this happened so that it will never happen again

Every once & a while I reach what feels like a breaking moment in my life -- change is going to come. I'm going to be one step closer to my dream. Even if I don't know what exactly that goal is, I know I'm getting closer. Getting to that point can be pretty tough, but actually executing these plans can be near impossible. But then you hear about those who actually have done it. Or others who have overcome tremendous hurdles & set back after set back after set back...

These are the stories that are so powerful, inspiring, & sometimes exactly what you need to hear in order to make that next step. If Michelle from Armas Design's story doesn't encourage you, I don't know what will. It's a little bit of a read, but is very honest & certainly puts things in perspective.

Here's a summary of her advice:

- Get over your fear (yourself)
- Hone in on what you're really good at
- Fucking make it happen
- Gather creativity
- Use tools
-Have motivation
- Set goals & manage time

Now lets admire how her courageousness & hard work (& some costly mistakes) have paid off ...
The Truth About Lies
Secret Garden

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