i was there || zola jesus

Show: Zola Jesus
Ryley Walker

Location: Athenaeum Theater 

Date: 2.16.25

Favorite Song: "In Your Nature" is the song that hooked me on this lady but "Dangerous Days" was also exceptional.

Memorable Moment: This tiny woman in massive wedges decides that climbing on top of the speakers + jumping off is a good idea. She landed on her booty a little bit but recovered quite gracefully. Thankfully. The trumpet player was pretty cool too.

Biggest Letdown: Love you, Zola, but your stage presence was quite awkward. That's probably the aspect of a show that matters the least but at times I just wanted to close my eyes.

This Show: Zola Jesus has the voice of a fucking angel. You completely hear her range + slight imperfections that actually end up being pretty perfect + help give the songs character. It's nice to not have someone hide behind auto tune or loud instruments.

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