little naive now, but at the time the pull was almost magnetic. California."

This weekend I watched a documentary about a 4 year old living in Haight Ashbury in 1969 that smoked pot & ran through the streets barefoot. The documentary wasn't nearly as exciting as I had hoped it would be, but this quote above really resonated with me. I've got the itch & I want to move to California in a bad way. I have a year & a half until I'm 26, so I figure I have until then to make it happen.



leggy blonde

I'm not sure I could handle those boots, but I love, love this outfit! I'm a sucker for short shorts & I'm starting to also love billowy & transparent tops. Come on Chicago & warm up a little bit so I can make something like this happen!

Ps. the title is a Flight of the Conchords reference for those of you who didn't get it. Makes me want to a have a FOTC marathon in a bad way now..


a quick fix

I've lived in my apartment for 2 years & i just re-signed my lease for one more. I don't expect to stay here past this final year, but there was just one thing I couldn't stand to look at any longer...
Want to know the worst part? I actually store my (packaged) food in there. Gross, I know. I don't know why it took me so long to do something about it, but this Sunday I finally got around to giving these shelves a fresh coat of paint.
It's hard to tell from the photo, but the paint is dark brown & matches the paint color of a console that is on the adjacent wall. Such a huge improvement!


the world is beautiful

"The World is Beautiful" - Rony Seikaly

This song felt appropriate with the recent passing of Earth Day & the early stages of Spring. It brings a big smile to my face too.


flashlights, nightmares & sudden explosions

"What Else Is There?" - Royksopp & Karin Dreijer Andersson (of The Knife)

I've developed quote a crush on Northern Europeans in the past year or so, so it should come as no surprise that I am loving this collaboration between two Norwegians & a Swiss miss.

Ps. I can't wait for the fireworks at Navy Pier to start. Come on Summer & hurry your ass up!



"Yeah" - Boys Noise

I typically don't like going out on weeknights at all. Weeknights are my time for yoga & reading & overall relaxation from the work day. Somehow, I've managed to fill up my week with events every night. I'm not sure how I'll be feeling by the end of the week, but I'm trying to be optimistic & keep a "can do" attitude which is where "Yeah" by Boys Noise comes into play. I'm taking Friday off of work, so I shouldn't struggle too bad.

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i was there : the twelves

"Seven" - Fever Ray (The Twelves remix)
Show: The Twelves

Location: The Mid

Date: 4.22.11

Favorite Song: I can't keep my hips from shaking during the remix of Fever Ray's "Seven." It makes me melt every time.

Memorable Moment: Introducing an old friend to The Mid & having a great time. She quickly realized how skewed the guy to girl ratio tends to be & we had fun with that. I might have created a new partner in crime for The Mid ;)

Biggest Letdown: I wish The Twelves had played longer. I only saw part of their set because I expected them to play until at least 4 am. No dice. I also heard rumors that Rusko would be making an appearance after his show at The Congress. Sadly, that wasn't true either.

This Show: was a fun way to round out a night of shows -- old friends, good music & lots & lots of disco dancing!


i was there : the national + arcade fire

"Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" - The National

Show: The National & Arcade Fire

Location: UIC Pavillion

Date: 4.22.11

Favorite Song: "Terrible Love" from The National is so chilling to hear live. From Arcade Fire it was a close tie between old & new favorites -- "Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)" & "Ready to Start" were great! I really enjoyed "Haiti" as well, which surprising since it's not one of my favorites on the album.

Memorable Moment: I went to the show being more excited for The National. I love that band & their set at Lollapalooza last Summer was amazing. The National still sounded great, but I left the concert enjoying the Arcade Fire set even more. I would pick an album from The National over Arcade Fire almost any day, but Arcade Fire really brought it. Their energy was so high & you couldn't help but smile & feel good.

Biggest Letdown: The venue. UIC, you suck & you're too expensive. Also, I didn't hear "Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks" from The National so I added it here.

This Show: made me thankful for my instincts. I hadn't initially purchased tickets because of my hatred towards UIC Pavillion, but I knew I'd be kicking myself if I didn't go. I was really impressed by both sets & had a great time. I also really appreciated the mix of both old & new songs from both acts.



self love : i'm not sorry

I apologize a lot & for stupid things that require no apology -- "I'm sorry you lost something that I was not responsible for keeping track of." "I'm sorry that the train conductor is drunk & I keep falling into you." "I'm sorry for partying."

We are all guilty of apologizing way too much for silly things that the real reason for the phrase has kind of lost its meaning. Heather Collins Molina wrote a really interesting article about our overly apologetic society & offers a few helpful tips to ween ourselves of the sorries:

1. Stop staying "I'm sorry." Eliminate it from your life completely until you can use it responsibly. (Of course, truly severe cases of a much-needed "I'm sorry" are excluded from this).

2. Replace "I'm sorry" with "excuse me" or "pardon me" or whichever appropriate formality works best.

3. Say "I'm sorry" only when you feel it is really, really necessary.

4. say "I'm sorry" once. Look them in the eye, say it & mean it. But say it only once.

5. Enjoy the new lightness & freedom of your new sorry-free life.

6. Have a funeral & party for "I'm sorry." (Totally optional, but hilarious & fun!)

I'm not so sure that I'm down for #6, but I do want to be more mindful of how often & when I use the phrase "I'm sorry."


sweet love for planet earth

Anthroplogie's window displays always seem to stop me dead in my tracks, but it's even more thrilling when they have a purpose.

This Earth Day, Anthropologie is supporting cork recycling & they are using their creativity to spread the message. When you stop drooling over the displays you can read all about their initiatives on the Kendall Jackson blog or check out more amazing window displays on Flickr.

Happy Earth Day!

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a touch too much

"2 Hearts" - Digitalism

I am definitely in agreement that "2 Hearts" is less electro & more indie than most of us Digitalism fans are used to, but I am very much okay with that. If anything, I'm even more impressed that they were able to win me over with both styles.

What do you think? Do you like one side to Digitalism more than the other? I think "Blitz" is still my favorite song.


circus freaks

"Carny" - Pleasurekraft

A few weeks back I posted Pete Tong's 15 Minutes of Fame with Pleasurekraft & while I typically don't like repeating myself on this blog, I had to bring back "Carny" for one more listen. Not only was this track been officially released on April 11th, but Pleasurekraft shared some good news with me via Twitter:
Hmm...sounds like they'll be stopping in for Lollapalooza & possibly North Coast Music Festival as well. Very exciting news! I caught the end of their Ultra set as I was walking through security & thought they sounded great. I've been kicking myself ever since for not getting to Ultra earlier, but it looks like I'll have a chance (or two!) to redeem myself. 

Here's another track I love:

"La La Land" - Green Velvet (Pleasurekraft 'Sideshow' Remix)


let me hear your body talk

"Body Talk" - Kevin McKay

Kevin McKay is one of my heroes. This guy is responsible for discovering Mylo as well as mixing all of the tracks on 'Destroy Rock & Roll' which is one of my all time favorite albums. Mylo hasn't done all that much as of late, so it was exciting to hear something new from McKay. There are definitely parallels between his new stuff & 'Destroy Rock & Roll.'

You can check out more new tracks from Kevin McKay at Harder Faster Blogger & below is one of my favorite Mylo tracks if you are unfamiliar with his sound.

"In My Arms" - Mylo



festival fashion : coachella

I hope to one day go to Coachella, but this year I made the wiser choice by choosing Ultra for my musical getaway. Ultra was everything I hoped for & more, but the one-up Coachella always seems to have is the fashion. While I enjoy all of the little freaks running around Ultra, half of the fun of Coachella weekend would most certainly be the wardrobe choices. Luckily, Refinery 29 has given me a little peak into the festival fashions of Coachella.
 Boots, hats & short shorts seems to be the trends this year. Oh, & don't forget your shades!



I'm loving the Max Azria Spring 2011 lookbook. It has such a dreamy & ethereal look to it that makes me crave the sun on my face.
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an adult easter egg hunt

I've heard of adult Easter egg hunts where craft beer & mini bottles of liquor are hidden around a yard, but this adult Easter egg hunt takes the cake. Rebecca Wright offers a fun alternative of filling a hollow egg with confetti & then (gently) smashing them over your friends' heads. You can read about the whole party here, but I think the photos kind of say it all.


come 2 am + you whisper in my ear

"After Dark" - The Count & Sinden featuring Mystery Jets


dancing with the dj

"We don't care if the sun comes up
'Cause you know we'll be dancing with the DJ"

"Dancing With The DJ" - The Knocks

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"Hello" - Martin Solveig featuring Dragonette

I feel like this was the song of Ultra. I had to have heard it at at least 6 different sets. It's a very happy song, so I didn't mind.



i'm coming home

The intro to "I'm Coming Home" featuring Skylar Grey's beautiful voice was one of the top songs during Ultra weekend. I've been wanting to sneak it onto this blog & today is the perfect opportunity since I am, in fact, coming home.* I've got a quick weekend away in St. Louis & I'm really looking forward to it. It's nice to have a weekend away with no plans, especially when it involves your family & old friends.
I think I might go crazy if I was still living in St. Louis, but it is my home & there is so much that I do love about it. I'm tempted to get one of these adorable chalkboard state maps from Shop Dirtsa as seen on Design Crush just as a memento of home & the place I feel the most grounded.

Happy Weekend!

*Unfortunately, the Dirty South remix that I love has disappeared from my favorite music sites. If you can track it down, definitely check it out. It's much better than the original Diddy version


i was there : steve angello

Show: Steve Angello's "Size Matters" tour with AN21 & Max Vangeli 

Location: The Mid

Date: 4.9.11

Favorite Song: There were a lot. Namely: "Perfect Stranger" by Magnetic Man, "Silvia" by Miike Snow, "Kids" by MGMT & "Bromance" by Avicii

Memorable Moment: I absolutely love The Mid, but they took it to a new level with this show. So much confetti, streamers & compressed air to cool down the crowd. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before ...oh, & I met some pretty cool people with stellar taste in music this night

Biggest Letdown: Getting an entire drink spilled on my head. I'm also getting a little burnt out with how grabby everyone feels they can get on the dance floor. We get it, you're on drugs. Just leave me out of it, please

This Show: maybe, just maybe, made up for the Masquerade Motel letdown

i was there : cut copy

Show: Cut Copy

Where: The Riviera

Date: 4.8.11

Favorite Song: Just when I thought they weren't going to play it they come back out & do "Out There On The Ice"

Memorable Moment: Watching the crowd go crazy during the older songs. Hopefully they took the hint...

Biggest Letdown: This is my 3rd time seeing Cut Copy. I've absolutely loved them the other two times, but seeing them this time made me realize how much I'm just not really into the new album. Also, totally failed & missed the entire Holy Ghost set. Twice

This Show: reminded me that you can't win them all, but I will never ever regret my decision to go to a concert over anything else

I went to Smart Bar after the concert with the intention of seeing the Holy Ghost DJ set, but I waited & waited & then started to get sleepy & hungry. That's a pretty lethal combination for me, so I went home to pass out

i was there : ultra music festival - day three

Show: Ultra Music Festival - Day Three

Where: Bicentennial Park (Miami, FL)

Date: 3.27.11

Favorite Song: I loved hearing "La La Land" by Pleasurekraft as I walked through the gates to start the day, but "You Used To Hold Me" by Calvin Harris (remixed by Laidback Luke) was my favorite

Memorable Moment: My girlfriend, Alice, was back to her normal crowd-surfing self. Laidback Luke played my favorite set of the day, hands down. Rounding out the night & festival at the A State Of Trance 500 was nuts!

Biggest Letdown: Having to walk out those gates for the last time. It was a sad, sad moment. Bicentennial Park was absolutely heavenly that weekend

This Show: was one of the best musical experiences of my life. The line-up was unreal. It was impossible to see all of the acts the acts that I wanted to, but I did get to cross some big names off of my list. The whole weekend just reminded me that I am most happy when I'm surrounded by music

i was there : shine at the shelborne


Where: Shine at The Shelborne (Miami, FL)

When: 3.26.11

Favorite Song: "Silvia" by Miike Snow (remixed by Felix Da Housecat) & "Brrrat!" by Armand Van Helden & Steve Aoki

Memorable Moment: Steve Aoki showing up. Is it just me or was that guy everywhere during Miami Music Week?

Biggest Letdown: I didn't love the venue. It almost felt like a basement with it's low ceilings & the decks were pretty crowded with all of those people. A line-up like this would kill it at a place like The Mid & the environment would be 100 times better.

This Show: was a decent alternative to the Masquerade Motel. We could have let that whole debacle ruin our night, but instead we made the most of it. You can't really beat a line-up like that last minute & for only $20. It ended up being a really fun night.

i was (almost) there : masquerade motel

So for those of you who aren't familiar with what exactly happened at Swedish House Mafia's Masquerade Motel, I will explain: Swedish House Mafia put on their own little mini-festival on the beaches of South Beach as a little bit of a "Fuck you" to the people of Ultra. The event was planned on the Saturday of Ultra from 2-11pm & was mirrored off of the beach parties in Ibiza. I learned of this event after I had purchased my Ultra tickets, weighed my options & decided that I would probably have another chance to see any of the acts I might miss at Ultra. I would not, however, be able to re-live the Masquerade Motel party so I bought myself a ticket. My friends & I left Ultra Saturday afternoon & arrived at Masquerade Motel around 7pm. I went to pick-up my tickets at will call only to find that will call was deserted. Then we overheard some people talking to a security guy about how no one else was being allowed entry to the event. The fire marshals came & decided the tent was overcrowded & that it was a safety hazard to allow anyone else in. What occurred during the next hour that I stood outside waiting patiently to get my turn to go in was a total joke. The fire officials were being blatant pricks (see below). The security guards probably came out of the event banking in the most money (see below). I was filled with fear & total disappointment (see below). I made a mistake. I should have stayed at Ultra

Show: Masquerade Motel
Swedish House Mafia
Arman van Helden
Calvin Harris
Dirty South
Thomas Gold
Max Vangeli
Kim Fai
Pete Tong

Where: South Beach (Miami, FL)

Date: 3.26.11

Favorite Song: "F*** You" by Cee Lo. Oh wait...
I actually did get to hear a decent amount of music from standing outside for close to an hour. It was hard to enjoy though

Memorable Moment: So hard to choose -- Fire marshal making out with a smoking hot girl so her friend could get in? Security guys getting wads of cash to sneak people in? Threatening to have the gate I'm standing at the very front of rushed by an angry mob of people? Tasers? Pepper spray? What a joke

Biggest Letdown: Do I really need to answer this one?

This Show: was a huge disappointment.


look the part

Speaking of The Great Gatsby & fabulous parties of the 1920's --- how perfect are these dresses from Camilla? I would have so much fun dancing in one of those. {sigh}.


Last night I finished reading The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald for probably the 4th time & now I am just so utterly in love with all things 1920's. I love learning about different eras, but there's just something about 1920's that makes me wish more than anything that I could go back & live during that time -- the parties, the clothing, the music. I just love it all so much. This book probably comes in as my 2nd favorite (Great Expectations is number one).

I came across this fabulous wedding as I was browsing for something Gatsby-related to include in this post.  The bride, Zanna, is a fashion editor at Marie Clare magazine & dreamed up this beautiful Gatsby inspired wedding. It turned out so glamourous & that dress is to die for!