sentimental fool

I have a family of fisherman, on both sides. Primarily it is the men in my family but we women enjoy it every once in a while too. Any mention of fishing + I do get a bit sentimental. I have a family of wonderful people + I think it's special that we all have a hobby we enjoy together. I haven't gone fishing in years, but I still love all memories on the lake.

I just made the mother of all impulse buys because I am a sentimental fool. India Hicks recently released a beautiful fish hook necklace in her shop + I couldn't help but make it mine. If you remember, one of my goals this year is to get a matching necklace, ring, + earring set by the end of this year. The necklace I had in mind is about $250 more than this one + not nearly as unique or symbolic. I totally should not have made this purchase but I'm kind of thinking about it like it's the personal tattoo I'm too commit-a-phobe to get.

I'll share an actual photo once it arrives. The one unknown I have right now is size + scale but I can always return if it doesn't work out. India Hicks always shares beautiful mini stories about her pieces. I kinda love this one:

"Dawn breaks, a couple of Sandpiper's take flight above my head the first rays of sun turn from burnt orange to pink. I look down + in the small rockpool at my feet something glistens. I pick it up + see its a tiny lonely fishing hook. And I realize what my next collection of jewelry will include."

I guess this necklace could also always symbolize me being "a catch" so there is that too. Only joking.

Ps. Here's a great photo of my dad in his element.

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