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Location: Lincoln Hall

Date: 6.10.13

Favorite Song: The set was about 50% songs I was familiar with + 50% songs that were new + appearing on their upcoming album in September. Not surprisingly, "Recover" really got the crowd going, but I also loved one of their newer releases, "Guns." There were also a few new songs that caught my attention as well. One had male vocals (more on that below) + the other I'm just going to call "Take Your Time." I'm anxious to see how the album shakes out.

Memorable Moment: Girl crush alert! I'm not quite sure how old lead singer Lauren Mayberry is, but she just felt like that cool little sister you wish you had. She was incredibly sweet + charming + her between song banter gave the crowd an honest laugh. I mean who doesn't love a girl that talks about the pitfalls of eating a Chicago hot dog just before show time?

Biggest Letdown: In the words of Mayberry, there were some "children" that needed to be killed off. And by "children" she meant "songs." Most of the newer stuff was very good, but I did hear a couple of songs that I just wasn't a fan of. I also thought some of the male backup vocals sounded a bit off with her extremely sweet voice. But then again, I ended up loving one of the newer songs that was all male vocals. Funny how things work out that way.

This Show: was quite impressive for a group that doesn't even have a full album yet but still managed to sell out two nights at Lincoln Hall. This quick success is well deserved + I'm anxious to hear more from the trio.

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