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Time for the annual wish list. I make decent progress each year but there are a few items that seem to be on my list every year. Will this be the year I spoil myself? I sure hope so!

Record Player
This one is on my list again. Every damn year. In my defense, I did buy myself one this year but I had to return it. I have almost 100 albums yet nothing to listen to them on. It's quite ridiculous but this is 100% the year I cross this off.

Disco Ball
$50.00 or more
Yep, still want this. Same rules apply -- must be 20 inches at least or it's unacceptable.

Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum
I'm running low one my current scents + this is at the top of my list. It's a bit pricey for something as unexciting as perfume but I use so little it is bound to last for a while

Ace of Swords Necklace
Sadly, I won't look as cool at this chick wearing her Ace of Swords necklace from Bloody Mary Metal but I still want it. I tend to wear more gold lately so I want to make sure that when I wear silver it is a statement.

Vintage Rugs
I'm kind of obsessed with rugs. The problem is that they are pricey. I bought my ever so popular Souk rugs from West Elm three years ago but the luster has worn off + it's looking a little worn in. I'd love to move it to my bedroom + replace it with a more unique and colorful option.

A Critter
My entire life I have loved animals. It's a little silly that I just don't have one but I want a dog + right now I don't think I am home enough to be a good owner. So I've explored other options -- smoosh-faced kittens, chinchillas, + my latest obsession,  hedgehogs. They only live for a few years + appear to be really low maintenance. They are the most snuggly but I think a hedgehog could suppress my puppy cravings for a couple of years.

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