heard || 2.24.16

sophie touring north america around coachella || brooklyn vegan
the biggest disappointment of pitchfork music festival 2015 was the mysterious last minute cancellation of sophie's performance. i don't believe i ever got an explanation on that one either. guess i get one more shot. the official tour hasn't been fully released by primary nightclub in chicago set up a facebook event for april 8th. count me in.... or not. sadly it sold out before i snagged tickets.

love, ribbons, + poo: my favorite music of 2015 || paul shirley
paul shirley the basketball player was just fine. but paul shirley the author, music lover, + let's be honest, total babe is more up my alley. i always look forward to his yearly take on music, especially in such a strange year like 2015. his year in music took shape during some messy times (pun may or may not be intended) which i think we can all in some way relate to. it's an enjoyable read + he also helped introduce me to some albums that i didn't quite give a chance.

watch four tet's boiler room set || pitchfork
i'm a total four tet fan girl. while i can see how his music may not be for everyone, i do have a special place in my heart for those who get it. his boiler room set last week was incredible. i first listened to this while in bed at night with my headphones in + honestly felt so at peace. the lighting for this set was incredible too but i'll get to that another time. if you're one of those special special few who enjoy four tet i really encourage you to join me at the mid on may 20th for his set with ben ufo (also great). if we stick together the mid may not be so awful.

flesh to dust: luh's anthems of disillusionment || pitchfork
luh's been one of those mostly under-the-radar acts that i felt pretty special for catching on to early by way of wu lyf. after wu lyf's fall ellery james roberts paired up with ebony hoorn to form luh. pitchfork did a pretty nice wrote up on them. even more exciting is that they are on the pitchfork music festival lineup. really looking forward to that.

james blake + bon iver's justin vernon tease festival performance as fall creek boys choir || pitchfork
the full eaux claires lineup was announced + while i can't say i'm totally sold enough to commit to a weekend of camping  i wisconsin i do like the thought of these two pairing up. james blake's new album is definitely one of my more anticipated albums for 2016. you can also listen to bon iver's unreleased track, "haven, mass," here if you're missing him too.

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