i was there || dirtybird bbq

Show: Dirtybird BBQ
J Phlip
Justin Martin
Claude VonStroke

Location: Randolph Street

Date: 8.15.15

Favorite Song: J Phlip had this little ditty where she went from Jamie xx to "Just" by Bicep. And then capped it all off with a song about shaking your booty. Female producers know whats up.

Memorable Moment: The prohibited items list.

Biggest Letdown: How can you call this a BBQ when there are no grilled meats?! I was pretty bummed but my boyfriend, who thought he was going to a chicken festival, was especially bummed. As someone who works in advertising these false claims just don't fly for me. Additionally, everything about this day was very low budget. I kept thinking to myself, "so this is what a music festival in Akron, Ohio must be like." It just didn't quite feel like Chicago until you turned around + saw the skyline.

This Show: I love the concept of getting a whole crew from a record label to play. Low budget or not, if I could get one of these for Ghostly or DFA you can sure as hell bet I would be there. Plus, the record label comradery is super adorable.

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