i was there || hot chip (dj set)

Show: Hot Chip DJ Set

Location: Smart Bar

Date: 7.30.15

Memorable Moment: There were a few minutes in the night where Slaptop, the opener, remixed The xx + all was right in the world.

Biggest Letdown: Being the old loser that I am I did not stay long enough to hear Hot Chip, which is hindsight was totally fine. I've seen their live shows twice this year + while fun, I doubt their DJ sets can compare.

This Show: kind of put a bad taste in my mouth. I am always the first to compliment Smart Bar + it probably is still my favorite venue in the city. The bookings are great, the soundsystem is top of the line, + historically the staff has been nothing but professional. The post-War On Drugs crowd seemed pretty tame in my opinion but the door man barked demands to the entire line instead of addressing my simple question. Later that night as I was leaving I saw the very same guy make a kid balance on one foot + then told him he needed to come back later because he was too wobbly which was not at all true. This dude was on a major power trip which as a fan of the venue was pretty disappointing to experience first hand.

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