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Show: London Grammar

Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 10.3.13

Favorite Song: Tough call between "Interlude" + "Nightcall." They were both amazing live. I thought for sure it would have been "Wasting My Young Years" but that was the one song where the vocals seemed a bit off. I never paid much attention to "Flickers" on the album but that was the one song where I actually noticed elements other than vocals. A pleasant surprise.

Memorable Moment: All three members were so charming + seemed so genuine. It was nice to see. They all talked a decent amount between songs + had wonderful things to say about Chicago, including the Weiner Circle. This was the largest show they had played in the states too which is something special. I'd like to think that Chicago treated them well.

Biggest Letdown: This is another band that I'd like to see mature. The vocals were unbelievable (more on that below) but the accompanying instruments didn't really do a whole lot for me. I'd love to see Hannah Reid perform with an orchestra.

This Show: Was one of the better shows I've seen this year + that was entirely because of Hannah Reid's vocals + charm. Her notes are very challenging but she hit each one of them so well. She's also a total hottie + absolutely adorable. Go see them live when you have a chance.

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