one hundred list

I've seen a lot of bloggers that keep personal to-do lists or "bucket lists". I was recently inspired by Laura at Life. Beauty. Laughter. & her one hundred list. This list contains 100 things that she wants to do in her lifetime.
I like the idea of setting goals & having dreams, so here is my list:
1. Travel alone
2. Keep my blog until at least 2015
3. Never have a big backyard without a dog in it
via Sharon Montrose
4. Throw a dinner party
5. Manage all of my “look books”
6. Learn how to cook a collection of delicious meals
7. Teach a hot yoga class
8. Have a classy collection of simple, everyday jewelry

9. Go skydiving
10. Take an art class
11. Spend a few days clubbing in Ibiza + then a few more recovering in the South of France
via Aaron Dieppa
12. Visit a rain forest
13. Live in a foreign country (or at least get out of the Midwest for a bit)
14. Treat my parents to an evening out
15. Run a marathon with my Dad
16. Develop a garden with peonies
17. Get confident at skiing
18. Decorate a beautiful home to my liking
19. Don’t settle for any man
20. Buy a bike with a basket + actually ride it
via The Sartorialist
21. Volunteer
22. Visit the Big Sur + talk to my mom about the experience
23. Treat myself to a spa day
24. Splurge on a beautiful purse
25. Become a great wife + mother
26. Keep a fully stocked bar
27. Eat at Alinea
via Alinea
28. Learn a different language
29. Work out every morning (or close to) for a year
30. Become a wine expert
31. Take a dance class
32. Visit New York City, Portland, Seattle, Miami...
33. Go on an exotic cruise to see if I like it
34. Remain close with friends
35. See what Australia is all about
36. Develop a solid group of concert buddies
37. Purchase artwork --This will be ongoing, but I've bought a lot in the past year
38. Learn some carpentry skills
39. Dye my hair a totally different color
40. Honeymoon in French Polynesia
41. Love my wardrobe
42. Own a pair of Christian Louboutin Shoes
43. Keep personal journals
44. Make a greatest hits playlist each year of songs that were significant that particular year
45. Have a collection of sexy lingerie + wear it often
via Frou Frou Fashionista
46. Befriend someone that needs it
47. Learn the simple basics of sewing
48. Develop an armory of professional skillsets
49. Join a book club
50. Own a Vespa
via JB55
51. Really go camping
52. Be the best aunt ever
53. Go skydiving
54. Go to a music festival in a different country
55. Get fresh flowers from the farmer’s market weekly
56. Learn more about world religions
57. Do a cleanse
58. Don’t allow many white walls
59. Create a backyard oasis
via Ikea
60. Take a shot at surfing
61. Do what I can to support + promote an undiscovered artist -- I've still got my eyes out for more talented artists!
62. Take a self-defense class
63. Learn how to style my own hair
64. Go sailing (preferably in the Mediterranean)
65. Get a kiss every night before I fall asleep
66. Paint a wall in my house black
via Elements of Style
67. Take a stab at reupholstering a piece of furniture
68. Take my children to museums
69. Sing karaoke by myself
70. Make a speech
71. Throw a fabulous DIY bridal, bachelorette +/or baby shower
via Style Me Pretty
72. Join a professional organization
73. Have my own office at home (preferably in a shed)
via Bright.Bazaar
74. Learn web design
75. Learn to tolerate onions
76. Have an amazing rooftop deck with a pool +/or hammock
via Le Meridien
77. Stop cursing
78. Join a running club
79. Go scuba diving
80. Learn more about good personal finance practices
81. Be a good influence on someone who needs it
82. Have my own Christmas tree
83. Spend a day taking photos around the city
84. Make the first move
85. Fill a bookshelf with all books that I’ve read
via i suwannee
86. Not live paycheck to paycheck
87. Have a photographer for a day on my honeymoon
via Coco+Kelley
88. Find inner peace + don’t lose it
Like Laura, I stopped before 100. It's actually quite difficult to come up with such a big list & I think I should leave some open slots for any new dreams that come up.

What would be on your list? Am I missing anything major?


celebrity girl crush

Shakira is hands down my biggest celebrity crush. She's a babe, she can shake her body & she has great confidence. What more could you want? I fell in love with her all over again when I saw this photo.
Shakira, I love you.

...and if you're curious, Marisa Miller comes in as a close second. As for the men, I love me those Discovery Channel boys. Bear Grylls & Mike Rowe just kill me.

beach hair

I'm not one of those people that can justify spending $$$ on hair products, but a few years back I was curious to try Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray based on a recommendation from my stylist. Bad decision on my part, because I obviously became obsessed. It's such a cute & easy Summer option. 4 oz. of the spray goes for $23.00. Not terrible, but still more than I am willing to pay.

I was several months into my Surf Spray withdrawal, when I came across a very simple & inexpensive recipe for Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray. I swear, it works just like the real thing.

  • 1 teaspoon epsom salt. Available at drugstores
  • 1 generous squirt of hair gel. Make sure it's water-based. Water should be one of the first ingredients
  • 4 ounces of water
  • Combine all in a spray bottle & shake well
If you decide to try this for yourself, I'd suggest going a day without washing your hair before using it & spray it onto dry hair. The outcome looks much better. Also, if you currently have a Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray bottle, save the empty bottle. It works great and sprays just the right amount.

I'm sure the results vary, but here's a good idea of what it will do to your mane:
(via xoxo ess)


sign me up...

I have the biggest obsession with hammocks, but this one takes the cake! I would kill to be there right now.
I guess the Q101 Hammock Haven at Lollapalooza will have to hold me over.
(photo via BizBash)

PS. Is it Friday yet?


feeling overheated because my life keeps coming

I apologize.

There is no reason for me to try to force The National upon you first thing on a Monday. Monday mornings are depressing enough as is. What was I thinking?

Here's some Ghostland Observatory to cheer you up a bit...

My ticket for this concert arrived over the weekend, so I've been on a little bit of a kick as of late. Their music is pretty fun, but the light show at their concerts is out of this world. I got the privilege of seeing them this past January on the side of a mountain in Aspen during X-Games weekend. So cold, but so fun!

By the way, how was your weekend? Mine was very low-key, but fun. Exactly what I was hoping for!

all the very best of us string ourselves up for love

I've been listening to the new album from The National a lot lately. They never fail to impress me & their music always evokes such strong emotions. Again, another act that I'm dying to see live at Lollapalooza in just 2 weeks (!!!).
Bloodbuzz Ohio is a good song, but my favorite on the album is the last track, Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks. So perfect. I may start crying when I see it live.


weekend warrior

Great news!

I have absolutely nothing planned for this weekend & I couldn't be more excited! The past couple weeks have really worn me out, so I'm really going to focus on cleansing my mind & body (& apartment if I get the time) for the next couple of days.

I hope you find some time to relax this weekend. My goal is to surround myself with things that are refreshing, clean & calming. These images might help!
via Frou Frou Fashionista

via Belle Maison

via Rosie Hardy

via Oh, Hello Friend

via CK

via Smaller

Oh, & go Cardinals! Beat those stupid Cubbies.

wild thing, i think i love you

I know the Where the Wild Things Are craze has kind of faded out, but I stumbled upon this awesome print from Dear Colleen & I just had to share:
One other thing I still love from the movie? The soundtrack. Karen O rocks.


festival fashion

I try to be really strategic with the outfits that I wear to outdoor music festivals. Typically, these summer festivals are very hot & trying to look cute in 90 degree weather isn't necessarily an easy task. Comfort & mobility are important factors as well.

I've got one 2-day festival under my belt & I feel like I've uncovered some keys to staying comfortable:

Athletic Clothing
I feel like I've uncovered the holy grail of festival fashion. I doubt I will ever go to an outdoor festival again without wearing a top from Lulumemon. Not only do their tops come in a wide variety of colors & levels of support, but they also are built to absorb sweat & are super comfy. What else could you possibly need?

I'm one of those girls that can't go bra-less, but these tops offer as much or as little support as you need. I tend to go for the more dancer or yoga inspired tops like the Gather Dance Strap Tank & the Hip Halter Tank because they're a little more breathable & flowy. I also tend to be boring & buy them in black & white.

I'm typically not much of a hat girl, but I might reconsider for Lollapalooza. These festivals can get hot. Pair that with dancing & alcohol & it can be a rough day. Any extra bit of shade is going to be a big help. This straw hat from Rosa Cha & fedora from Tarnish would be cute options.

Something Fun
 Concerts are for having fun, so I like to accessorize that way. Everyone has their own style, so I can't really offer guidance, but lately, my fun concert accessory has been feathery earrings. They're light & can be as bright or as neutral as you would like. I got these two adorable pairs from Wild Spirits & Ferrindeloach on Etsy.

Something Cool
Not necessarily fashionable, but spray bottles & fans can save the day.

I hope these ideas are helpful. I would have put a section about comfortable footwear as well, but that's one area I still need to work on. I ended up barefoot all day Saturday at Pitchfork!

Happy Festivaling!



i'm not looking for love, but it's hard to resist

Velvet by The Big Pink has definitely made it in my top 10 songs for the past year. It's sad & beautiful all at the same time & this eerie music video fits the song perfectly. For some reason it's really hitting the spot today. I'm going to be mesmerized when I see it live at Lollapalooza in a few weeks.

Domino is another song by The Big Pink that I love. It's still a little depressing, but more upbeat.

monday morning necessities

 I'm not a big coffee drinker, but green tea is an essential part of my Monday morning routine. For some reason, I think it might taste better coming from these fun little mugs (lipstick mark & drip stain included).
My other Monday morning necessity?

The snooze button.
(via Rosie Hardy)


weekend warrior

Weekends filled with live music are the best kinds in my book. Starting tonight I have 3 wonderful days filled with music, dancing & friends. I touched upon it a little bit on Monday, but tonight I'll be seeing Hood Internet with some friends, & then Saturday & Sunday (thanks to the kindness of one of my tweeps) I'll be sweating like an animal at Pitchfork Music Festival.

On top of that, tickets go on sale for Ghostland Observatory & Miike Snow this weekend as well. These concerts are just never-ending & I'm as happy as a clam!

Oh! And I'll be celebrating the birthday of my awesome friend Tina.

I hope you all have fabulous weekends as well!

Ps. Hot yoga was heavenly last night. It's going to be a good 3 months.

(photo via Jeff Epp)


bendable, poseable

Payday is always fun, but this one is especially exciting because I'll be using my money to finally sign back up for hot yoga at Core Power Yoga. I have three wonderful months of sweating & stretching ahead of me. I'm beyond excited.

For those of you that have never tried it, I really recommend hot yoga. A lot of studios offer the first week for free & I promise you'll get hooked.

I feel like I'm in a good place with life in my first year in the "real world," but with that has come more responsibilities & stress. I manage pretty well, but hot yoga does amazing things to ease my mind & make me all around more happy with myself. Plus, it makes my bod look pretty good too ;)

If I start acting obnoxiously happy on this blog, deal with it.

(Audrey Hepburn Doing Yoga via Mandr)


animal prints

How colorful & fun are these pieces from Kelsey Brookes? I would have killed for one of these (probably the elephant) in my room when I was 14.

See more of Kelsey Brookes' beautiful artwork here & visit her blog.

(via Wooster Collective)


great expectations

I've always found it really rewarding to finish a book, especially when it's 485 pages & somewhat challenging. Despite knowing full well that I'd be tired & crabby today, I pushed ahead & stayed up until about 1 am to finish Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

I read it once before in high school before I watched the movie rendition with Gwenyth Paltrow & Ethan Hawke. In retrospect, I don't know if I ever really was able to follow along that well with the book, but I loved the movie & the general story line.

When the line of Penguin Classic books was released, Great Expectations was the first one I bought. Reading out of something so beautiful makes it much more enjoyable, even when the storyline itself is already so perfect.

Great Expectations isn't one of those cookie-cutter perfect books where everything turns out well & that's probably why I like it so much. It also has some great lines, that I couldn't help but mark off while I was reading.

So without further ado, my favorites:

"Break their hearts my pride & hope. Break their hearts and have no mercy!"
Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlaying our hard hearts. I was better after I had cried, than before -- more sorry, more aware of my own ingratitude, more gentle.
"I adopted her to be loved. I bred her & educated her, to be loved. I developed her into what she is, that she might be loved. Love her!"

She said the words often enough, & there could be no doubt that she meant to say it; but if the often repeated word had been hate instead of love -- despair -- revenge -- dire death -- it could not have sounded from her lips more like a curse.
"You will get me out of your thoughts in a week."

"Out of my thoughts! You are part of my existence, part of myself. You have been in every line I have ever read, since I first came here, the rough common boy whose poor heart you wounded even then. You have been in every prospect I have ever seen since - on the river, on the sails of the ships, on the marshes, in the clouds, in the light, in the darkness, in the wind, in the woods, in the sea, in the streets. You have been the embodiment of every graceful fancy that my mind has ever become acquainted with. The stones of which the strongest London buildings are made, are not more real, or more impossible to be displaced by your hands, than your presence and influence have been to me, there and everywhere, and will be. Estella, to the last hour of my life, you cannot choose but remain part of my character, part of the little good in me, part of the evil. But, in this separation I associate you only with the good, and I will faithfully hold you to that always, for you must have done me far more good than harm, let me feel now what sharp distress I may. O God bless you, God forgive you!"
"As she grew, & promised to be very beautiful, I gradually did worse, & with my praises, & with my jewels, & with my teachings, & with this figure of myself always before her warning her to back & point my lessons, I stole her heart away & put ice in its place."