just friends

i definitely can't call myself an avid reader at this point in my life but i am making a conscious effort to try to read more books. i have always liked reading and although i never really considered myself a book worm i was probably part of the minority in high school + college that actually did most of my reading assignments instead of going the cliff notes route.

last year i read kim gordon's girl in band which i mostly enjoyed. once finishing that it turned me on to patti smith's just kids which seemed to have some similarities. i just recently finished just kids + it is now now my favorite book. ever.

just kids chronicles patti smith + robert mapplethorpe's journey through the new york creative scene in the 1970s. i have always had a thing for the artists, the rockstars, the poets, + the dreamers of days past. patti, not surprisingly, is a phenomenal writer + her story is an incredible one. i particularly enjoyed her recountings  of her time in the historic chelsea hotel.

just kids was a really great book that i would highly recommend. patti's relationship with robert is so beautiful + moving. i was sobbing like a baby at the very end, but entirely worth it. i have m train, the sequal to just friends, on the docket too. hoping it is just as riveting.

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