i was there || maya jane coles

Show: Maya Jane Coles
Alex Arnout

Location: Spy Bar

Date: 4.3.15

Memorable Moment: Alex Arnout's face will stick with me forever. I wasn't familiar with him going into the night but he put on a pretty good set. Definitely a good complement to MJC. Almost made up for the fact that she went on so late.

Biggest Letdown: This was my second show for the night so by the time I left Father John Misty + made it to Spy Bar I was in rare from (Spy Bar also does that to me). I might have accidentally/on-purpose poured my drink on a guy that was being a jerk. I wish MJC had gone on earlier so I could have put myself to bed sooner.

This Show: Was pretty much what I expected. MJC is nothing if not consistent. I can probably say the same for Spy Bar too but on the opposite spectrum of goodness. I do find it personally important to support women in music + I am happy to do so for Maya.

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