i was there : the polish ambassador

"Bust A Move" - Polish Ambassador remix

Show: Team Bayside High, Lynx, The Polish Ambassador, DJ Thibault & Zedd

Location: Double Door

Date: 7.23.11

Favorite Song: Typically this is my favorite, but "Bust A Move" was such a hit in that atmosphere, especially the Simian samples.

Memorable Moment: Finally seeing The Polish Ambassador live. He's come through Chicago at least 2 other times in the past few months, but there was always something that came up instead. He did not disappoint & it was super adorable that his mother was there. I can't wait for the next show!

Biggest Letdown: It was & it wasn't. About halfway through DJ Thibault's set when I fell victim to a wicked case of the hiccups. There was no stopping these bad boys, so I left before Zedd came on. I was okay with this decision though; I came to see The Polish Ambassador & that's what I did. I actually don't mind Zedd so much, but I'm getting so over most dub-step. It's everywhere now & while some can pull it off well, many others fail miserably.  I'm sure Zedd put on a great show, but I certainly wasn't crying on my way out of the venue.

This Show: was random & an absolute blast! I'm so happy to be moving to a neighborhood that has so many great music venues & events.

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