i was there || fka twigs

Show: FKA Twigs

Location: Metro

Date: 11.13.14

Favorite Song: "Numbers" had my favorite vocals while "Video Girl" had the best beat. All of the songs stacked up pretty well against one another though.

Memorable Moment: FKA Twigs is so stinking adorable. When she's speaking to the crowd she has this shy little bird voice but when she performs she just unleashes. I appreciate strong female artists + she exuded confidence on stage.

Biggest Letdown: Such a small thing but I didn't really love her stage visuals. Too much fog + not the best lighting were less than impressive.

This Show: Was just what I needed. The past few shows I have seen have been a little bit of a letdown. I knew FKA Twigs would at the very least be unique but I enjoyed in much more than I expected, in part, due to Tahliah's stage presence. I love the way she moves her body + her vocals are pretty amazing. I also like concerts where three of the four members on stage are banging sticks against drums.

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