i was there || st. lucia

Show: St. Lucia

Location: Metro

Date: 11.10.14

Favorite Song: I'm not familiar enough with their music but there was this very bedroom-y, baby making song that stood out.

Memorable Moment: The lead singer had a very strategically placed face directly in front of him that made his hair blow every so gently in the air. It was pretty ridiculous + distracting but also fairly hilarious.

Biggest Letdown: I need to stop factoring the crowds into my opinions but they shape my experience + ultimately shape my views of the band. The sold out Metro was crowded + filled with young, rambunctious adults. I realize I am sadly getting to the point where I can feel a bit old at shows. I was just barely on the cusp for this one. The crowd wasn't totally awful, they just talked a bit + seemed totally restless + moved through the crowd + back quite a bit. Essentially, they were a distraction from what was going on on stage which made it harder to enjoy the music.

This Show: St. Lucia sounds like a band, looks like a band, + has the theatrics of a band. They were fine + did sound fairly similar live as they do on their albums. My biggest issue is that they just sound like so many other bands out there. I may be wrong here but I just don't think they will be memorable 5-10 years down the line.

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