i was there || polica

show: polica

location: schubas

date: 2.22.16

favorite song: they played all new music with the exception of three older songs so i know which songs liked more than others but i didn't always know the names of them. i wouldn't have known the name of my favorite from the night had it not been for a kind sir in the crowd who very politely asked the band. that song is called "melting block" + it sounds great live. this was a song where they really let the bass shine.

memorable moment: when you go to a show in an intimate venue like schubas with two drummers + a bass player you're going to feel the show as much as you hear it. schubas really was the perfect spot for them.

biggest letdown: i don't love going to shows before albums get released but thankfully i really enjoyed most of the new music. my only wish is that the show could have gone on for an extra hour just to hear more of their older stuff.

this show: was not one i originally planned to go to but i'm really happy a friend had an extra ticket for me. i've seen polica three times now + they're always impressive (even when channy is running on little sleep thanks to her new baby). they'll be back to chicago on april 16th for a show at thalia hall so you've got yourself an opportunity to check them out in the near future

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