i was there || war on drugs

Show: War On Drugs

Location: Metro

Date: 7.30.15

Favorite Song: There's this line at the beginning of "An Ocean In Between the Waves" that goes: "I watch you as you hesitate walking through the rain" + for whatever reason it gets me every time. "Under Pressure" + "Red Eyes" are of course classics too.

Memorable Moment: About a year ago Pitchfork published Inside Man, a look at front man Adam Granduciel's successful career despite the monumental hurdles of personal anxiety. It is a long read but a great read + made me respect this performance that much more knowing how hard it was for him to be away from his "safe place."

Biggest Letdown: Getting there a little late. Bros in the crowd. The usual.

This Show: Even though I saw most of this show from the gallows it was still a really great show. I would put War On Drugs in the same bucket as Ryan Adams or My Morning Jacket -- I don't think their music will ever get old to me.

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