Generally speaking, I don't think I have much of an "I'm better than you" attitude...except when it comes to fostering. For the second year in a row I spent part of my two week work holiday vacation welcoming a very loving + very deserving PAWS pup into my home. I feel so good for what I have done for these dogs the last two years + I don't care who knows it. 

This time I was paired with Judo + he was the absolute best. Fostering this year was a different experience for me. I grew less attached to Judo but I also feel more inclined to keep him than Rutherford. I spent more time with Rutherford, he was a lab like the dog I grew up with, + I think he needed me more. Judo was a little smaller than I imagined, he came to my home during a somewhat stressful time for me, but he was so good. He has his occasional moments of mischief + craziness but he is still an adolescent (1.5 years). When he really screwed up (like when he peed on my stairs after I took away his bone. ASSHOLE! But also very smart.) he knew it and went straight to his cage no questions asked. He rarely barked, seemed to get along okay with other dogs, + was totally happy to chill with me on the couch. No dog is easy and all dogs take a lot of work but Judo was an easier amount of work.
Judo hasn't been adopted yet + although he is perfect in my opinion it likely will be some time before he is adopted because unfortunately that is the way life works. I've been seriously thinking about fostering him again and just paying for a dog walker while I work but I will have to wait until after my Mexico trip (more on that later). If he still hasn't been adopted or taken into a foster home after that I might take the little guy back for a few weeks (or probably forever knowing me). 

If that doesn't happen this will likely be the last you hear from me on the topic but I do have one last plea. If you are looking to get a dog or are willing to open your home up to one for a few more weeks please consider Judo. He's so great + could really use a break from shelter life. It seems like PAWS is in pretty desperate need for adopters/fosters at the moment so taking any dog or cat would be a huge help...I'm just clearly biased towards Judo. If you can't adopt or foster than please at least send good vibes to this little dude. I have never met a dog more desiring and more deserving of a good home. 


The Crazy Dog Lady

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