i was there || hamilton leithauser

show: hamilton leithauser with lucy dacus

location: lincoln hall

date: 2.15.17

favorite song: "in a black out," "sick as a dog," + "the morning stars" are the obvious go to's, but i really loved it all.

memorable moment: "the bride's dad" took on a whole new meaning after hearing the story behind the song. mr. leithauser was attending a wedding for a not so super close friend of his. during the reception the father's bride took the stage + started singing "wild mountain thyme" to hamilton's enjoyment + everyone else's horror. apparently the father was not invited + it made for a pretty awkward moment which he was able to so perfectly capture in his own song.

biggest letdown: hamilton leithauser is a very tall man. i'm not sure if it was the stage guys fault or the short little chick who made a pre-show announcement, but mid-way through the first song of the night, "1000 times," the mic collapsed interrupting the flow. not really a letdown for me, but just overall a situation that i think everyone would have preferred to avoid.

this show: will confidently be one of my favorites for the year. hearing the songs live + in a different light made me love the album even more + also helped me to revisit songs that i maybe didn't initially give a fair chance to. i feel like i had a dream that you were mine is going to be an album that i constantly have a new favorite song in rotation. which makes for a pretty great album.

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