i was there || north coast music festival

Show: North Coast Music Festival
The Chemical Brothers

Location: Union Park

Date: 9.6.15

Favorite Song: Cliche as it is, it is hard not to say "Swoon." That song is a whole lot of feelings. Starting off the set with "Hey Boy Hey Girl" was a smart choice too.

Memorable Moment: What wasn't memorable? With The Chemical Brothers the whole night is going to be a production. I think the obvious answer would be the creepy mummy-like dude (very similar to the clown from years past). For me, however, it was their ability to build the crowd up so much before going absolutely nuts. And I don't mean in the douchy EDM way. They did it with total skill + control.

Biggest Letdown: I guess if the weather was less brutally hot + I had no better plans for the day I would have liked to get more out of my ticket. It would have been nice to see a few more acts, namely Portugal the Man + Twin Shadow. I would have liked to have seen a little bit of Disco Biscuits too but I couldn't pull myself away from The Chemical Brother's set.

This Show: I have always said that The Chemical Brother's set at NCMF year one was one of the top 3 shows I have ever seen. Their performance this year was right on par too. I didn't know what to expect given their new album but they really played most of the hits. They are an absolute must see if you haven't yet.

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