i was there || caribou

Show: Caribou

Location: Metro

Date: 4.11.15

Favorite Song: This was my second time seeing Caribou in two months + my feelings on this are the same at last time. This show is in some ways more like a DJ set in that the individual songs make up the greater whole. They build upon each other in a very well thought out and smart way so it's a bit hard to dissect individually. It almost feels wrong to do so.

Memorable Moment: I talked up the SF performance so much that I'm glad Chicago didn't disappoint. My Chicago friends were all totally blown away which I knew would happen. It was a good night to be in the Metro. Sold out, but not obnoxious at all.

Biggest Letdown: I think the setlist might have been identical to their set at The Fillmore in San Francisco. I would have liked to see an encore other than "Sun."

This Show: Was very similar to the San Francisco show which typically can be a bummer when seeing an artist twice in a short period of time but in this instance I was okay with it because it was so fantastic both times. I don't typically say this, but after seeing them twice indoors now I am pretty excited to see them one more time outdoors at Pitchfork.

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