i was there || hot chip

Show: Hot Chip

Location: Turner Hall Ballroom
Milwaukee, WI

Date: 5.31.15

Favorite Song: I've said it before + I'll say it again but I really enjoy hearing "Flutes" in a live setting. Namely because those guys do this adorable little macarena-esque dance while the perform.

Memorable Moment: I got to spend the day wandering around Milwaukee with my boyfriend + two of my very closest friends so that in itself was memorable enough. Topping the night off by visiting a new venue in a still pretty new-to-me city made it perfect.

Biggest Letdown: I had a great time but this was not my favorite Hot Chip set ever. Maybe it was because I am still warming up to Huarache Lights but it didn't quite do it for me the way other sets have.

This Show: reminded me how fun it is to get out of Chicago for concerts, even if it is just Milwaukee. There is something special about taking in new places + spaces. I've pretty much visited all of the Chicago venues to exhaustion by this point. Turner Hall was certainly a special venue. I could never be that close to a stage without even trying in Chicago.


the weeknd || can't feel my face

Going to have to agree with my friend, Mike Ritchie. This is going to be that song of the summer.


jamie xx || seesaw (featuring romy)

This whole album is fire but I am feeling pretty drawn to this song in particular. Four Tet co-produced this one plus Romy's voice is the best so my inclination towards this one isn't super surprising.

"Stranger In a Room" + "Loud Places" have a certain sense of loneliness to them which I kind of love. And those steel drums on "Obvs" is pretty much exactly what we were all hoping to hear from Jamie. 


i was there || andy stott

Show: Andy Stott

Location: Smart Bar

Date: 5.7.15

Memorable Moment: I hadn't been to Smart Bar since September of last year so it felt really good to be back especially with those new Funktion-One speakers. The sound was so crisp. It was a beautiful thing.

Biggest Letdown: I lost my tickets in the process of moving apartments which was pretty annoying. The show was cheap + it wasn't sold out so it wasn't the worst thing but I knew I would end up finding them the next day. It took me about three days to finally come across them but there they were; my misspelled Andy "Scott" tickets.

This Show: was one hell of a moody journey. Stott really spans the spectrum of tunes from R+B to hymnal-like to robot music. I felt like I heard it all + it was pretty perfect for the Thursday night crowd.