hello, 2015

I was going to start by saying that I'm not really one to make + keep resolutions but after looking at my list for 2014 I actually ended up doing a fairly good job. These are all things I would like to keep up in 2015 too.

As for 2015, four goals come to mind:

Be Less Grumpy

I'll call myself out. Lately I have been a total grump. I am sensitive + I let things get to me. As a result I don't think I'm always the most fun person to be around. And that kind of sucks. 2014 was stressful, yes. But a change of mindset could have made it a little less so. It is definitely a challenge for me but I'm really trying to let go more. I want to make more fun in my life. Work hard, play harder. Or something like that.

Mind My Mobile Manners

Recently I have become much more cognizant of how people use their phones in public + in my presence. I do my fair share of this too but it is still a rude + nasty habit. Not only that but it makes you miss out on so much of what is going around you. This year I'm going to try to be more present.

More Original Content

I want to write more, create more, + do more this year. I felt a bit creatively starved in 2014 because I didn't make enough time to do the things I love. I'm going to try to plan more in 2015 so I make this actually happen.

More Selfies

Well maybe not necessarily selfies, but more photos of myself. I am a bit camera shy + recently have had very few photos taken of me. I think there will one day come a time when I am old + wrinkly that I will wish I had taken more photos of myself in my youthful twenties. Those days are coming to an end soon so I better start saying "cheese". So with that, here is a grainy, sleepy selfie.

Cheers to the new year!

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