i was there || father john misty

Show: Father John Misty

Location: The Vic

Date: 4.3.15

Favorite Song: There is a line in "Nothing Good Ever Happens At the Goddamn Thirsty Crow" that I kind of love that goes "I know its hard to believe a good-hearted woman could have a body that make your daddy cry" + it sounded pretty stellar live. I love "When Your're Smiling + Astride Me" too.

Memorable Moment: We didn't get to The Vic that early but managed to snag a great spot right up front stage left. I had a pretty perfect view all night.

Biggest Letdown: I was expecting to fall madly in love with Mr. Tillman after this show but he tried so damn hard. It was over the top + not very cool. Let this be a lesson, gentlemen -- luscious locks + naughty-yet-romantic lyrics can't make up for a questionable personality.

This Show: Definitely had a country twang to it which can be surprising to some. I typically am not a fan of country music but I do love me some country-inspired rock + roll a la Ryan Adams. Overall this show sounded great.

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