i was there || sigur rós

Show: Sigur Rós

Location: Auditorium Theater

Date: 9.30.13

Favorite Song: Once upon a time I knew most of the song names, but not so much anymore. I do recall "Saeglopur" + I think it might have been my favorite of the night, specifically because of the piano. "Hoppipolla" was of course up there too. That song is all good feelings.

Memorable Moment: This show was a production + it was done very well. Every light + every sound just worked. I also loved Auditorium Theater as the venue for the night. They don't have many shows there but the ones I have seen have all been fantastic

Biggest Letdown: Sigur Rós has contributed to many deep thinking sessions throughout the years. If I had a problem to sort through then I would often turn to them as my background music. I think that as a result my mind wandered quite a bit during this show. I still enjoyed the music, but I had a lot on my mind. That doesn't typically happen at live shows.

This Show: Was moving + it was emotional. Sigur Rós has a very special place in my heart + their music is so nostalgic. I haven't listened to them as much as I used to but it all just felt so familiar + comforting. I'm still totally planning to use their music on my wedding day so obviously they're something special.

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