i was there || andhim + jamie xx + maya jane coles

Show: Jamie xx + Maya Jane Coles

Location: Verboten Stage One
Brooklyn, NY

Date: 8.23.15

Favorite Song: This shouldn't totally surprise me because I've seen these guys before + their Essential Mix is pretty great but AndHim probably had my favorite set of the day. I think the key here is "day" though. Jamie xx + MJC are going to be better suited for night. AndHim was fun which was desperately needed for the daytime.

Memorable Moment: Cliche as it sounds, it just felt really cool to be at an outdoor party in Williamsburg. The crowd wasn't all that different than what you might see in Chicago but it did feel slightly more special. For whatever reason, living in Chicago seems totally normal to me but Brooklyn feels somewhat different. I think if Chicago neighborhoods were more geographically isolated by bodies of water like they are in NYC it wouldn't be all that different.

Also, someone hit a drone that was flying over the concert with a beach ball + it gave me a good laugh.

Biggest Letdown: I definitely ate something bad while I was there + a tummy ache kind of put a damper on my day. While I wish I could have stayed + raged all day + night for the after party that just wasn't in the cards for the day. The sound wasn't all that great there either so it wasn't like I missed the worlds greatest show.

This Show: Was a perfect excuse to get myself to New York. It was a toasty day but Verboten Stage One was a pretty cool location that really did a great job featuring Manhattan in the background. Not the best show I've been to musically but it was something different + I did enjoy myself.

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