i was there || broken social scene

show: broken social scene

location: the metro

date: 7.14.16

favorite song: there were a lot of good one's to pick from. there were the old favorites like "sweetest kill" + "anthem of a sixteen year old girl." but then there were also those others that i never could have know just how much i loved them without hearing them live. "cause = time," "pacific theme," + "7/4 (shoreline)" fall into that latter group.

memorable moment: i will forever be impressed by how much organized noise can be produced by such a large group of musicians. some of those favorite songs listed above would have never been in consideration if i couldn't hear for myself just how those songs continued to build + build upon itself. it was really incredible.

biggest letdown: the lead singer, kevin drew, really through me off. he was giving me some major father john misty flashbacks. i wanted to like him + find him sexy but something felt slightly off, like he wanted the same thing but tried just a little too hard.

this show: was a special one. first off, it was broken social scene's first show in five years. it was pretty awesome that chicago got the special honors to kick off pitchfork weekend. forgiveness rock record wasn't really on my radar when it came out. "world sick" was but that's about it. over the last two or three years broken social scene just stuck with me. they were one of those bands that i was constantly listening to but wasn't sure i'd ever see them play live. it was an extremely pleasant surprise to find out that wouldn't be these case. lastly, this was the last show i got to see with one of my best friends before he moved to colorado, so that meant a lot. that trifecta made this show a little more emotional + special for me. it will definitely go down as one of my favorites.

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